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  1. Being a psychopath means thinking like him, because psychopathy is primarily a psychopathological syndrome that is part of the so-called dark side. wikipedia.org the triad. The main thing that reveals a psychopath is the image of his thoughts and, as a result, the image of speech peculiar only to a psychopath.

    The story of an ordinary person, whether he is an elementary school teacher or a serial killer, if he is not a psychopath, is full of introspection and emotionality, and is also characterized by a periodic transition from the past to the present, when the narrator relives the past.

    The psychopath's thought and the narrative formed by it are saturated exclusively with cause-and-effect relationships, and he always finds a rational explanation for every most inexplicable act of his.

    In addition, psychopaths are much more likely to think and talk about coping with natural needs, while normal people without the need for this are more likely to think about moral categories, think about family and honor, religion and spirituality.

    A psychopath is not an ordinary person in the usual sense, because in many ways we are our thoughts.

  2. It is difficult to describe it briefly, but there is a good book that allows you to feel this state to some extent – Robert D. Haer's “The Frightening World of psychopaths”.

    You can download it, for example, here: “royallib.com

  3. What does it feel like to be a psychopath ? Well. Ever since you were a child, you've been asking yourself “why should I apologize?” when you do a bad thing and apologize in front of everyone, you feel ashamed because you're a child. But I'm not ashamed of what I did. It's like you've been stripped. But then you realize that you can do all sorts of things for those apologies and everything becomes easier. When they read you fairy tales, you still don't understand what is good or evil, but for some reason you take the side of the bad characters and resent why they always lose. When you grow up, all the qualities that make you a good person are blunted, and those that make you a bastard are strengthened. There's something wrong with you on a genetic level. You're 12-14 and you cry when people yell at you loudly. But there is no emotion behind these tears. Even your heart rate doesn't get faster. Your eyes are just watering. And it will pass. You start wanting to hurt me. And boredom appears. And the final maturation occurs somewhere in 19 years. Call it catharsis. The point of no return, after which you're not even human. You're like a robot. There's something physically wrong with you. You start to sleep for 3-5 hours, sometimes less, and get enough sleep. You become a perfectionist, laziness goes away. With you, the only strong feelings left are anger, anger, and envy. There is no hint of love or affection. Communication skills are becoming more acute, you don't like ordinary movies, you don't see any of the features of your new character in the characters. You calmly think about terrible things. Pedophilia, necrophilia in it(yes, with children's corpses of girls), the most depraved forms of sado-maso and many other interesting things. And after that, your whole life is like one big acting job in a boring movie.�

    Something like that.

  4. Since I, or anyone else, don't have a Psychopath mode switch/An ordinary person, it is not possible to describe the difference.

    General-manipulative abilities. They are present in most people and vary depending on their level of intelligence. A certain indifference and cruelty within reason (less developed individuals tend to indulge their lower desires and behave recklessly). The most noticeable thing is Charm, but this is part of manipulation.

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