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  1. During the American war, students went on strike. One student, Allison Krause, stuck a flower down the barrel of a submachine gun to celebrate reconciliation and was shot. Books, songs, and films have been written in honor of this story.

  2. Originally there was a poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, which is still relevant today. �

    The one who loves flowers,�
    The bullets don't like him, of course.�
    Bullets are the jealous ladies.�
    Is it worth waiting for kindness?�

    You were killed for loving flowers.�
    It was a very hopeful expression,�
    At the moment When, defenseless as conscience thin pulse,�
    You put in a flower�
    In derzhimordovo muzzle of a gun�
    And she said: “Flowers are better than bullets.”�
    Don't give flowers to the state,�

    Where the truth is punished.�
    The state of such a return is cynical, cruel.�
    And the giveaway was to you, Allison Krause,�
    Pushing the flower out.�
    Let all the apple trees of the world�
    Not in white-in mourning will be dressed!�

    Oh, how lilac smells,�
    But you don't feel anything.�
    As the president said about you,�
    You're a ” slacker.”�
    Every dead man is a loafer,�
    But it wasn't his fault.�
    Stand up, Tokyo girls,�
    The boys of Rome,�
    Pick up the flowers�
    Against a common evil enemy!�
    Blow all the dandelions in the world at once!
    Oh, what a great blizzard it will be!

    Gather, flowers, to the war!�
    Punish the punishers!�
    For a tulip a tulip,�
    For a leuco-leuco,�
    Escaping from anger�
    From neat flower beds,�
    The throats of all hypocrites�
    Plug the roots with the earth!�
    You entangle, jasmine,�
    Destroyer underwater blades!�
    Covering the sights,�
    You're in the lens desperately dig, burr!�
    Arise, Ganges lilies And Nile lotuses,�
    And twist the propellers of the planes,�
    Pregnant women and children!�

    Roses, you're not proud, �
    When they sell more expensive!�
    Let it be pleasant to touch�
    A girl's soft cheek, – �
    Pierce The Bombers ' Gas Tanks!�
    Grow your thorns faster and sharper!�

    Gather, flowers, to the war!�
    Protect the beautiful!�
    Flooded highways and country roads,�
    Like the army of grozny stream,�
    And into the columns of people and flowers�
    Stand up, murdered Allison Krause,�
    As the immortelle of the epoch, So is the prickly flower!�

    But Allison Krause herself, mentioned here — is a famous girl. She was killed (fatally wounded) in a shooting at the University of Kent. This tragic event occurred in Kent, Ohio (USA), during anti-war demonstrations during the Vietnam War.�

    19-year-old Krause tried to insert a flower into the muzzle of a military rifle — this was the symbol of the 60s. A few moments later, fire was opened and the girl was killed. After these events, the Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote the poem “Flowers are better than bullets”.�

    And the mentioned hashtag can be used in any situation where a person emphasizes their negative attitude to armed conflicts and the suppression of human will by those who have power and power.�

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