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  1. Quite usual. Just like being a member of the other sex. But the difference can hardly be described in words – you can't understand what it's like to be different without having been in the body of a person of a different sex. But I will still try to clarify the main points that girls differ from men:

    * The need to take careful care of yourself. I don't mean that men don't take care of their appearance. But still, girls are subject to much stricter requirements.

    * Your mood depends on your menstrual cycle. There are very few women who endure their periods painlessly and during these periods their mood does not change. This is physiology – everything happens at the hormonal level.

    * Excessive emotionality. Yes, girls are naturally much more emotional than men. And it is more difficult for them to hide these feelings, to control themselves.

    * Chest. Yes, girls have breasts. No, it does not interfere – you get used to it, because you live with it all your life. 

    * The need to meet ever-changing beauty standards. Today's fashion is thin, tomorrow-full. Today, everyone builds up their eyelashes, tomorrow-they stick a hyaluronic acid in their lips. These “swings” are very annoying for girls, because the standards of beauty are constantly changing.

    * Tendency to be overweight. Where men can eat a lot and not get better, most girls seriously have to limit themselves in everything. Many women will understand me.

    This is not even 1% of all the points that distinguish women from men. You can talk about this topic for a very long time, and it is better to do it in person.

  2. Look, I'm not going to write what's already been written. It's quite common to be a woman. You get used to it.
    Being a member of any gender, you will somehow face the imposition of something, so there is no need to be humble. But today I will talk about what really causes difficulties in MY female life, and if someone understands, I hope they will respond.

    1. Hairiness. It is quite difficult to explain to a man who is not well versed in medical matters that women have a hormonal balance (commentators, do not worry, I am undergoing treatment), that there are women who are dark-skinned, dark-haired, with increased vegetation. And since in my entire life I have repeatedly (since childhood) faced bullying for hairy arms and legs, I realized that it is necessary to get rid of hair. For some reason, there is an idea that a woman is naturally less hairy, more close to smoothness. And that's where I start to understand men. Yes, I don't have a beard, but I know how hard it is to knock down this coarse, black hair, what an annoyance it is after them, how hard it is to wear underwear later, because everything itches and causes discomfort. And you just wait until these “stumps” grow back to shave them off again. All over his fucking body. But again, this problem is observed personally for me. I know a lot of women with soft body hair, light color, who do not have to shave/epilate their hands, who have no facial hair except for eyebrows and eyelashes. But some girls will understand.

    2. Low-level jokes suck.
      All my life like this. I don't treat it with a squeal, I'm used to it, I've learned to fight back and shut up. In an educational institution, male teachers allow themselves to joke that the task of a woman subordinate to the boss is “to carry coffee and wash under the table” with a snide laugh. Classmates allowed themselves to touch me somewhere, somewhere to mention that our task is “to give well”. But this is already the fault of the monkeys, and not of all men in general. It's just that these people weren't properly educated.

    3. Bias towards men. For me, this is a REAL problem, so when it turns out that when meeting a young person I spoke rudely and biased, I always apologize. But it just so happens that men, for some reason, are more interested in one-time relationships.

    4. The need for careful self-care. Here you can also refer to shaving, but this is not all. Women (perhaps due to the influence of society) are more concerned about aging, unattractiveness, and unkemptness. And no, it's not hard for me to do all these heaps of facial, body care and so on. I get a kick out of it, but IT's VERY EXPENSIVE. In my opinion, the beauty industry is more focused on a female audience, so women will understand me more. Buy a tube of face cream – 700r. And it is consumed quickly. And there are 5 or even 8 such tubes. But there are other parts of the body that also need to be taken care of. But at the same time, I am not afraid of this, we women do not have the duty to always be on parade. Personally, I have not encountered it. I'm almost always without makeup, but well-groomed. I don't wear heels and dresses all the time, but jeans and T-shirts should be fresh. Personally, I don't like to look at unkempt women (and men too), you can call me a misogynist, I don't care. The main thing is to look fresh and neat, and it doesn't matter what gender you are.

    5. “you're a girl, you have to.” Comments are unnecessary.

    6. Fear of being used. Unfortunately, all women have a sense of decency and self-preservation in their heads. Therefore, it is very scary to allow the idea that you will be thrown and abandoned, there is a feeling of your own dirtiness. My advice: men, you should also be decent. We are not aroused by the fact that the sexual organ we interact with has been in a huge pile of women. Having a sexual experience is cool. And not just for men. But do not forget about contraception, health and the slightest idea of correctness.

    7. Are you defending your rights? Femka! Are you used to stereotypes about women and live by them? Ugh, what are you, bedding for men?!

    In short, on the Internet, it is better for women not to adhere to any sides at all. Because women are really belittled intellectually, considered more driven and promiscuous. It is more expensive for yourself to argue with someone on the Internet.

    There is no point in talking about banal things in the style of PMS, menstruation, pads, tampons, bowls, emotionality, “oppressive patriarchy” and tabooing the truth about the female body. This is a feature of physiology, I do not understand the catastrophe that is being inflated.

    Oh, no, women, don't say that I'm just fine, and that's why I don't understand the complexity of” womanizing” life. I have such hellish menstrual pains that I lose consciousness, I have such nausea and migraines that I want to climb walls. But I just understand that it's my nature. Therefore, instead of complaining, love yourself and protect yourself from stress during critical days, lie under a blanket in an embrace with no-shpa or other medications. Only then can you accept what nature has given you. Yes, it hurts. Yes, unpleasant. Yes, women's reproductive health is much more fragile than men's, we have more risks of spoiling everything, and it is more difficult to restore it. But it was necessary to adapt to this initially, and not to cry at the broken trough.

    In conclusion, I will say.
    Women, if somewhere I was not very correct, somewhere I did not defend the idea of equality-I'm sorry. I'm really for him, but I'm against man-hating. Because any of the prevailing systems is a priori oppression. Men themselves suffer from what they are obliged to do. But they live with it. And we can only show our strength and put ourselves on the same level as them, because in our time we are closer than ever to this. Women are NOT physically MORE DIFFICULT than men. It's NOT EASIER for men emotionally than it is for women. This is a given that we must accept with dignity, and only you can dispose of your body. I just want to say that I'm happy with my life as a woman. I see the advantages of being a woman: I can give birth to a new person, I can be soft and gentle, because society allows me to do this and encourages me, but I can be strong-willed and harsh, and I have never faced pressure when I was in leadership positions.
    Yes, there are many problems. But as society develops, they will be solved, all in good time. Instead of grieving about the severity of your life, try to make it easier, try to make your life more comfortable and defend your interests, while not calling everyone “misogynists” or “goats/rapists”. We are all human beings, and that's why we should respect each other, and not compete in an idiotic game of “who is more difficult to live”. All pis.

  3. I hate being a girl. I constantly envy men. Their irresponsibility and disregard for everything around them, unlike girls, pisses me off.

    Why don't men judge “your girlfriend got pregnant and you left her “? But the girl will pour out a whole bunch of dirt, and even have to deal with one. �

    And the appearance? Some people don't even have shower gel and they feel great (I'm talking about men), but the girl must (!) be smooth-shaven, otherwise it's imperturbable ,always made up, with a hairstyle and manicure, and have a full lunch and dinner at home. What do men do? I have no idea.�

    And the eternal “don't you want kids? “I want to write it on my forehead, because I don't have the strength to answer stupid questions anymore.

  4. It's great to be a girl! I wanted to wear a flying dress, I wanted trousers and hi comfort. If I wanted to, I got a tattoo and braided voluminous braids! You can discuss string theory with your friend and switch to discounts on asos, and it's normal. You can be touched without remorse by a friend's toddler, and you will be given to hold the baby in your arms. You can open up your own horizons and let a young man give you the whole world. You can allow yourself to feel more deeply and express more vividly any emotions and no one will reproach you for overdoing it. And yes), you can afford not to pay attention to those who call you a pmsn for these manifestations, because you just can. Yes, there are difficulties of physiology, but I think they can not fully overshadow life. So yes-it's great to be a girl!

  5. It's hard to be a girl. You need to shave or pluck all the hair below the neck. Make up. Shape your eyebrows. Follow the shape. Wear a motherfucking hot bra in the summer. Make sure that there are no arrows on the tights. So that the skirt, blouse, underwear, bag and shoes are combined. You can not always go in sneakers, jeans and a pressed T-shirt. “Don't drink, don't smoke, don't swear in obscenities, YOU're a GIRL.” You can't just sleep with a guy you like – they'll call you a sh*hoy. You can't be beautiful and popular – they'll call you a slut. You have to think a hundred thousand times before you lose your virginity, because “with the first non-var -” shl*hoi will be called. In general, nifiga can not-shl*hoi will be called. I'm not even talking about the fact that many girls do not enjoy sex at all, which can not be said about men. You need to cook, wash, clean because: “THIS is NOT a MAN'S BUSINESS.” Every month to suffer pain in the lower abdomen, for 4-5 days, spending money on pads and other garbage. You can not walk outside without a T-shirt when it is very hot. You have to bear a child for 9 months and go through the process of childbirth, sometimes more than once. Clean up after giving birth. Hide stretch marks and tolerate sagging breasts. You need to keep an eye on the children while your husband is at work or with friends. And so on all my life. Criticism, the role of a servant and an incubator for children, constant cosmetic jokes so that men (who do not do anything at all, sometimes even forget to wash, not to mention shave) consider them attractive, eternal discrimination and z*b on all fronts.

  6. Yes, in fact, there is no incredible difference in thinking or ways of perceiving the world. There is no point in describing physiology – so everyone knows this. Mainly, this is the monthly period and the possibility of getting pregnant. What leads us to buy hygiene products-pads, tampons, and contraception-pills, condoms(although many women do not buy them, but I do not believe that you need to shift responsibility for your body, health, and reproduction to someone else)

    In terms of everyday life, this is the need to take care of yourself more carefully than men, just to look “normal”. But, I can easily go out without makeup, styling and other things, unless it's a date or some event.

    You often notice the interest of men around you, even when you don't seem to have given any conditional signals, but this doesn't bother me. Sometimes I even like it(I'm not talking about harassment and insults-no one will like it)

    In global terms, this is probably the absence of some of the pressure that is exerted on men, for women these are other forms of” responsibilities”, but I do not have such an environment that would take out the brain. Sometimes I would even say that women are viewed with condescension. Some people find this annoying, while others find it convenient.

    In general, I am not inclined to attribute any of my qualities to the fact that I am a woman, I think these are the features of my particular personality. I have no leadership skills, I am introverted, I am not ambitious, overly demonstrative, sometimes emotional, not just “because I am a woman”, but because it is me.

  7. It's great to be a girl!
    Only first you will have to go through the most difficult path: complete rejection of yourself-a period of paranoid twitching at all sorts of idiotic trifles – cleaning your brain from gender stereotypes and society's suggestions about beauty – finding out what you want yourself – defending your choice against the hostile Russian mentality-
    but it's definitely worth it.

  8. On the one hand, being a girl is beautiful. We are all cute, cute(some with long hair, some with short ones; some with long nails and beautiful manicures, some with short ones and no manicure). Maybe we should always look great, but it should bring us joy: going to beauty salons, hairdressers. Beauty will save the world. And going shopping and buying new clothes lifts your mood) On the other hand, these days every month, pregnancy, childbirth, we risk our health. Although now not everyone wants and not everyone gives birth. Well, the most important thing is that a girl, a woman can be beaten, raped (((((((There are cases when after the rape the girl was immediately killed. Girls may be in such danger. I don't know of any such cases with men. Probably better to be a man

  9. It seems that everyone has forgotten that in our patriarchal society, women have a lot of problems more serious than PMS and leaking mascara. As the girl above wrote, men often do not take women seriously and as an equal interlocutor. Who are we? We're just women. Our place is in the kitchen. As society dictates, women should look perfect. Clean-shaven skin on the body, while men shine their black thick growth on their hands and feet. A girl should have a perfect figure, a cute dress and a pretty face. Salaries in the same position often differ between the sexes in favor of the male. Yes, women are simply not allowed to take on all positions, and after all, representatives of the “weaker” sex are sometimes no weaker than men. Endless stories of domestic violence. Many women are forced to change jobs because the boss is harassing them. It's scary to go out at night: suddenly they will be raped. Even porn is created for men. Girls in it are simply humiliated. And how should we like porn? Also jokes about 40 forty cats and the fact that a purposeful and independent woman is necessarily single.

  10. It's crazy how many unhappy, but strong and independent women have come running here. Everyone sees you in the light of stereotypes, everyone wants to rape you. And for some reason I live quite well. They are considered as a person, and they do not impose the rules of conduct. Probably because I'm not trying to sound like a woman-sufferer-great-martyr-of-the-land-of-Russia. If you shout about equality, you don't make yourself the most oppressed. The trick is not that girls and boys have the same problems, but that they exist, and in equal proportions. Gender stereotypes? “You're a girl, aren't you?” What about “You're a man and you have to be strong”? Don't let them swear? And guys who speak beautifully and correctly are automatically recorded as gay. Monthly periods — morning risers. Eternal marathon-but who forces you, stay cavemen. Pain during childbirth — you will never get hit in the balls. And this is not to mention the fact that men (can you imagine?) They are also subjected to violence, including sexual violence, by women.�

    So being a girl is normal. Usually and purely individually. So yes, I do not deny that someone can be harassed every day for no reason at all. But it's okay for me personally, just a little sad that I belong to the most unhappy sex.

  11. – Historically, a woman has to suffer. You can't make life seem like honey to a woman, you know? It is not enough for her that for biological reasons she suffers much more than a man: menstruation, loss of virginity, childbirth, try to get pleasure from sex… But no, it's not enough! Let's invent fashion, create a beauty industry, invent hundreds of procedures that are more like torture. Let's convince a woman that by nature she is not quite a woman, but only a blank, and only after going through several circles of hell, falsely called self-care, will she become a Woman. And we will also drive it so deep into her mind that she herself will throw her fists at anyone who dares to go against the rules and break out of this slavery.

    – I don't understand whether you should be registered for sugaring or not.

    “Yes, this afternoon, please.”

  12. I read the comments to some of the answers, and I want to object to those people who think that harassment is an exaggeration, that we do not allow it, etc. I myself have experienced some sort of harassment several times. The most disgusting thing was when I was 16 years old, when I was walking down the street, and some “man” came up and just decided that it was normal to touch my chest… The same situation was quite recently, only instead of the chest there was a priest. I don't wear mini skirts, I don't go in provocative outfits. And not Pamela Anderson or Semenovich with an outstanding breast size.�

    So yes, it's not easy to be a girl. Just because it's really disgusting to see some freaks giving you appraising looks. And at the same time, endure the eternal “well, you're a girl, this is not for you”, “you're a girl, why do you need a tattoo, it's ugly”… And all that stuff))

    However, I would not want to be a guy, and I am quite happy with my gender)

  13. If you live in harmony with yourself, it's pretty good. The main thing here is to be more attentive to yourself and your environment, which directly affects our perception of the world, as well as not to succumb to other people's judgments and stereotypes fixed in society. If you do not fill your head with all sorts of garbage, do not belittle yourself (which, unfortunately, is very common), think with your own head and strive for constant improvement, then you can enjoy your gender to the fullest. A pronounced emotionality can lead to a more subtle perception of the world around you (when the grass is greener and the music is louder).

    P.S. Personally, I have always seen some advantages in being a girl.

  14. Being a girl is wonderful! Especially if you're blonde, at least in the shower! Being a girl is an opportunity to make mistakes that men don't have. If something goes wrong in your life, you can always say: “Ouch!” – flutter your eyelashes and let someone stronger and smarter handle the situation.

    I believe that a girl has less responsibility in life, the main thing is not to forget that you are the weaker sex, and not to shoulder an unbearable burden. As long as you are a weak Woman , there is always someone who is stronger, who will decide everything for you. The trouble is that many girls suffer from the “I am myself” symptom. It's very difficult for them to be girls. You need to do everything yourself: earn a living-yourself, raise children-yourself, and much more-yourself.

  15. What does it feel like to be a young man?�

    The question of “habits” in life or a kind of routine based only on a combination of chromosomes is baffling.

    I am absolutely sure that everything depends solely on personal qualities. The question of gender can only be considered from a physiological point of view, and you know this very well yourself.

  16. Excellent. Half a salary for cosmetology, you plow like a conic, you learn. Yes, some people don't get respect just because you're a girl. And the prettier you are, the less seriously you can be taken. I have to put myself a little tougher than I would like. Women, on average, are much more likely to be accused of any”moral sins”. We cook, work, and be a fairy from Morpheus. In general, a complete set. Of course, we don't like being asked to be perfect ladies, and the conditions for this, to be honest, are not very many.�

    No less trouble than the guys. That's why many people are now embracing feminism. From fatigue. We are blamed for being emotional and, Cthulhu forbid, not being emotional. They blame us for PMS, although we ourselves are not happy with these harmonic dances with the stars. It's just our nature. They are accused of being mercantile for any disrespectful statement.�

    This is a small part of the entire mountain of sorrows. I understand the question is about them. Of course, I would like a little more respect without all these biased networks.�

    And so, it's cool to be a girl. You don't have to carry a heavy load if you have someone to ask for help. There are cool guys who open doors for you, give up a place in the ot and behave like people, protect you.Платья Dresses, kosmetios favorite. It's fun sometimes to be naughty or make a face in your own way. There are a lot of advantages, but they can also be destroyed by bad upbringing and the disgusting attitude of others to female nature.

  17. Being a girl is great! Girls are forgiven a lot. Girls (not all of them, of course) are weaker than men, so we don't need to carry heavy loads. In any case, we can make the edges of the house and say that it is very difficult for us. If you are always dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, on the day when you wear a dress you get a lot of compliments)

    Many men know how to take beautiful care of themselves – they buy sweets, open car doors and always notice how delicious you smell today.�

    Unlike the commenters above, I still want to be a girl, and not be on an equal footing with men. All the best)

  18. Overall, cool. If not for one word – “must”. The rest was expressed by other representatives of this fair sex.Женщины Women are great because there are more of us and we are stronger!

  19. Pretty nice!�

    From what makes life harder:

    • constant vigilance to run into an asshole/become a victim of violence

    • the permanent desire of others to see you бра mating, giving birth, and giving birth again.

  20. It's very nice to be a girl, if only because we don't have a penis that can't stand up. In a bad dream, I can't imagine what it's like to decide to have sex with the woman you love and break off hard because your boyfriend let you down. And if you also have your hands in the wrong place, then in general the whole process is down the drain, and the woman will never think anything good of you. Moreover, I often see this picture in young men (mainly those who are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, and often marijuana). So I definitely feel better in a woman's body!

  21. Really complicated. You're a girl – you have to be pretty. You're a girl – you have to be gentle. You are a woman – you should be the patron of your children. You are responsible for the female race. You create the future. Don't want kids? Mince alors! If you want! You're a fertile uterus! You have to!�

    Monthly periods? Oh, yes, no one said it would be easy! Tiresome pain in the lower abdomen, in the genitals themselves (I apologize for the details), in the head, in the temples, as well as chaotic thoughts in the head, a stream of incomprehensible information during this period, then nothing but “red days” unjustified overeating and gluttony. Functionality is reduced to zero. Pessimistic attitude. But you have things to do! I feel sorry for you, my dear, if you have an interview, a date, or any other meeting.

    Gender differences, which, to my chagrin, are instilled in us from childhood. Do you want to be a pilot? My dear, this is a man's profession, you have nothing to do with it. A politician? Please, did you fall from an oak tree? This is a man's business, not a woman's. Interfering in politics is tantamount to non-traditional sexual orientation ( I have nothing against it).

    You're a wife. Your husband is your law. Obey without question! Rules of the Domostroya era!�

    Checkmate?! As soon as possible! Swearing is unladylike.�

    Sport. A large number of pumped-up muscles and the body of an athlete! How unladylike! The muscle body is exclusively male.�

    Oh, but you still have to give birth. All my life to give birth and give birth! Yes, more! So that there is no oxygen left in the room from your offspring!

    What, you plow at work building your career step by step? You plow like a horse – it's not the business of women!

    But actually, what can we do? What are we, the “weak link” allowed to do? You must be an animated image of the Middle Ages-fragile with a downcast soft look, ready to give birth to children forever, a girl(woman). And also be able to cook, wash, clean and everything in this spirit

  22. Maybe you'll be inspired by my personal example, but that's pretty much it. Easier than a steamed turnip. You just need to be born a girl, and that's it. There you grow up, grow up, everything is done. The natural state of a person. All embryos initially develop according to the female pattern. Nothing needs to be done in order not to become accidentally (oh horror!) a guy or a lionfish. There are no secret instructions or special rituals. To be a girl, you need to be born a girl and live up to a certain age. Well, we all know how to live. Those who didn't know how don't read this sentence. That's it, I've answered the question.

  23. In general, this is convenient in many aspects of life at this time, before they could burn you if you do something stupid, and then at least set fire to your hair, say that you checked, and everyone will understand “that's a fool” and disperse

  24. I think it's like being a butterfly, you fly yourself, parhaesh).
    Eh, if I were a woman, I would fuck without stopping, I could not refuse. True, if you are beautiful, any man is yours, just lean in)))

  25. Contradictions, contradictions, contradictions…

    +You're weak. They will help you, and it's very nice:) You're a woman.

    “You're weak. You'll be raped. They may not help. Then suffer for yourself. Get your bags. And let each of them have a pood.

    +Menstruation. Rarely, but it can be useful. You don't have to go anywhere if you're suffering too much.

    – Painful menstruation. The pain is sometimes incomparable to anything.

    +You're only 19, fresh and pretty.

    “You're already 19. Not 18, not 15, but 19. And soon it will be 20. then 30. Then 40. Then 50…

    The most unpleasant thing is the standards. The girl should be in a dress, the girl is beautiful in shoes… As well as earrings, cosmetics and everything else.

    What do you do if you don't like it? To accept. If you think you are beautiful in the mirror without makeup, in rubber boots and a raincoat – do not tell anyone about it. They won't believe it.

    And despite all this, if I had been given the choice of being born a boy or a girl, I would still have been born a girl.

    Being a girl isn't easy. But we are not looking for easy ways! 🙂

  26. John Berger in one of the 5 essays of the book-collection “The Art of seeing” expressed an interesting idea. The difference between boys and girls (in addition to the obvious biologically determined factors) is the perception of themselves in the world.

    A man looks at the world from one point of view-his own. A woman is simultaneously in two positions: she looks at the world with her own eyes and at herself through the eyes of an abstract observer. That is, in addition to controlling what is happening, a woman simultaneously tracks how she looks from the outside. It's like a video game where you constantly switch between first-person and third-person vision modes, or see both of them simultaneously on the same screen. “This is inconvenient! And you can also go with your head” – you will think. Well, yes, that's how we live.

    This, it seems to me, implies a lot of female characteristics (you can call them problems). We constantly think about how we are perceived by others, and how we would like to be perceived by this or that person. In accordance with this, we build a strategy on how to make up, how to dress, how to present ourselves to different people. Sometimes you don't want to do this, but unconsciously the game continues, and the crisis begins, feminist ideas and everything else.

    “Split screen” doubles the number of mental operations and is quite tiring. But as soon as you turn off one mode, you are faced with a misunderstanding, as the young ladies wrote in detail above.

  27. Yes, almost as well as a guy. A lot of imposed stereotypes “it should be like this, not another”, a lot of nonsense of some kind.�

    Of the minuses – chauvinists of all sorts and age ladies who “know how to” – those who regularly have to be sent to the forest with their moralizing; monthly periods (no comments); as it turned out, pregnancy (something infernal, like your body, but you don't control it at all); poor selection of things in stores, ranging from children's (pink?!), ending with adults (prints with butterflies and flowers?!), and for some reason men's things are often much better and more comfortable/warmer/more natural; low physical strength, even if I have athletic training (well, yes, I can't work as a sleeper); pushers (“girl, where is such a beautiful girl”, “can I meet you”, just “hello”), especially those who, because of the previous minus, consider themselves entitled to tactile contact; there is ALWAYS a queue for the toilet and fitting room (but how in general?!); unfortunately, other women (men, cute, how do you live with us?): all this talk about children, clothes, brands, men, nails, hair – aaaaa!; I honestly sometimes realize that I'm stupid and my logic is crooked…�

    Positive: beard does not grow; but I'm beautiful; usually open doors, treats in restaurants, take home, take care of, protect, protect (feminists, sorry, but, imho, this is unimaginably nice); for me it's more of a plus – some condescension (if you mess up a lot, make your eyes rounder and you will be forgiven everything), and adequate people will take you completely seriously and listen to your opinion, but sometimes you can do like a cat from Shrek and it will work; you don't have to live with a woman and quirks; orgasms!; no need to go into the army; if appearance has flaws, they are easy to fix makeup, if not, to emphasize the dignity of her, the men had to accept the fact that the eyes are close-set or what you have amazing full lips, but except you no one will pay any attention to it; in summer sundress more comfortable and cooler than shorts on, people don't see you as competition or a threat (except for the other crazy women); it is possible to stare at other beautiful women without danger to Sestola from their passions.�

    A lot of things, I don't think I've even listed half of them. But in fact, it is quite tolerable. Although, if rebirth exists, I would like to be born a cat

  28. Eternal maneuvering between pizdets and happiness.

    Being a girl is both difficult and simple.

    This is a huge, interesting, amazing world, a lot of work, it's worth it!

  29. There are pros and cons.�


    If I don't want to go out and change the light bulb, then I can always refuse “yazhedevochka”.

    A girl doesn't have to go to work if her boyfriend doesn't mind her staying at home.

    A much richer selection of clothing and shoes (I don't mention accessories at all).

    If you're not in the mood to meet up with your friends, then “I don't want to” is usually a good enough argument.


    I personally smoke. And the stereotypical ” Ugh. Tyzhedevochka! They only smoke ashtrays.”

    The same can be said about alcohol and mate.�

    Everyone has problems that they don't want to talk about, or just a bad mood. And if you refuse to talk or explain the problem (it may be of a personal nature), immediately use phrases like ” Do you have PMS?”

    Well, the appearance. Modern fashion requires a girl to combine clothes, beautiful hair and nails, correct makeup and figure. And although I've never had any problems with the latter, except for my health, the rest takes a lot of time and effort.

  30. Having lived most of my life in Russia, I can say that being a girl means being the opposite of a guy in everything. Everything that makes you different from guys makes you a girl. Dress, manicure, shoes, ringing laughter, your mini-purse must have lipstick and a mirror inside. And all this you, as a girl, certainly like.

    After moving to Germany for permanent residence, the concept of “being a girl” for me was a little blurred. The fact is that here no one focuses on what gender you are. Girls drink beer on equal terms with guys, smoke on equal terms with them, pay in cafes, work on equal terms and do not differ much visually from guys. And all the signs of Russian girls here belong to girls of easy virtue. That is, you will not see short flirty skirts here, since the local girl is rather dressed in baggy jeans, sneakers and a hoodie. Make-up here is only on holidays and in no case provocative.�

    When the role of a Russian girl is to attract as much male attention as possible, the role of a local girl is to prove that she is your equal. I personally feel more comfortable being a girl in my homeland, because men's attention is still pleasantly flattering, what can I hide? Probably, the whole point is that the girls we are are made by our men, who will allow us to be weak, frivolous and capricious. In my four years of living in Germany, I haven't met a single naughty German girl yet. They, with their pragmatism, have no time to show off in front of the opposite sex, they need to submit tax reports on time so that more taxes will return as soon as possible. Well, you understand..

  31. Just like being a guy, only the other way around.

    Maybe I was lucky with the environment, or I try not to pay attention to this “opinion” of others.

    Sometimes I hear utterances like it's time to get married already and the husband should be well-off, intelligent and all of himself. But this is more related to the male sex, I think.

    You have to be more careful than guys to worry about contraception and other similar things. Monthly periods and all that, but no army, no “you have to earn millions and be able to do everything in the world!”, “But how will you support your family?” and so on

    Sometimes you can pretend to be a fool, you can show weakness and no one will judge you for it. “She's a girl, what can you do?”

    I still think that it all depends on how to put yourself in society.

    In my short work experience, I have never had any problems with employment due to the possibility of later going on maternity leave, no “well, she's a girl, where does she go for such a position”.

    Yes, there are still people who believe that all girls need is money and sex, but are such people worth my attention?) And if this is true, then what difference does it make to their opinion?

    After all, now time has changed and people have become more sober about the world and pay less attention to other people's opinions. There is no longer such discrimination as there was 100 years ago. My opinion is considered, I am recognized as a full-fledged member of society, who has the same rights and obligations as any average guy.

    Well, if someone sees in everything the oppression and humiliation of the” weaker ” sex, then it's worth thinking about whether I'm doing everything right.

    The main thing is to find positive things everywhere, and then even “being a girl” is not so bad)

  32. If you put aside the stereotypes imposed by public opinion, and the archetype of femininity, which is also quite intrusive, then being a girl is just like being a man, but every month you have a leak between your legs, your mood periodically spoils out of the blue, and you are such a “damn, hormones”, and you also face the prospect of giving birth. If you are a man, imagine that everyone (including girls!) they stare at your tits.

  33. Girl be fun))
    If you think you can handle the situation , you're cool. You can't – it's normal not to know something, now we'll help you.
    I rarely use cosmetics, and they perceive it normally. I can just be very sarcastic about something, so you can't take me seriously. And when I use makeup, it immediately has a wow effect: they try to look into my eyes, help, talk, and cheer me up.
    Heels and dresses are just not my thing. Why, when I also look feminine in sneakers and shorts/jeans, and it's more comfortable?
    Menstruation is painful only once every six months. Autumn / Spring – changing temperatures. And a maximum of a couple of hours, if you didn't have time to throw pills. Then you can be naughty, sprawl on the bed with yummy treats and a TV show, no one will bother you – the girls will understand, and they will leave you alone; the boys will not understand, and they will run away.
    What else is there…
    They seem to take it seriously. Although, I haven't really worked yet. But at school they take it seriously. Both teachers and fellow students.
    Cleaning/washing/cooking – … I haven't lived with a guy for more than a year, but … .. I probably come across these models of guys who either share housework or do everything themselves. Everything was just like at home. You have some responsibilities. The other has others. If you have more, or it is more difficult – you should talk about it, and not drag everything on yourself and complain. And if a guy thinks that you have the whole house on you, and he won't do anything – well, what the fuck is such a person?
    At the expense of mata: in my environment, swearing is normal. For both boys and girls. Of course, if you don't get personal. It's not polite. I think that if, in the future, I find myself in an environment where they won't swear, I will also stop, although I don't see anything wrong with that. But the words are funny, why put a ban on them, in a friendly environment?

  34. Probably in childhood it is easy, and then….a real hard level. You need to take care of yourself always and in everything: hair, face, hands, feet, clothes, gait, manners, and so on.

    And yet, with all this, you need to be erudite, be able to cook and cook always, keep the house clean, study and work.

    But all these things are proof that we are strong and that we are capable of even more tasks.

  35. This question almost sounds like ” how to be an alien?”. Gender stereotypes have already shaken many people, but the whole point is that women themselves have put themselves in this way, because the salvation of drowning people is the work of drowning people themselves. So long ago that no one will find the beginning, and now all this is covered with hundreds of layers and we get what we get, and most women also happily follow all this “as it should be”, raising their own children in this way, in total-we get a vicious circle. I still don't know if there are any advantages in raising gender – neutral children, many families have just started doing this, after a while we will see what happened, because it is interesting.

    As for me, alas, I agree-as always, everything has its pros and cons. Specifically mine:

    1. Physical problems are probably the most severe negative for me-monthly periods, hormonal surges, a clumsy cycle and the consequences of all this. All these comparisons with a boner, a kick in the balls, etc…why? Women are more painful and unpleasant in this regard, a fact. Not all of them, but many. When you are physically unable to exist for at least a couple of days every month, it is annoying and infuriating. Well, here we have described all the details in a colorful way above. If it wasn't too stressful, no one would talk about it. I was unlucky and I feel very hard about these days, but there are a lot of “funny” stories. Once, for example, in my youth I had to go to the dentist on the first day, it was impossible not to go – it would not be good to overdo the medicine in the tooth. I blacked out three times at the reception desk-my eyes were starting to go dark (has anyone ever fainted from a morning boner?), I was late for an appointment, the second time I was already in a chair, scaring the doctor and nurse, although according to them – they didn't even notice right away, and the third – while I was trying to get home, which didn't work out, I had to Plus the general physical sensitivity, smells, sounds, the level of “sensations” is higher-it's cool for sex, but in life it's not so-so fun, no socks with a picture for you: (

    2. Rating – I really like to work with my hands and do all sorts of” men's ” work – I did all the repairs myself, and I enjoyed it. Such monotonous physical work is like meditation for me. I love technology, we have a mutual feeling – I drive a car easily, I know some of the inside parts, I love airplanes, I disassemble computers, and so on. At the same time, God forbid me to sit down to knit, sew, etc. – the consequences of this process are better not to see. Other hobbies I would call rather universal, although, and” typically girlish ” podi among them is. In 2nd grade, during labor lessons, we cut out roses from beets, I was not interested in doing this, and I envied the boys in the next office who burned wood, and then sawed out chairs, there was an amazing smell of fresh wood and there were all sorts of cars. Then I brought my mother a stake in my diary with the text ” I got into a fight with a classmate beetroot and painted her cheeks like a matryoshka doll, I didn't want to cut out roses from beets like all girls and ran away to the boys.” And no, the answer to all this is not ” oh, you're a girl, you should…insert what you need”, and in response…everyone is moved. No, you understand, I rebuilt my mother's lover's computer, made it look divine, and he mimicked me instead of thanks or money there, which would also not be superfluous. But I notice that in a lot of such “male” areas, a lot of things are illogical and somehow…difficult or something, from the series of inventing a bicycle. I do something that feels intuitive to me, and for fewer dances with a tambourine I get the same result, and men say “omg, I wouldn't even think of that”. So, well, if it wasn't for this ragged emotion, I wouldn't even have noticed that I was doing something that I wasn't supposed to. At the same time, I feel that everyone needs to add that I look “like a girl”, because no matter what I do, I think the reaction is to my appearance – thin palms, long fingers, short stature, cute appearance, and a face that looks about 7 years younger than my real age. Isn't the girl with the drill mixing tile glue Mimimi? It would be better to say that this is terrible. Or fine. The only difference is that I don't go crying in the corner, as a girl should, but offer to help this touching creature, and after a couple of buckets of glue, he adds quietly under his breath “fuck you, how do you do this with such a complexion?”, and then, puffing, glue interferes with me, doing it much slower, by the way, than I do.

    3. Study + work – a lot of places where I perfectly fit the requirements, but “we are looking for a young person”. In the answer to the question where to start on the way to “becoming a pilot”, there was a comment by Alya “but you will have to be head and shoulders above all your male classmates”. Here, at the last interview, I was told that I was dangerous, because I was already as much as 25, ohtyzhuzhas, years old, and I have no muzhadetey, and in response about orientation, imagine, they do not believe! And the fact that children, in addition to sperm (and not a husband), also need money, and for them work just exists, which creates a vicious circle. Although at this point, being a “nice pretty girl” is actually useful and easy to use – men are bought, people with a parental instinct are too, and I got a couple of jobs precisely because of a cute face, which I suspect causes pity.

    By the way, being a nice girl is useful for a lot of things, again, because people themselves are hostages of their own stereotypes. I like to tinker with repairs, but carrying heavy loads is not useful for anyone, even physically superior men. Therefore, 50 kg bags of glue were lifted to me by a delivery man when he saw that no one else came to take delivery, the same with furniture, because I purposefully did not order any movers. And if I were a guy, even a skinny one, who would do it for me? If you fall down in the street because you get sick, you have a much better chance of getting help because you don't arouse suspicion, although I certainly don't rule out moral fuckers who might take advantage of it. And also-oh, the great power of tears! Once you start crying , the whole world falls at your feet. Yes, they think nasty things at the same time, but what difference does it make if you get the desired result, even if not in a completely legal way? And yelling and swearing – less use, tested, even less use to find out everything peacefully and with logical arguments. I have here because of the light skin after a couple of tears so pitiful look that Hachiko on my background just pales. Recently, I saved 45 euros, although by mistake I might not have left the country at all. At the same time, I pay only when it is useful, in other cases I don't want to, I express my emotions, if there are any, in a different way ) Maybe it's calculated and malicious, but, mir, you really put yourself in this position, and I just adapted. However, this does not work for long-term relationships – those who start communicating with me are aware of the sharp language and the fact that I can attack back if necessary. What a pity 🙂

    Now I've written all this and I'm thinking that it really all depends on a particular human being. If there is enough content in the pumpkin, then no matter what gender you are, one way or another you will find how to behave with any set of data, as well as find a sea of injustices and a reason to whine, whether you are a girl, a guy, skinny, fat, dark-skinned, ugly, disabled, ordinary, red-haired…nuvyponali. And if you are frankly not put in anything, then maybe well, what do you care about this person? Yes, sometimes you need to work with them, live with them, interact with them, and there is already a lot of flexibility and ingenuity. The world still has two hundred things to upgrade, and the cracking of stereotypes in each individual head will slowly occur.

    PS I forgot about the second minus, which, perhaps, is more than the first for me in being a girl – most of the women I'm interested in prefer men, it's like a sadness 🙂 Although, again, where is the guarantee that if I were a man, I would have a chance in their relationship?…

  36. Usually. The same problems as all other people, except for some inconvenient features. I will assume that for each girl they are individual. Of course, 7 days of splashing in your own blood is not cool at all, as well as the periodic lack of orgasm as a result of a more complex mechanism of this process, BUT!Removal of female organs, achieving menopause, sexual diversity and emancipation will easily save you from these problems:)�

    Now, seriously.

    I don't see any serious obstacles to living in such a way as to be a girl and not strain yourself.�

    Well, it pisses you off to wear makeup, go on diets, wear heels, etc. What's the problem? Don't do this if you don't need to! No one will shoot you if you go out on the street without makeup and high heels! Moreover, some men are looking for just such people, simple, natural, sincere women, and not dolls who have all the thoughts about their women's affairs.�

    After all, if you don't like being a girl so much that even your body is disgusting, you can always change your gender;-)

    Probably many people have had such a state when everything pisses you off and you think that it should be easier to be a guy and you hate that you got into the wrong “team” , but normally you need to find balance and harmony with yourself so that such bad thoughts recede forever .

    In the end, the advantages are clearly not less than the disadvantages, which, by the way, over the years can also turn into advantages that can be successfully used for the benefit of yourself-your beloved)�

    Be strong, accept yourself as you are and live for your own pleasure!)
    Byd girl cool juhu!

  37. You find yourself in a normal environment and gender stereotypes are no longer shoved under your nose, but they communicate quite equally. But fuck, when a fat elderly Yakut traffic controller gets his hands on your ass and you run out of the tram at the stop, you turn around and he looks at you and smiles obscenely. It just drives me crazy. And the fact that you can't go anywhere alone in the evening or at night. The guy will simply be beaten, and you can be raped, they can then kill you, or you will get knocked up by a rapist. In short xs, to become that whether cms on something.

  38. It's hard.

    Once a month, your hormones jump, you get severe pain, and you bleed (dries up,rots,all these smells and pains) ~ a week.

    You can't wear what you want, and if you do, you'll start saying “ugh, like a whore”, “ugh, why are there so many baggy clothes, a girl has to be feminine”, or my favorite “are you without a bra?? “(yes, imagine, wearing a bra sometimes becomes very uncomfortable, but society forces you to do it if you don't want to run into unpleasant comments).

    Flirting on the streets. Yes, all these “hey,pretty girl,let's get acquainted” and everything in this spirit (especially from people of Caucasian nationality, this is heard many times more often,sorry, personal observations).

    Rapes. No comments here.

    Reproductive function aka 9 months of hell. And if you don't want kids, you'll hear comments like “you SHOULD want kids, you're a girl”all over the place

    In general, I would love to change my shell to a male one.

  39. When I opened the question, I thought: “Most likely, the first answer will contain the simplest and most obvious idea.” But no. The thought goes like this: I'm a girl, for example, and I don't really know what it's like NOT TO BE one. There's not much to compare it to. Therefore, I will say this: I like to live, it is interesting, and I also like to be a girl, respectively, I like and it is interesting. I don't see any reason to whine about hormones, pregnancy and blah blah: what is given is given, it is an a priori form of existence, like the number of limbs.

    A lot of girls here have written about their cruel life-being. Glass ceiling, waiting rooms. I don't know, I have a very calm and tolerant environment. But I don't think it's just luck. As for my place as a woman, I don't explain anything to anyone and I don't heal my soul. I don't think that's necessary right now. Now men and people of older generations need to get a critical mass of experience in dealing with women with a different position. It is necessary that as many women as possible live according to their own principles: do not depend on the opinions of others, believe in their potential, study a lot and set very high career goals, do not hope to be financially provided for by someone, do not sell sex, etc. If this position is consistent, and you are respectful and patient with people who need to learn how to communicate with a new woman, then the result will appear, and it will be very pleasant. People learn. They don't start being fair just because they read a couple of feminist statements. But daily communication with a friendly, intelligent and independent woman will teach them a lot.�

    I hope that the girls themselves will not think that “they should”. It used to be “because you're a man,” but now it's “because I'm a woman.” I see a lot of responses from the victim's point of view, although with other arguments, but I still feel uneasy.�


  40. At the doctor's office:
    � – Hello, what are you complaining about? “Well, my thyroid is swollen. – Oh, it's time to give birth, give birth, give birth and everything will pass.
    � – Hello, what are you complaining about? “There's a pain in my side.” – Oh, it's time to give birth, give birth, give birth and everything will pass.
    � – Hello, what are you complaining about? “I hit my knee and can't straighten it. – Oh, it's time to give birth, give birth, give birth and everything will pass.

    At the table:
    “Pass me a couple of gherkins, please.” – OOOOOH, I GOT A TASTE FOR SALTY FOOD!!!?!

    In conflicts:
    “You sound very insulting right now!” Stop it right now, I'm not going to talk like that!”
    – Oooh, well, koneechno, meee monthly.

  41. Difficult question. Well, this is something from the category of a fable about a centipede that hangs on the question: “what does your twenty-fifth leg do when the twentieth moves?”. Most of the time I don't think about it, because it's a natural state for me. It is necessary to shave your legs in the summer if you wear short clothes, it is scary to walk down the street late at night, “women should”, keep track of how much there is before menstruation and plan a vacation to the sea in accordance with this, for example, and other joys, the ability to wear beautiful dresses and not be looked at askance, the ability to openly express Most of the time I solve work, creative and everyday tasks, and I don't think much about what gender I am. I'm also left-handed, but I only remember it when I'm reminded of it, which is a habit.)

  42. I don't like it, to be honest.
    There are always a lot of restrictions and this stupid phrase “you can't/this is not normal, you're a girl”
    you're a girl, why do you need a tattoo? do you drive a motorcycle? it's not a woman's job, and anyway, you still have to give birth, why don't you wear dresses? you MUST be feminine, you must not swear, you must not argue with men, you must give birth to children, stay at home, you must do this and that, fifth or tenth, because you are a girl.
    Who do I owe? Oh, yes, men. otherwise, no one will marry you like this. A bunch of some stereotypes that were written about above, and if you don't live like this, then many people will poke you in it.
    with work in general, comedy sometimes.
    Are you 18? you have no experience and higher education
    are you 24? not married? well, then leave soon. Give birth to a child, go on maternity leave, we don't need it.
    do you have a child? well, it's not far to the second one, again the decree, you are not suitable for us.
    are you 35? I'm sorry, but we need young professionals.
    well, monthly periods, of course, infuriate.
    I never wanted to be a girl. you simply can't go anywhere alone, because God forbid someone will bother you, and you won't even be able to stand up for yourself. well, in some professions there are restrictions. also sad)

  43. Such a concentration of universal pain in the answers. You'd think the question was: “How does it feel to live without legs/with one kidney/in a war zone?”
    Just like being human. You eat, sleep, work, relax, do what you love.�
    Where does so much tragedy come from?

  44. How to be human 🙂

    The objective differences are much smaller than they seem. Here, the breast, for example, is a little bit lush sometimes prevents you from lying down and running on your stomach. Once a month, unpleasant sensations between your legs, as if the body decides for you when you will urinate, and with what.

    A особенности features of physiology�everyone is different, the amount of body hair and cellulite on the thighs is different, different height, weight, physique. Someone was humiliated, someone lived quietly all his life. Rules of conduct were put in someone's head, others had freedom of self-awareness.

    My condolences to all those girls who are jealous of men. If you don't have a gender identity disorder, then you should be fine with yourself. Believe me, a thousand people will judge you by your gender, but for the thousand-first time you may meet someone who will not pay attention to the degree of shaving of the skin and will completely treat your marital status exactly, even if you are more than *the right number of years*. There are people who are not obsessed with gender! Verified by a person who has experienced ubiquitous discrimination more than once 🙂

    PS And you guys also have something to snort and get mad about? 🙂

  45. To find the answer, you need to rephrase the question to ” what is it like to be a human being?”.

    In general, it turns out that everyone has their own needs and needs, bad habits, lifestyle, work, preferences in food, cinema, art, sex, religion, politics and in general – in lifestyle.�

    Specifically, girls are more concerned about their appearance due to” competition”, are more concerned about the opinion of others, are more concerned about the future of their family and/or career, but this does not complicate their life in any way against the background of men who work, are concerned about the opinion of one girl, their appearance and general affairs.

    Is it difficult to be a girl? If you do not complicate your life with snot, suffering, and complicate your studies, work, and family, and even have time to take up hobbies-this is the most pleasant difficulty in life.

  46. it seems to me that there are inconveniences with purely physiological t. z.: washing and styling your hair, coping with your monthly period (well, tin is inconvenient, I would like to look into the eyes of the one who invented it), heels and choosing shoes in which you do not feel like you are being tortured, and this is if we talk about a girl “free”. if you have children-this is generally a different life, different priorities, a different value system, and, yes, a lot of victims from the category of � – it is impossible to come home from work, fall on the couch with the words “how tired I am today” and lie around all evening. With a child, this is unrealistic. Men friends constantly do this � – there is a mother, but with tired.

  47. I've always envied men because they have more freedom . A man can never marry or have children . A man can fuck left and right and right. Men earn more, they own almost all the business and real estate in the world. A man can live simply for his own pleasure and think only of his own pleasure. And the soul will not ache for his children, ex-girlfriends and future .

  48. I will take the side of those who are satisfied in order to support the position.

    Any person is shaped by the environment, this is a fact. Personally, I was lucky. The difference between society's expectations and my own was explained to me, and I was not forced to do anything that went against my principles. As an adult, I took full control of my life. I can't be convinced of anything I don't want to be convinced of.�

    I have not seen and do not see the difference between boys and girls. Everyone has their own problems, they all have different bodies and capabilities, within gender/race/people. I don't see myself through the eyes of society, so I'm proud and enjoy who I am.�

    I'm not going to judge the opinions of the people who wrote above, I just can't understand some of them.

    I don't believe in a utopia where all people will be happy, where there will be no standards for leg hairiness, the number of cats or penis length. So you either do what you think is right, or wait until your opinion matches the public's.

    So I think being a girl is just as cool as being a guy

  49. It's not easy enough. Because we were noticed and taken into account only about a century and a half ago. We don't even have a truly established stereotype of how people behave in freedom. So sometimes we start to behave like a man or it seems that we behave like that, but in fact we just want to abandon the stereotypes of ” a woman should be….substitute whatever you want.” We are still proving that we don't have to do anything. So far without success. Because no one accepted our DISTINCTIONS, even though they gave us the right to vote and equal rights to work. True freedom is when your differences are recognized and accepted. When your biology is considered the norm and certain laws or household rituals are adopted in connection with it. Now if you want to be free-be kind according to the male scheme. Which is also understandable, because there is no other scheme. And until the purely female stereotype is developed ( I think 500-600 years, maybe 800 is necessary), we will have to be in an active and even somewhere in a defensive position with all the above-mentioned pies like harrasment, “when to get married” and so on everywhere.

  50. Well, it's a little stressful. And I'm not talking about all these gender stereotypes and discrimination right now. Yes, it is there and it interferes. But the fact that some devils will start lecturing me about what I should/shouldn't do and what I can/can't do as a woman doesn't mean that this is or will be the case. They might get fucked up, but I'll do what I see fit. No, personally, I am very stressed about biological aspects, such as menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth. Very angry with evolution for this. I still somehow put up with the monthly bloodbaths, but pregnancy, childbirth, that's all…. No, this is some kind of filth. First you spill rivers of blood and climb walls of pain every month, then you're blown to the size of a young whale while you're carrying another man, who leaves you with a vagina the size of Texas and dead teeth on the way out. And then the cycle of shit in nature repeats itself and you fill everything with blood again! Only with a child who, at first, looks more like an alien than a human and constantly demands your tits! And all this time, your hormones are making such a mess that it's time to call an exorcist! Well, what is it?! Evolution, you heartless bitch, could you have done something different?!

  51. Being a girl means, first of all, taking care of yourself. Because”you're a girl. ” Almost daily shaving, because you can not allow even a small stubble, unlike boys. And no one will like, excuse me, hairy podmykhi, and men can be forgiven for that. Being a girl is about manners. You can't do this, you can't do that. And I, damn it, also want to take off my T-shirt in the heat and walk down the street with my bare torso, but no, they won't understand me that way. And in general, being a girl is a very big job. I'm talking about girls, not women. But in fact, it's very fun and beautiful:)

  52. Basically, everyone does not look at you as a person, but evaluates you in relation to gender. “Smart for a girl”, “this is not a woman's business” and other similar moments.
    You don't live all the time, but you prove something to someone. That you are “not like that”, that you are a good specialist, even though you are a girl, that you have the right to look as you want, and not as society demands.
    Sometimes being a girl is frankly unpleasant. Loose citizens in public places allow themselves to pull their hands where you do not want them to feel at all. When discussing a case, one way or another, the authorities can make a sexist joke.
    They also kill members of their own sex, who were brainwashed by the patriarchal society so that almost nothing remained of it. Yesterday, such a lady proved to me that raising a daughter independent and independent means condemning her to an unhappy life.
    But there are also advantages. You are freer in choosing clothes than a man, freer in choosing a hobby: agree, a girl with a” male “hobby causes less dissonance than a guy with a “girly” one.
    In general, this is my opinion. It may not be 100% correct, or even completely complete.

  53. Joyfully. And both in the literal sense and with sarcasm. Especially thanks to sexism and stereotypes!) You can take offense at them, you can ignore them, you can use them profitably for yourself, or you can break them altogether. The choice of option is based on the situation.)) “All your judgments about me will be used against you.”

    • PMS? “no, your stupidity.

    • Do you collect 40 cats? “for you .”

    • let's get acquainted? “only at my office when you come in as a client.” * I hold out a business card (In this case, I once printed a hundred morgue-type business cards)*

    And so on. And in many ways, it's easier for girls than for guys. And men pay more attention to us than to other men…

  54. Being a girl means being smart.�After all, you need to be able to plan a vacation not just so that there is enough money and there is good weather, but also to bypass “these” days. You need to have a couple of “magic” techniques to solve the problem with the arrow on your tights, which you just put in a bus crush on the way to work, and to make a dirty head “clean” five minutes before the exit. You need to be able to change clothes on the beach in the absence of changing booths. You need to be able to choose (big breasts or comfort? beauty or calluses on your feet from heels? You need to manage to remain a girl in any situation and under any circumstances.

    Being a girl means being strong. It is necessary to have the strength to withstand pregnancy, childbirth, the consequences of childbirth and child care (often with complete disregard on the part of the child's father). You need to have the strength to fight off anxious men, be able to respond to dirty jokes and vulgar hints, and cope with the underestimation of yourself by men (especially misogynists). You need to have the strength to be beautiful. You need to have the strength to remain a girl in any situation and under any circumstances.

    P.S. Thank you to all those men who appreciate us and take care of us! 🙂

  55. not easy.

    it is believed that you should be careful, be able to cook food and find a common language with other people's children.

    you can't just ask the guy you like out on a date. that is, you can, of course, but it immediately makes you very vulnerable.

    I'm always afraid of getting pregnant.

    during menstruation, it's scary that you'll leak.

    you don't know where to put yourself: either in feminists, or in fitonyashki, or in ladyfly, or in religion, or in bodypositive and intuitive nutrition.

    sometimes the ass in the morning looks just huge, although, it would seem, in the evening everything was normal.

    in general, it is not easy, yes
    ,but we are holding on.

  56. Some strange answers, really . It's normal to be a girl ,there are pros and cons, just like everywhere else . I don't mention any special bias , you just need to behave accordingly to the circumstances . In principle, you can do anything , public opinion in general needs to be listened to less often, all people, regardless of gender . Perhaps we tend to exaggerate all sorts of small problems . More than men , we worry about children, and also about our appearance . And the notorious PMS, about which everyone likes to talk so much – this is not a terrible monster, many women pass quite calmly . And if it really bothers you so much, then you need to go to the doctor , adjust the hormonal background. In general, everything is not even bad .

  57. Annoying little inappropriate questions like: 24? How is there no boyfriend?Give birth when? AND GET MARRIED?I say: I don't want to. how?A woman must give birth and get married by 25. It's too late.” Are you a lesbian or something? Why isn't the guy there? And for some reason I have to make excuses, they say I don't want for the drunk infantile, who believes that Minsk is the capital of Ukraine. I have to prove that for money and for other tsatskis I will not go to bed, men somehow look strange, they say a fool. And my friends, too

  58. Regarding the Internet, I can say one thing. Being a girl on the Internet is not cool, well, not a drop. For several years now, I have been maintaining accounts with masculine names and writing in the masculine gender. Why? Because then you are perceived normally, precisely as an equal interlocutor, then you can calmly talk about anything. With a female account, they are perceived primarily as a woman and as if they are talking, as if they are mentally retarded, and they necessarily begin to involve the fact of belonging to the female sex in the conversation. In addition, even despite the obvious lack of photos, all sorts of very interesting personalities were climbing in order to get acquainted. With a man's account, such things disappeared automatically.�

    I hope I haven't offended anyone here right now. Really, I'm sorry if I accidentally touched someone.

  59. It's fine, actually… The only thing that annoys me is ailments once a month and the eternal fear of getting pregnant (even when everything is already under control, this is probably already at the level of phobia). And so it's very good, everyone smiles at you, everyone is usually nice to you…. sometimes it's too much, but it's not something you can't live with. Well, yes, sometimes there are side effects, but you can always count on the help of other people. So personally, I have no complaints)).

  60. That sucks. Cursed-immediately fi, smoked-again fi. Drunk – an alcoholic. Outraged – I got your PMS, too quiet-boring, too sociable-whore. There were a lot of guys-a whore, there were few guys-are you normal at all?�
    And also gossip girl friends, goat men and give me 40 cats as soon as possible!

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