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  1. The most optimal age is when it is ripe. Someone's consciousness is formed in this way already in 20 years, and someone will not have thoughts about starting a family by 45.

    If by family we mean not only marriage, but also the birth of children, then it seems to me that this is any time from 23 to infinity, for the first marriage. If you believe not only statistics, but also personal observations – at least 80% of those who got married before 23-get divorced. Yes, there are different situations, someone gets married at 18 and lives happily ever after. But there aren't many of them. At 23, in theory, you are already almost formed as an adult person (maximalism is fading away, the university remains behind you) and the time is right when you start to think. Maybe not.

    In general, it's all a pitchfork to drive through the water, since each person has his own age. I am sure that it is too early to start a family before 18, and then – as a person's head thinks.

  2. You'll understand when you need to!
    That is, when you are ready for it. My opinion is that from 25 somewhere, when you unlearned yourself, found an income for yourself and the opportunity to provide for your family, by this age you most likely understand everything.
    The most important thing is not to do it before you understand that it is necessary, but also not to delay (my opinion)

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