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  1. First of all, for the formation of a full-fledged personality, it takes exactly as much as it allows!? Find out who? So what? There is a person, and this is not quite easy. Since it is known for sure that the body is unimaginably thin, and it is true that it is connected with the soul, the two substances are fused into one! Each has its own forms, and at the same time, together they perform the same function!!! Gradually, not suddenly, you can make out, and soon determine what is connected with what, and how! Only then can you sum up some kind of result in this matter! With respect.

  2. I'll answer in the words of Stephen Covey. You need to develop 4 types of intelligence: normal, emotional, physical and spiritual. On this topic, not so long ago, his wonderful book “8 skill. From efficiency to greatness.” I recommend you to study it.

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