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  1. That's a great phrase, and I like it. A person who is happy will not be shouting at every corner: “But I have! But for me! And here I am!” He just doesn't need it! He doesn't even think about it, about proving something to someone. Everything is fine inside, it does not require the approval of the outside world.

  2. A beautiful and meaningless phrase, because everyone has their own happiness. Well, just imagine that someone can be happy when they sing. And what kind of silence can we talk about here?:) �

    Well, if you do not take the phrase out of context, namely from a poem by Yuri Kalugin, then everything becomes somewhat easier. It states that during cataclysms in our life, disputes, discord, and showdowns arise in the family – and there is no happiness at all, and happiness is when everything is quiet, cover it with a blanket and do not wake it up.

    So I remember the phrase that “everyone is good when you put your teeth to the wall”:)

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