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  1. After your death, there will be something that you will have time to do in life. And those who will have time to raise.

    And if most people do it well, then there is a chance that intelligent life will continue forever.

  2. The question can be understood in two ways. What will happen to me after I die-or what will happen to the world after I die? I think that after my death, by and large, it will be the same as it was during my lifetime. But only without me 🙂 And what will happen to me – to be honest, I don't think. Let it be a surprise for me 🙂

  3. After death, for you personally, nothing, but otherwise everything will be the same, or better, or worse, but(as mentioned above) you will not see or hear it.

  4. There will be a journey of consciousness in the information and energy world. Something like a dream that you can't come back from. For the first time, consciousness will be located in the subtle world with the ability to see all physical events and people, but practically not be able to participate in them and at least somehow interact with matter. The way to move in this world is thought and desire. You'll be there for whatever or whoever you think or want. Therefore, it is necessary to train your thinking skills during your lifetime, otherwise a mess will begin. it is advisable to try to find the key to spirituality and higher powers in any way during your life. religion, mysticism, meditation, etc. – any method, in fact they have no difference. The ability to tune in to these waves will provide support and protection from various creatures and situations. it will also indicate the path of what and where to move. it is also necessary to get rid of any persistent negativity in relation to something or someone or just in character. In that world, the creatures behind these formations will otherwise be aggressive towards you, to put it mildly, because you sheltered them in your lifetime. Those who are stable in negativity – for them it will be hell, as these creatures will harshly torment the energy body and the sensations will be very physical. And the body that protects you in life will no longer be there. Thus, a person learns a lesson (his soul) that negativity is bad and has consequences.

  5. What will happen to you after the body lives? You put this body together, then it will disintegrate because of the lack of need for it.

    Death is the cessation of life. What happens after death stops? Life)

    Life is not eternal, so why should death be eternal?

    Death is like a door between two rooms. We go, we approach this door – this is life. We are drawn to this question like a magnet and we try in vain to look into another room. To do this, open the door. The gaze rests on the door (death) and the mind says-there is nothing there or something should be (then fantasies on this topic begin).

    What will happen to you? A new world or nothing awaits you. What you will accept. While we worry about the future, the present passes us by, escapes us. So we have to go back to understand it.

  6. I hope that after death it will be exactly the same as before life, trillions of years and not a drop of anxiety, I didn't even notice, eh, dreams of dreams, I will be disappointed if there is some kind of life after death, but I agree to reincarnation with my personal habits, even if to an animal))

  7. The same thing that was before you were born – non-existence. There will be no need for anything, no feelings, no worries, because you will return to where everything in the universe came from, and it came from nothing. And you will be gone accordingly.World History in 2 hours

  8. After death, there are three main scenarios. 1. If you are a holy person, then you are returning home, to the spiritual world, to God. 2. The main mass goes to the divine court and there a decision is made on what to do with you next, but one way or another there will be reincarnation. 3. If the body was left behind as a result of: accident, murder, suicide. Then the soul becomes restless and remains disembodied on earth in the form of a ghost or ghost.

  9. Everyone will have what they have prepared for themselves, freely or not freely. If you sow good, it will rise there like an ear of grain 1 to 40-60, if evil, then it will be as it was said long ago, ” the mice wept, but ate the cactus.”

  10. No one and nothing knows exactly what awaits us after death. Most likely, nothing will happen after death, we will just fall into our strongest and deepest sleep (I would like to believe that this is not so).

  11. Nothing will happen. You will be in a world where there is no time and no memory. Then you will be reborn again in another body. It's not scary to die. I had it simple. I fell off a cliff and didn't even feel afraid. Once and darkness. But something did not grow together there.

    I was simply not allowed to enter the open door that led to the OTHERWORLD from the WHITE ROOM.

    They said””..IT'S TOO EARLY FOR YOU.'” They showed me the otherworld,gave me the date of my next death, and let me go.

    Now I'm not afraid of death.I know what's in there.

    But sometimes I want to go back. I want to finish my current journey as soon as possible. And there's nothing you can do about it. We'll have to endure it.

  12. Your earthly affairs will cease.Then you will be interrogated by two angels Munkar and Nakir.Your religion,who is your God,your head of the community(prophet).what you purchased and how you spent it(Islamic version).And the Lord Most High knows best.

  13. To systematize our knowledge about the environment, I decided to write this article. Thus, the Holy Creation consists of three worlds: the Divine, the Angelic, and the Universal.

    The world is a part of the environment that lives according to certain specific laws.

    The divine world is the world of God and his Eternity.

    The Angelic world is a world of subtle matter.

    The universal world is the World of heavy matter.

    Subtle matter is an energy invisible to modern man.

    Heavy matter – The world of objects.

    In the beginning, God created the Angelic world, then the Universal one. Divine Eternity is one and indivisible, unchangeable and not divided into sub-worlds. The angelic and universal worlds are separated.

    Underworld – A microcosm that is part of the world.

    A microcosm is a part of the world that has certain permanent properties.

    The Angelic world includes many microcosms. One of them is our beloved Kingdom of Heaven, formed around Divine Eternity. In addition to him, the Angelic world includes many microcosms: this is purgatory, hell, and our inner microcosms, the worlds of our dreams. Hell and purgatory are separate microcosms. Our inner microcosm is the microcosm of the universal microcosm. It's like a matryoshka doll, where many nesting dolls are hidden. The environment consists of three worlds, those from microcosms, and these microcosms are still from many microcosms, etc. This is the structure of the environment.

    In the Angelic world, intelligent beings are composed of the subtlest Celestial matter, which is a form of physical matter, but intelligence makes these beings as a whole objects of social matter. For example, an angel is social matter, but his material shell, in which his mind lives, is physical matter. The mind itself is inseparable from the matter in which it lives and is not an independent object of being. There is no mind outside the mother. But it is the mind that transforms physical or biological matter into social matter.

    The next important characteristic of matter is its interaction.

    The interaction of matter is the way in which matter moves from one state to another, from one element of Being to another

    There are many forms of interaction of matter. The three main forms are:

    Divine interaction is the interaction that takes place within the matter of God the Father, thanks to which he possesses all his main qualities, including unity and indivisibility. This interaction makes the Father the Father. This interaction is characteristic of the Divine World.

    Subtle interaction is the interaction that occurs between the elements of matter in the Angelic world. It is responsible for the functioning of life in the Heavenly Kingdom, the possibility of forming connections between the inhabitants of Paradise and the very possibility of life in it.

    These forms are further subdivided into forms. The divine interaction is one and indivisible, like God the Father. Subtle interaction is more complex and consists of two forms:

    Sacred interaction is a form of subtle interaction that occurs between the mind and inanimate matter. This is one of the most important interactions of matter. Thanks to it, the mind gains power over matter and is able to change it indefinitely. It is manifested in the Holy Spirit, through whom God controls the order of heaven. Only this interaction allows the mind to build order in its subordinate worlds. All intelligent beings have this interaction. It connects the soul and body of a person, allowing him to live in the universe.

    Celestial interaction is a form of subtle interaction that occurs between elements of inanimate matter in the Heavenly Realm. In the Sky, in addition to intelligent beings, there is ordinary inanimate matter, about the same as we have only on a different level. It has different qualities and properties than ours. In other words, there are the same rivers, forests and lakes as we have only at the subtle level of matter. All this was created by God. This inanimate matter exists only because there is a celestial interaction between its elements.

    The world is based on God the Father, who is love. God is the Father of matter, but not mind, which has the following properties::

    • sacrifice and the desire for constant bestowal;

    • eternity of existence in time and infinity in space;

    • the ability to change and transform everything around her;

    • immutability, causelessness, and primacy;

    • uncreatability and indestructibility

    In addition to these properties, the Father has all the properties of matter, including movement and change, self-development, and the transformation of certain states into others. Thus, God the Father simultaneously has two contradictory properties-immutability and mutability. This contradiction is the key to the creation of the world.

    God, like any matter, reflects information and is its source. The concept of information is related to matter and applies to reflection. The mind reads it and knows it.

    The Heavenly Kingdom is a world where all our wishes and dreams will be fulfilled. We will get there after the end of the earth journey. This is our ideal world. There will be no restrictions on events next to God. Absolutely everything will be possible. This is the peculiarity of Heavenly matter and the Kingdom.

    To understand what awaits us in Heaven, we need to lie down, close our eyes and reject all the laws of the world. In the words of Altshuller, imagine the ideal end result of any event. Heaven is the ideal ultimate human life.

    To get there, you need to think about any event from the point of view of the ideal. A perfect life. Perfect event, etc.

    Based on the principles of the Heavenly Kingdom of Altshuller, Genrikh Saulovich founded a new scientific direction-the theory of inventive problem solving. Its main point is that in order to solve problems, you need to come up with the perfect solution. And then think about the conditions under which this solution could become real.

    So it is with life after Earth. We are the Creators of this life and only we decide what kind of world we will end up in.

  14. My answer will be a bit harsh, and some might disagree with it, but..

    Nothing. There will be nothing after death. As soon as your brain dies and your consciousness goes out, you will cease to exist. Once and for all. Of course, the memory of you will live on.. But there will definitely be no afterlife

  15. It happens that we fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning, do not dream, despite the fact that we sleep an average of 6-8 hours, and it feels like just closed our eyes, and already morning. You don't remember anything, you don't dream anything, it's like you've been out of your life for a while. Here I think with death as well, only it lasts forever, and not 6-8 hours.

  16. I think so after death, for the deceased personally, there will be nothing, darkness and peace, no emotions, experiences, complete and irrevocable destruction of self-consciousness and processing of the biological shell into fertilizer, for the development and growth of other life forms.

    And yes, your molecules or amino acids will eventually end up in a reasonable form, in another person, but this is of no use to you personally….

    All these dances with a tambourine around the promises of cults about eternal bliss in “Paradise”, just a fairy tale to raise funds from the uneducated population, I do not dispute the beautiful, instructive, but the fairy tale, other beliefs about the transmigration of souls, and other heresies also do not contain any scientific or logical claims to truth.

    I will give you just one example to prove my reasoning, you remember something before you were born, but most likely not, this of course does not apply to patients of the clinic in Kashchenko. So judge for yourself if you were not before birth, then you will not be after death. After all, as we are assured by the servants of cults-the soul is eternal, so it once existed, and you do not remember….

    Turn on your brain and everything will fall into place….

  17. After what people call death, and what is really only a transition, there will be a continuation of life.

    Neither Heaven nor HELL exists. It's just life.

  18. There will be a reincarnation and you will start a new and amazing life, you will become a baby again and then more, kindergarten, school, university, work, mortgage, you have your own children, you are already 35 you are already 5 five years old worried about itching in the ass, but you do not itch, or rather itch and it passes then reappears, and so you signed up for a colonoscopy with anesthesia and …..

  19. Perhaps there will be some choice. Because some voices/personalities came to Vanga, it means that there are personified energy entities in a certain reality. Physically-death is the end, all the basic experience, character, feelings based on this will disappear when the brain dies, and a foreign, foreign organism called the soul will go to another world to look for other incarnations, moms, dads, etc. (this is if you believe in reincarnation). Who decides what kind of soul to be a personified person, and who to reincarnate as a cat, may decide according to laws unknown to us. Souls are also nurtured, guided, and we grow. Do not think that you yourself will not become a God, or a cockroach will not become a man. God (if you believe that he exists), but not the same religious God with a beard, is a powerful entity with other” technologies ” of management. It is logical to assume, given the reasonableness of the world order and the organic nature, that we are not the first civilization in the vast universe, or even on the planet Earth, given our historically insignificant period of presence here. Come to the Papuans and show them the flamethrower, make a menacing appearance and set fire to the tree. They'll get scared and call us God. Also here, it is obvious that in a thousand years, there will be other technologies, and in a billion physical progress will allow us to create other worlds, it will be clear how the Sun is created, the principles of gravity in the interaction of planetary rotation will be studied, and then who are we, the Gods? And if genetics and breeding produce seeds, new species, what makes you think that we won't be able to populate a new planet with the same beautiful fish, animal species, and flowers? God is an extensible concept, one religion has one god, another has another, all this is limited to a set of rules, fasts, and even prayers to please God. And God is flying somewhere out there and showing us that life is amazing, and there are many rules in it, and ways too. As for death and the search for other forms of life and worlds, I think it doesn't depend much on us, and they won't give us access to those areas, because we can't even cope with our own, look at the ecology, the economic model of the world, the quality of world control, what is the reasonable sense to let us go there or contact us? You will not make a snail president, and it is unwise to give power and technology to a dishonest person. I think we are being watched like monkeys, because the meaning of the universe is not to create some commandments for the child and make a robot out of it, but to observe and cultivate creativity in it, to watch it rejoice, invent new ways, and enjoy itself. I think the Lord could have given and explained everything, but it would not be life, so you should not take life and death seriously from the point of view of the universe.

  20. Thousands of testimonies of memories (by children) of past incarnations are recorded. The most rigorous and thorough checks confirmed these facts. The majority of people are deprived of this opportunity because it is better not to know about many of the actions performed in the previous life. Live according to YOUR CONSCIENCE! .. And you will be happy in all subsequent incarnations.

  21. There are many possible answers from different people with different opinions.

    Let's take a look at the most popular options.

    After death…

    1. You will go to Heaven or Hell.

    2. You reincarnate.

    3. Non-existence. (non-existence)

    4. You will remain in the things you have made.

    It is impossible to say who is right. Therefore, to be sure that I will feel great in the next world, I follow the rules of all these points.

    1. Doing good things.

    2. Also, to do good things in order to remain a good person at heart and not cause trouble in another life.

    3. Live to the fullest.

    4. Fit in with the story and create something useful. It can also make children. Well, about the children here individually.

    That's all. I hope it helped

  22. The body is perishable, but the soul is eternal. The body is a destructible biological mass, and the soul is the thinnest shell, an energetic, developing substance. The body is worn out – the outer rough shell-it has become too small or frayed from time to time, get another, a new vessel for the soul, or dushonki.

    This transition is Hell and Heaven, like an exam score…

    In principle, what you deserve, you will get with an emphasis on quality: a pumped-up, vulnerable to external influence, temporary dense physical body, not always filled with content. Or the emphasis will be placed on the subtle, sensitive Soul-an ever-moving and expanding energy, with a baggage of knowledge, experience and feelings, without focusing on external indicators and the value of the material that makes up the physical body…

    Depending on what values have been developed and taken as a basis – the quality of the Soul, its new goals and objectives for the next incarnation, and a new level of access to Higher Knowledge and values is offered-provided that the Soul has preserved itself, without burdening it with matter, sin and not destroyed.

  23. No way. The same thing that was for a person before his birth, it will be after his death. No gods, no reincarnations (I like this version, but not so much that I would accept it as the only true one). A person died and disappeared, his consciousness, his thoughts, his personality disappeared. Co-netz.

    1. If a person dies a natural death, slowly and calmly, then the body begins to produce sleep harmon (Melatonin) in very large doses, so that the person goes to his last sleep, which can last forever.
      In normal life, we produce Melatonin in very, very small doses, but this is enough to see colorful hallucinations ( dreams) and get lost in time, because in a dream, time flows much slower for a sleeper, because the brain works hundreds of times faster in a dream than when awake.
    2. If a person died instantly, then with him will be what was before his birth – non-existence.
  24. Well, you might think so. Moreover, I do it without philosophizing, mysticism, scientific terms and tricky words.

    Well… let's start with the fact that the soul lives in the human body for an indefinite number of years, and just as after 9 months the already formed body (child) comes out of the mother's womb, so the soul also comes out of the body-for permanent residence. What is the soul made of? This is the mind, the mind must have a correct awareness of God – otherwise it will turn out as if the key to the door does not fit : there must be Orthodoxy, but it does not exist (yes, nothing has changed in the 20th and 21st centuries, it's just that the priests began to behave badly)… Conscience. Here comes the inevitable epiphany, this is the Last Judgment… The heart, i.e. feelings (as if the quality of the soul, character traits). What qualities were formed in the soul during the earth life-these will remain, they can not disappear anywhere. They say “the whole life has flashed before your eyes” – that's the same way it will be there : everything that has happened over the decades (a little bit-sometimes), all this volume of “negativity”, to put it mildly, will be on your soul at one time. Here it will be really In SHOCK (to put it mildly). And since time no longer exists there, this wonderful moment will continue indefinitely.

    Well how… plausible?

  25. Such a concept as “death” was invented by people themselves (or someone “suggested” them) Such a concept does not exist in nature, because the soul and spirit are eternal matters. There's no point in dying at all. And the one who “screwed up” in this life will correct their “shoals” in the next. And everything that happens in our life is quite natural. (Although it may not always be true.)

  26. From different sides, it will be completely different. From the biological side, this will literally mean your end. You will become one with nature, a tree will grow out of you, and so on. In terms of psychology and sociology, after death there will be your children, whom you raised and guided on the right path. On the part of religion, it will be a dead peace, or rebirth.

    Of course, everyone wants to be reborn, become a new person, try to do what they did not have time to do in their previous life, but unfortunately, it is impossible to do this in any way. I have two opinions on this. Or a person is reborn but simply does not understand what happened. That is, immediately in the womb. Or the worst outcome, just emptiness, death, return to nature what you took from her. And you took your body and body from her.�

  27. The Scripture says that when a person dies, “he returns to his own land: on that day all his thoughts disappear” (Psalm 246:4). This means that after death people do not suffer and do not automatically go to paradise. But death is not the end! In the example of Lazarus, Jesus showed that God can raise the dead. But then the logical question arises: why is God not raising people up now? The Bible says that the Creator has an appointed time for this ( John 5: 28). This time will surely come, just as all God's promises were fulfilled.

  28. Today there is a lot of controversy about this. For example, many religions teach that sinners go to hell after death, where eternal torment awaits them. Are these teachings consistent with common sense and the Bible? People live an average of 70-80 years. Even if someone has committed terrible crimes all their life, is it fair to torment them for it forever? No. It would be extremely unfair to torment a person forever for the sins they committed during their short life.

    But here's what the Bible itself says about it:: “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; and there is no retribution for them, because their name is forgotten” (Ecclesiastes 9:5). From this we can see that death is a state of complete inactivity and the deceased person knows nothing, feels nothing, and therefore cannot experience torment.

  29. After the death of whom? Who, the one who dies?

    The body dies.

    1. If we are only the body, then there will be no one who can perceive. The body itself returns to its original state, as fertilizer for plants. Everything that was us is coming to an end.

    2. If we are not the body, then we do not die.

    Therefore, everything will always be the same, but in a different way. At the moment of transition, the soul is freed from accumulated delusions. There comes a moment of awareness of the present self.

    In part, and very roughly, this state can be compared to very deep meditation.

    That's why she shouldn't get carried away. You don't have to go back.

    To understand what death is, try to understand why we come to this world. These are interrelated issues.

    A few quotes as hints.

    ” Just as the body, when it is fully developed in the womb, needs to be born, so the soul, when it reaches the limit of its life in the body laid down by God, needs to leave the body ” – St. Anthony the Great.

    ” You choose your own birth and death, their time, place, as well as the method, and this is despite the fact that your capricious, deceptive memory is full of inaccuracies, gaps, “Mikhail Naimi, The Book of Mirdad.

  30. Every person cares about this issue. There are many points of view – a person after death goes to hell or heaven, is reborn into someone, etc.

    And the point of view described in the Bible is close to me. For example, there are these words: “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and there is no longer any recompense for them, because their memory is forgotten, and their love and hatred and jealousy have already disappeared, and they no longer have a part forever in anything that is done under the sun… Whatever your hand can do, do it with all your might; for in the grave where you are going, there is no work, no reflection, no knowledge, no wisdom” (Ecclesiastes 9:5,6,10).

    That is, according to the Bible, after death, a person can neither think, nor feel, nor act, nor perceive anything. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that when a person dies, he ceases to exist. This is what God said to Adam when he disobeyed: “Dust you are, and to dust you will return “(Genesis 3: 19).

    This book also says about the dead that they have hope of living again. The return of the dead to life is called resurrection.

  31. There will be life, because everything alternates.It is clear that it is different and according to other Laws.It would be absurd to be born to live through a certain experience, and disappear altogether! Meaning ??? So everything is correct I think so!!!

  32. I can think of anything. And have your own point of view on the Pythagorean theorem. However, to gain knowledge (understanding), it is better to use an authoritative source.

    For me, these are Bible truths. There are precise definitions of what will happen after death.

    Quote; – …”Whatever your hand can do, do it with all your might; for in the grave where you are going, there is no work, no reflection, no knowledge, no wisdom…”

    Ecclesiastes 9.

    That is, complete non-existence. But hopefully. That I have pleased God in the course of my life and that He will remember me when He brings order to the Land cleansed of evil.

  33. Nothing. We are given one chance, which does not continue after death, which is quite logical. You just need to accept this fact and wait for the onset of complete darkness after death.

  34. Some people believe that after death, a person continues to live, but in a different form. Others believe that everything ends with death. What do you believe in?


    “The dead don't know anything” (Ecclesiastes 9:5). When a person dies, he ceases to exist.


    The first man, Adam, returned to the dust of the earth after his death(Genesis 2: 7; 3: 19). Similarly, when people die, they return to dust(Ecclesiastes 3: 19, 20).

    The dead are freed from their sins — all their sins are forgiven (Romans 6: 7). After death, a person is not punished for sins committed during life.

    Will the dead live again?

    “There will be a resurrection of the dead” (Acts 24: 15).


    The Bible often compares death to sleep (John 11: 11-14).. God can awaken the dead from their mortal slumber; it is as easy for him as it is for us to awaken the sleeper(Job 14: 13-15).

    There are several instances of resurrection in the Bible, which reassures us that the dead will surely rise again (1 Kings 17: 17-24; Luke 7:11-17; John 11: 39-44).

  35. Here I have two options::

    1 or the soul of the deceased is transferred to another being who has not yet been born, and the soul forgets everything;

    2 or the person forgets everything and nothing remains of it

  36. After death, there will be a resurrection of the dead ! Where will it be? In paradise on earth under the rule of the Kingdom of God. There will be boundless joy for those who believe in the ransom that God has provided through Jesus Christ.

  37. after death (possibly) you will feel the feeling that was before the moment before death (for example, the most intense and unbearable pain of a skull fracture from a collision with concrete), even thinking about it, the fact that I (probably) will feel it for an unknown time (and does it wake me up at all?) still, the craving for life is not added…

  38. Probably Nothing.
    In the Plan, not a black screen and the like, but a feeling (if you can say so) like in a dream without dreams. That sort of thing is nothing.

    This is more likely to be perceived not as something terrible, but rather calm.

    When you die, you will not even know that you have died and it will be nothing.

  39. You will no longer be able to operate with your brain, so the form of consciousness will change to “soulful”. It depends on what your soul represents. It is of a cosmic level of development, or it is young and developing on the earth plane. Whether you will fly to other worlds of space or reincarnate right there on earth to once again overcome your fears, achieve something more worthwhile.

  40. If someone is concerned with the question ” what will happen after death”, then life is scanty with other concerns. Enjoy your life and without thinking in advance about going to the dentist, think about it at the door to the office.

  41. In that hour of death, the rest of the world will perish along with the person. Because there, there is no time. We will all end up in a world more than a million times bigger than ours. We will see the minds of all the innumerable beings and talk to them at the same time… Let's experience the delight of pearl patterns sewn by the creator.

  42. Nothing, there will be oblivion, non-existence, as it was before our birth. Our brain is a person, after death, the neural connections in the brain will begin to break down along with our Self.

  43. I don't think so, but I know.
    After the body has ceased to live, some substance (perhaps spirit or soul)- some energy – leaves the body. And it “reaches”- that is, it is not understood immediately. For this energy is what we are aware of or understand. I don't feel sorry for the body.
    If a person was primitive, then this substance is slower, larger and heavier, darker in color. If it is material, for example, then it is lighter, light – about green – most of these people.
    Who devour-heat and sex and sleep-brown. Who is spiritually developed, i.e. who has learned what LOVE is ( this is not something that is talked about on every corner: I love – I can't, this is completely different, this is closer to the saints: St. Matronushka, etc. – they loved people, and not any particular person )- those lungs are similar to electric light, they are not enough. There are others. And all this (who is quieter, who is faster) – moves towards the main Light, which “penetrates” everything and everyone understands that this is God. And who of the friends and relatives “swims” by, then this is not understood by me: that this is this one, and this is that one. And the same feeling exactly arises, as in life. Example: you meet a sister that you haven't seen for a long time – first excitement, then at the same time you see the sister and the “ek” somewhere in the place of the heart, then there is excitement in the body, the heart is pounding – jumping out.. That's just the ” ek ” and there, at the moment when you realize who it is.
    But it's hard to find words, everything is different there. For example, the colors are different. And the moment is relative, as if there is no time there. But it's beautiful. And not with gardens and beauty. And we live with light and love and the feeling that everything is going as it should.
    If a person is full of resentment and anger-this will be felt there too. If ease, joy – then there is the same. As for heat, a car, delicious food, a house, etc. – this is not immediately something significant and important.

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