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  1. All people have their own special characters, peculiarities of upbringing, peculiarities of hobbies and professional activities.

    As far as I'm concerned, ordinary people don't exist. And this is confirmed by my experience. By profession, I communicate with a huge number of people. And if you start a long, deep conversation, then each person has amazing stories, their own special life path, skills and abilities.

    Each person is unique and unusual.

    “Ordinariness” of a person lives as long as you observe people, do not understand them, their characters, motives of behavior.

    “Normal” is a gray mass walking down the street. But take any person from this mass-and he will be a bright personality.

  2. I would very much like to hear from you a comment on the topic of “an ordinary person”. What is it from your point of view? Because in fact, such a term does not exist, but the expression itself is more often used as a description of the generally accepted “standard of behavior” in a particular society. For example, in a large city, an ordinary person will be associated with an office employee. In the village-with a farmer. Etc. At the same time, a farmer in the city will be just as unusual as an office employee in the village. And in some warm countries, there are groups of people who come there to work remotely, basking most of the time in the sun (and often renting apartments in cities with millions of people). Their way of life will be the image of an “ordinary person” for a given place and a given social group of people. But it will be absolutely non-standard in some city with a million inhabitants with a harsh climate and changing seasons.

    That is, here you can endlessly detail different people, in different circumstances and different locations, and you will get completely different “ordinary people”. And if you also add ethnic and national affiliation to different countries, then you get just endless variations of “ordinary people”, which will be the last nail in the” coffin ” of this term.

    And this is not accidental, because the world is multi-faceted. It is difficult to find something truly “ordinary”in it. And people themselves do not give rise to such a term, since they are individual by nature. And even if they find themselves in a common social group, they will turn out to be different from others on closer inspection. Individual and far from the real everyday life.

    So, I will try to answer your question like this: being an “ordinary” person is fine, as well as being a person in general. Because this term does not affect anything, and most likely turned out to be just a stupid label in some specific and passing situation.

  3. As I understand it, household statistics ( about people and for people) is an ordinary average Russian citizen living in a totalitarian corrupt state under the yoke of a half-mad president. The average person is excluded from the politics of this state and survives in any conditions imposed on him by society and the authorities.

    Such a person is typical “100 km away” from Moscow and St. Petersburg-in the whole of “people's” working Russia. This is the bulk of the population of a large, disfigured country, which does not own anything in the country: neither land, nor state property, nor the rights to natural values and wealth, nor civil rights to freedom, work, education, medicine, the right to a safe life and a decent death. Ordinary people in Russia are left to their own devices.

    Typical example: family (any age) he / she, 1-2 children. or 4-5 children, in many families elderly sick parents; young people work in industrial or agricultural enterprises, have different education (from higher to seven years…) receive different wages, from 5 to 15-20 thousand rubles per month, lead a healthy life due to low availability of Finance, many are overweight, drink too lazy and parasitic each in different ways; you can relax only at home, never travel, never happen, unconsciously degraded, used, and believe that this is “normal”, “anything can happen”, “all the way live”…

  4. It's a pleasure. You can live as you like. You are not afraid of any media. You can do whatever your heart desires, just earn some money for it. You may be wrong. You can write mediocre books, and it's not scary – the critics won't even notice you. And if you write a talented book-what a wonderful surprise for intellectuals: how, in this village, at this age! No, this can't be happening! And most importantly: lightning strikes the tallest tree. If you want lightning, be the tallest: a tree, a person, a person. If you want to live your life with pleasure, be an ordinary person.

  5. It is difficult to guess what is meant by an ordinary person. For myself, I define this concept as follows. An ordinary person is someone who never leaves their comfort zone. His whole life is spent inside. But there is one subtle point. You can stay in your comfort zone because you feel good in it. Outside, of course, it can be more interesting. But who needs it? The best is the enemy of the good. The life of such an ordinary person is very pleasant. He is usually in a great mood. Nothing bothers him or bothers him. However, it also happens differently. It happens that a person does not leave the comfort zone because of fear. In fact, he feels bad inside her, too. And for him, the comfort zone is just a zone of minimal discomfort. The job sucks, the wife is scary and evil, no prospects. But at the same time, there is no desire to change anything. The new job may be even worse, if you can find it at all. You can't count on a new wife. Thank God there's something. Etc. The life of such an ordinary person is simply terrible.

  6. In general, before editing by the moderator, my question was more specific)

    By “ordinary” I mean something average, driven into some kind of framework, or something.

    I mainly wanted to find out what outcomes or life turns would be “normal” for such an ordinary (average) person.

    And all this for the sake of one goal: is self-development closer to a whim or a necessity? I perfectly understand and recognize the particularity of each individual case, but that is why I generalize by referring to statistics.

    P. s. I have no doubts about my own account, it's just really interesting to hear detailed opinions and get additional arguments(if opinions allow):)

  7. And who said that you or I, or someone else- an ordinary person! Any person is an individual, there are no other such people and there will never be any more! In my opinion, this is already a reason to consider yourself special!

    It happens that only a couple of dozen people know one person, and another – a couple of thousand dozens of people. But here the big question arises-which of them is better off. Personally, I would not want everyone who meets and crosses me to recognize me without giving a pass.

  8. Being an ordinary person is boring. You live and live your life according to the same scenario every day. Isn't it boring? But most people don't realize that they are ordinary. They think they are outstanding, but in reality they deceive themselves in order to be at least a little different from the rest.

  9. All people in different periods of life and for different people, are ordinary and unusual, for a loving wife, you are the most unusual, for others, you are the most ordinary husband. You divorced your wife, and she thought you were an asshole, which is also unusual.

  10. Fuf. You can exhale and not pretend. That's what it means to be an ordinary person.�

    And for me, the most amazing thing about a person is his desire to devalue what he does and what success he has achieved. I'm an ordinary person. Is this some kind of verdict? Rating? Punishment? Everyone is somehow ordinary. Well, everyone eats, usually. They're still asleep. You can't change your body language much either, it's a very ordinary language. Therefore, it is easier for an ordinary person, you do not need to prove anything – you just usually move your hands, legs, brain and achieve your goals.�

    Is it normal? Here is already someone like.

  11. What does it feel like?

    Well, if figuratively and from the position of the victim, then there is a feeling that you are a midge and have fallen into the net of a spider. Your paws are stuck, and you can't get out. Your situation is even worse than that of the frog in the same fable, although it could regurgitate its own life with its legs, and your position is fully supported by the environment. Just like an ordinary person in a negative sense. �All forces of the system are focused on maintaining the current state. Low salary – low standard of living – poor food quality – poor health – lack of energy – no development in prof. plan – bad job – low salary… And so on in a circle.

    Subjectively, it's very skoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. An ordinary person does not have the opportunity to see the world, learn new things, he is everywhere limited either by external frames or internal ones.

  12. https://www.youtube.com/embed/5PsnxDQvQpw?wmode=opaque

    I will respond with a clip of Canadian comedian John Lajoie, who ironically plays up the reflection of a “normal ordinary guy” about himself. Being an ordinary person means suffering. History is being made behind our backs, and after death, no one will ever remember us again. We have been and gone, and all our wonderful experiences will disappear forever, like tears in the rain.

  13. I will allow myself to make up a protest teenager and talk about ordinary, ordinary people in the third person. Do you know what mediocrity I like best? The ones that say mediocrity doesn't exist.

    Denial. What a delightfully convenient way to get rid of the fear of being called a failure! You've always claimed that you're “not one of them,” but a stupid friend asked you what makes you different? Couldn't find an answer? Admit your mistake! You are not unique – �All�'s are unique! There are no ordinary people, because each of us is unique! There is no need to look for merit or distinction – are there people with the same experience? With the same appearance? Take a closer look and we'll see the universe inside each of us! We are unique, like snowflakes falling from the sky! “Ordinary people” were invented by egoists who flaunt their small achievements!

    Just now – order excuses for yourself and get a unique experience for the whole world as a gift! Hurry up to purchase these excuses now, so that your buddy doesn't make excuses first! You're not going to let him assign such a clever deduction, are you?!

    But seriously, you know, I'm willing to admit that every person has a lot of insignificant details that give them the uniqueness of a snowflake. Only here the snowflakes are so small that they are indistinguishable from half a meter in the snowdrift in which they are formed. That's what I mean. Most ordinary people don't see themselves as such. But if you claim that there is a �universe inside everyone, you are either grossly overestimating the average person, or you have little idea of the size of the universe.

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