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  1. This is a terribly irreplaceable loss. Many people in old age stop living a full life, and just live it out, and if there is such a grief as you have, it becomes unbearable to live.

    But still, it is worth trying to find something else in this life – something that is very important. For example, try to understand what lies beyond the border of death.

    If people only imagined that beyond this physical life there is a continuation of life, but a slightly different one, they would have a different attitude to this life.

    After all, it can only be a preparatory stage for something more. If you start learning about this issue, it may turn out that life will change, and it will change dramatically.

    But there is also an easier way to change your life. Find some kind of communication, there are different clubs based on your interests. Man is a social being, he needs communication. And if you find some interest, it will also fill your life with meaning.

    The main thing is not to give up, but to try to do at least something. You need to learn to live for yourself, for your own development, or in order to benefit in some way. Yes, at least get a cat or a dog to take care of her. Animals bring so much joy!

  2. The Indians have a proverb that goes something like this: a child is a guest in your home. Grow it, teach it, and let it go. Life is more of a profession, more of a family. You have the opportunity to find out what else you can do in life. After the death of my beloved husband, I didn't exist for three years. Then I decided that I had to get out, and I did what I was looking for meaning. Now I search and find. I set goals and decide.

  3. human reproduction and family life are not the whole of Life, but only a certain part of it. Life itself is bigger and higher than these two sides and aspects. It just often happens that people put all their heart into one thing, for example, work, family, children, and when they lose this, they lose the meaning of their life along with it, and this is wrong. Life has not ceased, and therefore you must not cease to know it in all its expressions.

  4. I think this is the problem of people who live for the sake of a child. After all, this is not the correct installation. The child must be born in love, raised in love, and let go to build your love. And in the life of an adult, after all, there are many of his personal hobbies, likes, habits, and interests. You need to develop yourself. Otherwise, you will not be interesting to the child as well. In general, it is necessary to live a full life and raise children in it. And if the Lord took your child before you – live on in the bright memory of him. It's not easy, though. I think we need to find something that will distract, attract and help us move on with our lives. Life is a gift!

  5. The only child is a dead-end branch of human development, those who give birth to one child each are egoists who do not want to bother themselves in anything(the exception to this is of course sick people) , that is, they live for themselves, so I answer the question : live as you lived in selfishness and for yourself. Unfortunately, the entire Russian people, including myself, are like this.My condolences to such people, God save you and give you strength.

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