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  1. A person needs faith like air. Man is so constituted that without faith he is destroyed. This is often used by the powerful. The centuries-old religious traditions of different cultures are proof of this. Everyone believes in something: from horoscopes or esotericism to Higher Intelligence or technological progress. V. S. Vysotsky also sang about it. I noticed (and observed) such a phenomenon in my communication with people: as soon as you start believing in something, it immediately starts working. By our faith, we give it strength. So for safety reasons, it is better to choose what to believe. As for parent-child relationships, I came to the conclusion that Parenthood is a Balance Between Emotions and Reason along the Rope of Faith. A child is pure faith. The belief that he will grow up, he will succeed, he will cope with all the difficulties, get to know himself, set goals for himself, and achieve them. The belief that he will become a worthy and happy person. Only faith and no guarantees.�

  2. Support in life, understanding the meaning of life. But faith does not necessarily imply religion. There are many more people who believe in a higher good power, in good and rejection of evil, than religious people.

  3. Faith gives a person hope for a better world and makes them behave well in order to get there after death. Oh, yes, faith also gives meaning to life and you don't need to worry and look for it.
    (I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings)

  4. In the absence of knowledge, faith helps. Hence all the other answers.

    We need to find a teacher and a source. The environment also matters. For knowledge and for faith.

    Believe what you know and know what you believe. Paradox: in childhood and old age, there is more faith than knowledge.

  5. I think it's important to note that it's not really correct to evaluate faith for its usefulness or uselessness. For example, for many of Christ's early disciples, faith brought suffering and a painful death, which meant that it was not very useful for their life and prosperity.�

    True faith is a human response to God's call and an attempt to answer the fundamental questions of existence. Of course, it brings the believer peace, joy, calmness, wholeness, strength, and hope, but still, first of all, it brings salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is the main thing.

  6. In addition to the hope, support and meaning of life, the Christian faith, for example, also provides a strong personal example: for preaching love and peace, Jesus was betrayed, betrayed by a friend, betrayed for money; was tried, and an unfair trial; suffered monstrous physical torture; suffered humiliation; was brutally put to death. Probably, many, if not every person in their life faces trials, troubles and despair. The example of Christ makes them easier to experience and overcome.

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