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  1. To justify your actions that you can't justify in any other way. Also to relieve yourself of responsibility or get some kind of indulgence. Convenient, in short.

  2. This means that it requires special treatment just because of the presence of a vagina.�

    It is worth explaining to her that half of the world has it and this does not make it unique 🙂

  3. For example, this can be said when they try to justify themselves, avoid responsibility for their actions and behavior, or when they demand some special treatment for the fact of having a vagina. In general, stupid excuses and wishlist that infuriate. Yes, they annoy me too. But they can also say this when it comes to some stereotypical attitudes. Well, you know, something from the “girl should” series, it's already clear what it's about. In short, what is one thing, what is another-all bullshit.

  4. This means that the girl / woman asks for certain indulgences, referring to the peculiarities of the structure of her body and consciousness in connection with her gender.

    For example: “Well, I'm a girl, we have our own logic”

    Or, ” I'm a girl, how can you talk to me like that?”
    At the same time, ladies who use this argument may well defend feminist positions at a different point in time, which only sometimes confirms that they are also girls.

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