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  1. Let's turn a little to dictionaries:
    Anna (from the Hebrew חַנָּה, Han (n) a- “location, favor, favor”; also other-Greek Αννα) is a feminine given name of Jewish origin.The Dictionary of Russian Names by N. A. Petrovsky (2000) incorrectly interprets the name Anna as meaning “grace, comeliness”. It is also worth noting that the mother of the Most Holy Theotokos was also called Anna.�
    Victoria (from Lat. Victoria — “victory”) is a female given name of Latin origin. Many European princesses, and later queens, were called Victoria (Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden-heir to the Swedish throne, daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf; Victoria Feodorovna-born Princess of Great Britain, Ireland and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Duchess of Saxony; Victoria, Princess of Great Britain; Victoria Adelaide of Schleswig-Holstein, etc.)

    If we rely on the fact that the name somehow affects its owner, then we can say with confidence that neither one nor the other name carries anything bad in itself.�
    In fact, what a person is is influenced by the type of temperament and character traits. You can give your child any name you want, but if the child's choleric traits predominate, he will never react calmly and judiciously to a conflict situation. Also, the formation of character traits can be influenced by the style of upbringing, attitude to the child in the family and beyond.�
    Let's go back to the author. Your opinion that people with these names are such “bastards” is purely subjective. I do not know any girls with the name Victoria or Anna, who would behave well, not at all adequately, although the name Vika I do not really like.�
    In general, often the attitude to the name is formed on the basis of communication with the person who is so called (not counting, of course, rare names). You already refer to all Vic and An as “bastards”, but if you call your child that, do you think that something will change? I'm afraid not. The child will grow up, try himself in all areas, regulate your relationship with him, and at some point you will understand that ” damn, I knew I shouldn't have called you Anya/Vika, I grew up the same bastard.” So choose a name for your baby that you really like. Good luck)

  2. Perhaps the name has a small influence on a person's character. No wonder so many books have been written on this topic:) But if such a dependency exists, it is clearly very minimal. I was very sorry for Ann and Victoria.

    What about Anne Frank? Anna Herman? Anna Akhmatova?(The famous Victorias never came back to mind.) Do you also consider them “bastards”? Probably not. Then is it logical to base on such a small sample of your acquaintances?

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