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  1. There are so many different concepts sewn into this word that it is essentially difficult to answer something. If without miracles, as a normal social / biological process, then, in one form or another, almost any person faces this. Another question is whether what he encountered corresponds to his ideas about it.

  2. We learn about love from childhood, and these initial starting concepts are laid down in a person by his own parents. Hence, the influence of love on his entire subsequent life can be traced.

    In general, everyone wants to be loved. And since our world implies a pair, then most often there is a need for a second half.

    Will everyone meet love? – Those who need it will meet you. But the main message will come from the person himself – how much he is ready to resonate on a love theme.

    Someone is ready to just accept it, others can exchange it, Someone likes to live alone, and love at a distance.

    How many people – so many love stories.

    Therefore, you can meet someone. Another question is-is this what a person dreamed of? – Is this his soulmate, And then something else arises-maybe you should look for another love-stronger, mine, or: I understood what it should be, etc.

    So this question almost always remains open…

  3. Nothing. Absolutely not thinking and that's it! The person sits tightly in your thoughts, you think about the meeting, about kissing, maybe something else… But no more than that) sometimes you make plans for life, but it's a mess, you confuse everything, you can't concentrate, and when you realize, you realize that you're smelling like a child, and then you forget again, it's really chemistry, it's intoxicating creepy, I'm a sociopath, but she was perfect, attractive, blonde, with a square, she combed her back hair up, and her feet were always inside, her eyes were huge, black as saucers, and no makeup or clothes….. Just a sea of pleasant and warm sensations, and my feet are cold as ice, I still remember them, and I will never forget them for the rest of my life….This is cool, especially if it is shared with someone… And no, it's not a cheap trick.

  4. God is love and there is a spark of it in each of us. Love is a gift, love is hell and life and death at the same time. And we are so different, everyone sees and hears and feels differently. And only this Great feeling can make us happy and open our hearts, and not at all what we wish for ourselves to be happy.

  5. Excerpt from my demagogic and chaotic “Fulton” speech on love and marriage. (You don't have to read the banal truth cliches.)

    LOVE IS A CARROT! This feeling is given to organisms to prolong their species. Their types are different. There is one love for life, but more often there are several of them.

    There is a kind of love when several partners(s) love in the same period. Wife and mistress. Or vice versa. There are several lovers or mistresses, but you can't choose one for the loving “victim”.

    Basically, love is the madness of souls and the Brownian motion of feelings in the souls of lovers. Moths fly into the flame of the candle of love. They burn up in flames, or fly out with singed wings.

    There is also a self-inspired feeling of love, out of affection and “not started by us”. Family, children, infidelities and divorces. Or the quarrel-ridden “cart” of family life.

    It often happens that a person has never met mutual love in his life, and he is monogamous.

    Or the subject of lust does not correspond to the image of the only one who lives in the soul.

    Falling in love should not be confused with love. It's a different feeling. It will be tolerated – slyubitsya-also love! Married not for love, but for convenience. Millions of people get married without thinking about deeper feelings. Someone out of love, and someone to have a living person nearby and avoid loneliness.

    The threat is, what if true love comes or a new one? How to deal with adultery?

    Why do families break up and fatherlessness? There is no House-building now, no religious fear and public condemnation. Morals are different!

    Love is a great mystery connecting two souls! The great bright burning of the candle of attraction in one whole two human lives! Regardless of the length of time spent in the white world and the separation of territories, sensitive souls live in unity, and are devoted to each other to the grave.

    Love is destiny! This is friendship, sacrifice in the name of a loved one or beloved. The greatest respect and mutual care. It excludes acute jealousy, distrust, and lies. This is tolerance and forgiveness! Not everyone can know love. More often in human existence, love is one, unique and real, and there is no other. And, here, it is given or given “From Above”, unfortunately, not to everyone. So is marriage! The stereotypical convention of the union of opposite-sex individuals, mainly for survival in the harsh nature of life. A classic marriage is based mainly on love and mutual attraction. It is not for nothing that they say that marriages are made in heaven. I compare this union of the two with a crystal thicket filled with amazing sunny wine, which has the property of replenishing itself and changing the property. To carry this thicket through life together and preserve its crystal purity is given to a few. Happy families are families where parents love and respect each other. They also have normal, caring, educated and well-mannered children. Every person is rewarded with a sense of love and hate. This is evolution and the laws of nature! However, we live in a society of Pharisees and liars. Not everyone can stand up and fight for their love. Everything in life happens! You can, for example, forgive a man for treason, but betrayal and meanness-never! I think it's so banal, adhering to these truths established by the patriarchal society in its early forms, despite the fact that I bear the weight of the vices peculiar to us, the peasants. In infidelity, the charms of the wife and the comfort of the family hearth are better known (in comparison with the mistress). It also happens the other way around. However, this path is undesirable and fraught with a lot of drama. Infatuation with a friend and passion is addictive. “Tightrope walker” in “relationships” is a dangerous extreme risk!

    Any breakup or divorce is not a panacea, but it is not such a terrible tragedy either. Time erases all pain, love, and habits. But if a person finds strength, shows will and stubbornness, that is, character, he strives to grow, rise higher, become and prove that he is better… Therefore, a break in a relationship is the strongest incentive for spiritual and material growth. In no case should you fall into panic and pessimism. Despondency is terrible! There is always a chance to meet your true love. Getting married or getting married is always an opportunity, and not always a problem. Love is like a bonfire that needs to be filled with firewood. Well, if it's burned out and there's ash left, then it's better to run away. It is impossible to turn the family union into a slave of feelings, into hatred and war. It's hard to be strangers in the same tired-out family union. It is not for nothing that it is said that “marriages are made in heaven.” There are not so many lucky people, the majority of people get used to each other and live according to everyday logic – “it's not our business” and “it's accepted that way”. If the runaway parents are not enemies, but decent people, not narcissistic egoists, then the children stay with mom and dad. They can handle the drama of their parents more easily. The main thing is to respect your children, not to turn them into an object of bargaining and speculation. Children are very sensitive to everything around them, so they will understand and maintain respect for their divorced parents. But parents should also maintain respect for each other.

  6. I think that love is a purely chemical reaction that occurs in relation to the most suitable partner from a biological point of view. The most difficult thing here is to find the right partner, hence the reasoning about whether such a meeting is possible in principle and whether it will happen soon? People torment themselves, believe in fate, hearts in heaven and other book lyrics, thereby only complicating their lives. Literary love is one thing, but life is another. Not everyone is capable of love. Man is a rather weak creature, easily led by his hormones. But I must admit that the feeling of falling in love is a pleasant thing, perhaps the best thing that happens to you in your entire life)

  7. Definitely not all of them!

    Yes, many people do not need it

    Why waste yourself on love when you can do more interesting things?

    The 21st century is in the yard, there are no more ohs and ahs under the moon and languid expectations, everything is fast, clear and to the point

  8. I believe that love is not met, it is necessary to strive for it. For me, love is the highest feeling when two people trust each other, respect each other's interests and understand any psychological characteristics of their partner, and can make compromises. People have to go through a lot together, then there will be love between them.

    I divide the path to true love into several stages:

    1) Love, passion.

    2) Satiety-this is when you already take the relationship for granted and do not devote as much time to your partner as before.

    3) Rejection-at this stage, partners may have some disagreements and most couples break up without finding understanding.

    4) Patience-There is a subconscious war going on here for each of the partners, because they begin to build a template of the ideal person who is next to them and compare it with the real one. At this stage, lovers either diverge or get closer together.

    5) Service-at this stage, everyone seeks to contribute to the relationship. There are almost no quarrels.

    6) Respect-Couples who have reached this stage have already lived a lot together, learned the advantages and disadvantages of each other.

    After passing through all these stages, love appears.

  9. I think of love as a very individual set of feelings and experiences. Therefore, in different combinations, we can give this set a variety of meanings. For example, unhappy, neurotic, mature-immature, for life, separated, maternal, to the motherland, erotic, real, etc., but this does not make it less love.�

    I am impressed when they say that if a partner is annoying – it's not love, if it causes disgust, then it's not her. Why, one thing does not contradict the other. It is possible to love and be angry at the same time. It's even good for your health. And to want different things with your loved one is normal and to want privacy too.

    We meet people and experience feelings. I think that to varying degrees, in different periods of life, with different durations, people who are able to experience at least some feelings can also feel love. But I repeat, it has different meanings.�

    Often, there is an idea of what love should be, but it is true that it is difficult to “meet” it, because everything that does not fall under the template is rejected. Sometimes it's not about the feeling itself, but about a person who should correspond to the idea of an ideal partner who can be loved. And it's a trap.�

    And love is there, even if you don't believe in it.

  10. It depends on what kind of love. Mature, valid – not everything. Neurotic, causing suffering, scandals, etc. – quite possible.

    Love is the feeling of a mature person, which can be reached by reaching a certain level of psychological development. First, the primary needs (hunger, security, sex) must be met, and secondly, the need for others to accept the significance of you as a person, self-actualization – that is, the realization of the abilities inherent in us. It is necessary to become a harmonious person, in such conditions a person chooses a partner according to his soul, corresponding to his level of development, such individuals skillfully build relationships with a partner, without resorting to infidelities, for example. It is possible to achieve this in principle. But this doesn't happen to everyone.

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