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  1. And why think about it? it is necessary to KNOW and not replace knowledge with “opinion”. And the truth is that in Denmark, for example, after the ban on porn was lifted, sex crime fell by half in the first year. The same observations were confirmed in Japan and Germany. And they are quite understandable – if a person can satisfy their impulses virtually, without coming into conflict with the law – let them do it at the computer. And expelling “perverts” from behind computers in real life is a stupid idea. For which nothing but the desire to shit on “perverts” and brag about their “morality” is not worth it.

    Pornography also serves as an outlet for ordinary people who are not prone to crime (such are the vast majority of its users). And to some extent, it has an educational function.

    But alas, there are a lot of sadomoralists who really want to ban everything that they personally consider “bad” and bend those who disagree with them. And it doesn't even occur to such people that they are climbing into an area where there is no knowledge other than their own prejudices.t. As well as the fact that it is not their business who is there about the contemplation of what baldets.

  2. I am glad that it exists) personally, I am not confused by the presence of prostitution, striptease, porn and webcam models.

    All this is quite logical and correct.
    And yes, I think it's normal that a person can sell any part of their body if they want to.
    Wants-ass, wants-head, wants-hands.

    Why “it is considered absolutely honest” and correct to make a person breathe coal dust, but “it is immoral to have sex on camera?)))
    Coal dust makes him die faster than that.

    BUT for all my tolerance for the porn industry, I have huge questions for the state.
    for example, why is prostitution prohibited, but porn is not?)
    Here I got a camera – and even not prostitution and cinema!
    The casino was banned, and the online casino is still in place.

    Sports betting , too.

    Honestly , it would be better to pretend that the struggle for morality is not appropriate at all.

    the result of the anti-terrorist operation is so wretched, duplicitous and pathetic that it becomes even nastier than it was.

  3. To pornography with live people-sharply negative. It's disgusting for me to look at all this, at strangers who are incomprehensible to me and what they are doing. But I love what I draw, for example, comics or art, but not animation. If there are both beautiful guys depicted there, and those are your favorite peyring, then fine. And living people in such kinds of things are disgusting to me, that's my answer.

  4. This is a very strange thing – pornography. I sometimes watch some of these videos. But then I always burn with shame, it seems that everyone around me knows about what I just watched. There is a permanent partner, but he doesn't know about it,and I really want to watch it with him. In these porn films themselves, I like the fact that I can imagine myself in a situation in which in real life, unfortunately, I will not find myself.

  5. If people like it, okay.
    Only all this is degradation. There is not a single intelligent person who is “addicted” to pornography.

    One of the articles:

    This article is a brief overview of the key points that are most important to us. For a detailed study of the material, watch the video “Your Brain on Porn” in six parts. To learn more about erectile dysfunction caused by pornography.

    What happens if you put a male rat in a cage with a female ready for fertilization? First you will see the frenzy of copulation. Then this female will begin to tire our male, the further, the more. The male will run out of steam, despite the female's relentless desire. However, replacing the female with a new one leads to the fact that the male immediately comes to life and bravely takes on the torment of fertilizing her.

    You can repeat the replacement of the female until the male literally dies of exhaustion.

    This automatic response to new partners is called the Coolidge effect. It is responsible for the formation of addiction to online pornography.

    Like this test rat, you have a primitive mechanism wired into your brain that encourages you to fertilize two-dimensional women, men (or anyone else) from your computer screen. (Note: The Coolidge effect also applies to females. Research shows that under certain conditions, human females can be no less promiscuous than males.)

    Emotions, desires, impulses, and subconscious decision-making in your brain are controlled by primitive mechanisms. These mechanisms perform their tasks so effectively that evolution has not considered it necessary to make significant changes to them from prehistoric times to the present day.

    More dopamine, please

    In you, in rats, and in all mammals, sexual desire is triggered by a neuroactive substance called dopamine. Dopamine stimulates the central part of the primitive part of the brain – the internal reward system (SVB). With its help, we experience pleasure, and with its help, we become addicted.

    SVV forces you to do everything that promotes individual survival and passes on your genes to the next generation. At the top of a person's list of pleasures are food, sex, love, friendship, and novelty. They are called “natural stimuli”, thus contrasting with chemical drugs that cause addiction.

    The evolutionary utility of dopamine is to motivate you to do things that are written in your genes. The higher your dopamine level, the stronger your desire for something. No dopamine-and you just ignore it. Chocolate cake and ice cream stimulate a large release of dopamine. Celery – small. Sex and orgasm are the strongest natural sources of dopamine in the service of SVV. One of the joking names for dopamine is the ” addiction formula.”

    It is technically incorrect to assume that dopamine is responsible for the sensation of pleasure. Dopamine is more a desire for pleasure, or a measure of potential value. It is believed that the ultimate pleasure, i.e. pleasant sensations, is caused by opioids, but at the moment this question remains open. Dopamine – desire, opioids-satisfaction. Addiction can be thought of as an uncontrollable desire.

    New, even newer, newest!

    Everything new increases dopamine levels. New car, movie premiere, latest gadget… we're all hooked on dopamine. The excitement goes away as soon as the dopamine goes down, and so it goes with all new things.

    The Coolidge effect in action: The SVV of a male rat produces less and less dopamine in relation to the current female, but gives a large release in relation to the new one. Does that sound familiar?

    Internet pornography is particularly attractive to SVS because novelty is a matter of one click. It can be a new “partner”, an unusual scene, a non-trivial sexual act, or- [complete yourself]. You can click for hours and get more new sexual partners in ten minutes than our hunter-gatherer ancestors ever had in their entire lives.

    What should the brain do if it is unable to take control of such unlimited access to overstimulating rewards? The brain just gets used to it, and this can lead to addiction.

    It's not just drugs that cause addictions

    Everyone knows that substances that increase dopamine – such as alcohol or cocaine – can cause addiction. However, only 10-15% of people or rats who have ever used drugs (excluding nicotine) become addicted. Does this mean that the rest of us have nothing to worry about? When it comes to abuse, such an excuse may arise.

    Even when we have unlimited access to super-stimulating types of” natural “rewards, such as food with” empty calories”, video or gambling, the answer may be yes, although, again, not everyone becomes addicted.

    The reason that overstimulating foods and sex can get us hooked – even if we're not generally addicted to drugs-is that our SVV is designed to push us toward food and sex, not drugs. Today, fatty / sugary foods (70% of American adults are overweight, 35% are obese) and online pornography (which is why you are reading this text), compared to drugs, have even greater potential to create addiction in people. Both work by bypassing the satiety mechanism in the brain-it's responsible for the familiar sense of “accomplishment” – because calories and fertilization are high-priority tasks for your genes.

    All addictions cause similar changes in brain structure

    Recent studies show that behavioral addictions (delicious food, gambling, and video games) and drug-induced addictions have common features: reduced dopamine and a decrease in the number of receptors in the SVB. This is the main feature for all dependencies. With less dopamine and fewer dopamine receptors, it is much harder to excite SVV. This leads to a condition experienced by all addicts: a numb response to pleasure.

    Unlike almost all other types of addictions, the brains of porn addicts have not been studied. Despite this, it would be counterintuitive to conclude that Internet porn is not able to change the brain, while high-calorie food, video and gambling, according to research, change it.

    (Note: Ten months after I wrote this introduction, American addiction specialists from The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) soon adopted a new definition of addiction. It echoes the main statements that form the basis of this site. The main idea: in terms of the impact on the brain, behavioral addictions are in no way inferior to chemical drugs, in all key points. The new definition closes the debate over whether porn and sex addiction are “real.”

    The more intense and frequent the pleasure experienced, the weaker it becomes over time

    Although you may deny it, you are reading this article precisely because you have a numb response to pleasure. A decrease in the number of dopamine receptors and other changes in the brain got you hooked on porn. This is the physiology of pure water, there was no smell of morality here.

    The cycle of pornaddiction is identical to that of other addictions: viewing → weak response to pleasure → desire → escalation of viewing intensity → further decrease in the number of dopamine receptors → even weaker response to pleasure → desire → escalation.

    And now you are hooked on pornography, because your brain no longer finds things in your environment that interest it more.

    From the point of view of your genes, this is the best mechanism-to make you mate furiously – as long as there is this valuable opportunity.

    Vulnerabilities of the future consumption mechanism

    Excessive consumption (of food or sex) is a signal to your primitive brain that you have hit the evolutionary jackpot. Starting with a certain level of stimulation, the number of dopamine receptors decreases. It makes you dissatisfied, increases your desire. And the proverbial numb pleasure response is nothing more than the way your genes try to provide you with food and partners.

    “Consumption for future use” is an evolutionary tool designed for situations where survival is possible only when consumption exceeds saturation. Take, for example, wolves – after killing the victim, they need to hide up to twenty pounds in their bellies at one sitting. Or think of our ancestors – they had to somehow store and transport calories equivalent to a few pounds of weight in order to use them for a rainy day. Seasonal mating should also be mentioned, when entire harems are waiting for insemination.

    In the past, such opportunities were rare and passed quickly.

    Since then, the world around us has undergone tremendous changes. The Internet offers limitless opportunities for mating, and they are perceived by your primitive brain as absolutely real. As any healthy mammal would do, so do you, trying your best to spread your genes, and there is no end to the mating season.

    Click, click, click, masturbation, click, click, click, masturbation, click, click, click. The mechanism of future consumption is overloaded. Evolution has not taken care to prepare your primitive brain for this kind of nonstop stimulation.

    “Neurons firing synchronously start working in a bundle”

    Since the numb response to pleasure encourages you to continue watching pornography, the brain begins a structural adjustment. Perestroika involves the supersynthesis of natural chemicals (delta-FosB) and the building of connections between neurons, which accelerates their communication with each other. The same thing happens for any type of training. This property of neurons is called neuroplasticity. The more intense the experience, the more developed the interneuronal connections. The more developed they are, the freer the impulses pass through the newly formed channel.

    By making it a habit to watch porn, you're creating a rut in your brain. Both impulses and thoughts function similarly to how water works its way through the least resistance. Whatever skill you develop , the more practice you have, the easier it is to apply it. Sooner or later, it will be performed automatically, without a single thought of its awareness. You have a deep “pornographic rut” in your brain.

    A rigid response to pleasure combined with a developed neural channel responsible for rapid satisfaction is the basis of all addictions.

    Escalating and rebuilding the brain

    Increased tolerance (stiff response to pleasure) is a phenomenon in which a drug addict feels a growing need for his drug, wanting to achieve the same effect as always. Hardcore porn lovers sometimes note an increase in tolerance by the way they move in the direction of more and more arousal in their tastes. Many people are looking for something that will shock them – perhaps “forbidden” and “terrifying” combined with sexual arousal gives a stronger chemical release in the brain… at least for a while.

    So, it's not unusual to start your ” porn career “with an image of Jennifer Lopez's juicy ass – and in a few weeks chart” progress ” to copulating girls with goats or rape scenes.

    The more intense the associated events (orgasm + video), or the more often they are repeated, the further the adjustment goes. New preferences are absorbed by the brain with each new experience. If your sexual preferences have changed, so has your brain.

    How can I tell if you're addicted?

    Currently, most people believe that only chemicals can cause addiction, but not a course of action, such as watching Internet porn. However, scientists who study the effects of addictions on the brain believe otherwise. Experts in this field determine addiction by many criteria. To understand the essence of addiction, you need to learn the following three points::

    • behaviors motivated by feelings range from desire to compulsion

    • the abuse goes on and on, despite the harmful consequences, and

    • losing control

    Addiction can be accompanied by physical addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Many hardcore porn lovers are surprised by the severity of their withdrawal symptoms, which sometimes exceed those experienced by cocaine addicts and alcoholics. (Take this test [hyperlink] to see how deep the addiction has taken root in your brain.)

    What distinguishes online pornography from other types of drugs?

    It is obvious that pornography, both free and “private”, is now extremely accessible-twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Pornography is almost impossible to beat because of its ability to maintain elevated dopamine levels for an extremely long time, making it a potentially dangerous drug.

    Sites dedicated to overcoming addictions often highlight the fact that, through masturbation and orgasms, porn addiction becomes associated with exciting or shocking images. Undoubtedly, both make a contribution, but Internet pornography is a separate item for the following reasons::

    1. It provides unparalleled novelty – hundreds of new sexual partners per session. The novelty is very exciting. Today, porn is no longer Daddy's static and has a finite number of playboy pages. Porn addicts often point out that “real sex” is becoming increasingly boring compared to pornography.

    2. Unlike food and drugs, which have a single consumption limit, Internet pornography does not have any physical restrictions on its consumption. The mechanisms of satiety in the brain will not turn on until the menopause itself. And even after it happens, the porn consumer can continue to click in search of more and more shocking videos, and get excited again and again.

    3. In the case of food and drugs, escalation (a marker of addiction progression) occurs only by increasing consumption. In the case of Internet pornography, escalation can occur either by updating partners, or by viewing new and unusual sexual acts. Watching increasingly perverse porn is a hallmark of the pornomaniac.

    4. Internet pornography is unable to activate the brain's natural aversion system, unlike food and drugs. By “disgust” is meant a condition where you feel uncomfortable from an excess of drugs or mashed potatoes.

    There are many symptoms, but only one cause

    People come to this site with numerous symptoms that they are not always sure about in connection with porn. This is easy to understand, knowing how the siptoms differ at first glance:

    • worrying about the escalation – the transition to more and more hardcore types of porn

    • copulative impotence (arousal occurs only from porn, real partners are left out of work)

    • frequent masturbation, zero satisfaction (a constant feeling of being “lowered into the water”)

    • high, growing social anxiety

    • progressive erectile dysfunction, even when watching the most hardcore porn

    • preferences in pornography cease to correspond to sexual orientation (Homosexual Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, HODD)

    • inability to concentrate, extreme restlessness

    • depression, anxiety, blurred consciousness

    The above is enough to make sure that the symptoms stem from a stiff response to pleasure and due to the restructuring of the brain. These structural changes in the brain need to be reversed.

    Brain Reset

    If this phenomenon is at the root of your symptoms, then you need to restore the sensitivity of your brain. We call this process “rebooting”. The best way to reboot is to give your brain a break from all kinds of intense sexual stimulation – pornography, masturbation, orgasms, and sexual fantasy – until your sensitivity returns to normal. (And above all, since most porn addicts recognize that masturbation and sexual fantasy have a strong connection, they should avoid both.)

    Obviously, at first, the reboot process will seem insurmountable to you. The brain can no longer rely on the artificial “adjustment” of dopamine (and other chemicals) that was previously caused by the abuse of hardcore pornography. You challenge your powerful neural channels that link Internet pornography to all the stimuli that the brain associates with pornography. These stimuli-privacy, erotic images, stress, or anxiety – can activate the “pornographic rut” in your brain at any time. The only way to weaken such subconscious connections is to stop using the brain in this way, looking for any other ways to raise your mood. Gradually, the neural connections related to porn and porn fantasy will weaken.

    A reboot will not only stop stimulating the pornographic neural channel, but it will also help restore your brain to normal sensitivity. Remember: the numb brain is desperate for stimulation. First, bring your brain into balance, this will give you freedom. You will have a free choice – whether to continue along the curved path of pornography, or go on a straight, much healthier path. Needless to say, a reboot will not give you any guarantees about whether you will become indifferent to porn in the future. Any human brain is potentially vulnerable to the downward spiral of getting more and more stimulation, and your brain also has a powerful pornographic channel that will always be easy to activate again.

    Many gave up pornography and saved their lives. You can do it too.

  6. I am sure that beautiful, exciting and sensual porn exists. They say that these criteria are met by feminist porn – you will need to check it out. But everything I've seen so far has been a complete mess – ridiculous at best, disgusting at worst.

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