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  1. God, so many experts didn't respond… did you ask for them in a human way?..

    And then, maybe you got some wrong answer=))

    I don't know for sure. I remember the phrase: “Be a man, borrow three rubles.” And another one: “Don't make any noise, people are sleeping there.”

    Well, in small things, all sorts of Platons, Diogenes and other “thrice unhappy” thinkers.

    For myself, I think that a person is all the people before him. Or rather, the whole world history, which he closes and comprehends. Then he starts again. Being human means understanding the story (people), filling it with meaning, and making it better. More human.

    What's your response?..

  2. If you look at everything that has been written and said on this topic since the time of Babylon, then, most likely, the formation of a person should be understood as the development of his morality.

    What's your response?)

  3. Hello! I'm glad I'm not the only one asking such strange questions. And what is a person? After all, when something is created, then there is an instruction! After all, it is logical that a person is a complex system that someone created. But my question has always been, but how to understand what a person is and what are his factory settings? After all, we are all born almost standard, and grow up well, not at all like each other. And how to understand where the golden mean is and who is closer to this middle?

    After all, some basic materials should have remained ? I really hope that very soon somewhere under the pyramid they will find a piece of paper with an inscription about where it will be indicated: Instructions biorobot-man-series …. and a detailed description…. what is best to do so that a person remains in perfect moral and physical condition all his life. Well, how was it possible to explain to us in what conditions we should be raised and how best to maintain our invisible structures? We have a soul, but no one can explain what kind of thing is a soul?

    Someone knows us better than anyone else and initially there could have been information that we were not sick and did not suffer and were not murderers and thieves… I would very much like to get to a place where they will take me and consider me on all levels, and remove all the parameters of my fluctuations and if my parameters do not correspond, then they will correct them. And I'll come out happy new and clean. I'm sure this is the future. So call it-Human Rehabilitation Center!

  4. This question implicitly suggests that you can not be a person. And if so, the question arises-Who are we talking about? Who is the one who may or may not be human?

    It is clear that we are not talking about an animal. It certainly can't be human. Then we can talk about someone who was born in a human body. It is known that a child may not become a human being if he grows up among animals. So the human is transmitted only from people. But the child grows up, and if he has not become a man, then who is he? Or maybe the already formed person somehow lost the person in himself, then who is he now? Who is the one who may or may not be human?

    It is clear that the human in us forms the society in which we grow up and are brought up. I.e., experience and culture. And what then forms the nonhuman in us? Also – experience and culture. Moreover, the same qualities or actions in one culture can be regarded as human, in another-on the contrary. It is believed that the human can be lost as a result of actions performed, i.e. experience. However, all our actions and experiences are mediated by culture.

    It follows that either we must accept the convention of “human/non-human”, or we must consider everything that a culture gives us to be human. If “human” is conditional, then in a certain sense the beast can be recognized as a man, and man as an animal, which will lead us to desecration. If any culture makes us human, then we should recognize the manifestations of any culture as a manifestation of a person. Including the one that will claim that “human” is conditional. This speaks only about the depth and diversity of human manifestations, even if unpleasant. A “fallen” person is still a human being. Although it doesn't sound proud anymore.

    It turns out that a person is a product of culture. And every culture is based on moral values. So being human means adhering to certain moral values. We are all human beings, because we adhere to some moral values. The only question is-which ones?

  5. Understand that you are surrounded by the same people.

    Understand that you are not better or worse than them, not in the sense that you are equal, but in the sense that you are one.

    Understand that there are always those who control you and not for your benefit.

    Understand that envy, condemnation, hatred, greed, love of fame, avarice, malice, lies-all this deprives you of the right to be called a Person, transferring you to the previous stage of development.

    Understand that only Love makes a Person Human.

    To understand that Love is not “lisp”, but an understanding of equality and acceptance of what is.

    To understand that the acceptance of what is is Life in its constant changes and transformations of various forms.

    Understand that the form is only a restriction of the content in it.

    Understand that a Person is not a machine and will make mistakes as it develops or fades away, and that it is in the power of human beings to reduce the force of these mistakes, even to prevent them.

    Stay Human even when it is impossible to do so!

  6. To be a person (in the context of the question, refer to yourself as a person) is to identify yourself with a certain set of qualities. Identify with the body or mind. To be a human being is to have the limitations that you have set for this term.

    You don't have to live within your own limits, you can go beyond them.

  7. Good afternoon. In my opinion being a human being is:

    1-Create an environment where it is profitable for all people and impossible to be animals. So that everyone lives according to the law, and not according to their instincts (whoever is stronger and more cunning is right)

    2-Have long-term planning for thousands of years to come

    3-Create something useful and improving the lives of people and the planet, which was not before us

  8. There are 5 types of consciousness. 1) animal 2) addict 3) zombie 4) human 5) devil

    What makes them different????

    1) Instincts 2) Addicted(even to money, people, drugs) 3) Slave 4) Conscience 5) Lack of conscience

    They become a man, just as they become a man, but they are not born with them.

    The only thing that people have from birth is time!

    Conscience is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person and treat him as yourself.

    In a few lines, I have revealed to you the truth of the universe.

    Question: “A bear or a person who is easier to raise / train to ride a bike?”

    those who are capable will understand what is written.

    Have you ever heard the phrase” Human relations”? This implies a relationship of conscience. You are not born people, that they would be necessary to try.

  9. What an interesting question! Truth-what does it mean TO BE HUMAN? We often refer to someone as ” non-human.” It seems to me that what distinguishes humans from other animals is CONSCIOUS EMPATHY.

  10. The answer to this question in the Old Slavic letter is in its first line. The enemy of humanity has turned a letter into an alphabet , so people don't know what it means to be human. Not abvgdee, but Az. Gods, Lead, Verb, Good, Is, Am. Roughly translated into the modern alphabetic-alphabetic language-means: I Know God, Speak and do Good, and therefore I exist as a human being.

  11. To be human is to be something that doesn't exist. Objectively, there is an organism and a personality. And what is the person there? We are developing and growing. Hitler or polpotovets-man? Klim Chugunkin-a person? For me, a person is a concept, a standard. Pontius Pilate points to Christ. Here, Man. And a rapist, pedophile, maniac, robber-a person? Is the terrorist a human being?

  12. Understand the correct and competent definition of a Person.It seems simple, but this is only at first glance.In fact, it takes a long time just to find out.That's why we live like this, everyone is incredibly good,but society has rotted completely! It is not the knowledge of a seemingly simple concept that will destroy humanity!

  13. Being a person means being morally resilient. Emotions -control. Not an excuse. Desires don't control me. To be a human being is to teach(train) the animal in itself. To be a human being is to find a wise man in yourself.

  14. Imho, concepts that are so widely known empirically do not require additional interpretation, because they are the primary basis for interpreting less well-known concepts. They interpret themselves. To be a man is to be a man. Who among us is not a man who does not know what it is?

  15. The purpose of human existence as a species is to give life to the next generations, of course there are deviations from the norm (we will not talk about them) there are those who are not given this.

    And for me, being a human being means helping others, first of all the weak, those who can't help themselves, the help can be absolutely any, not necessarily monetary or physical. Help our smaller brothers, protect nature.

    And do not forget the simple wisdom(for me personally, this is wisdom):

    The more you take, the less you have:)

    Everyone can interpret this phrase in their own way

  16. Being a person means having your own point of view on any occasion in life, not depending on the opinions of others and not being silent, for fear of offending the interlocutor with your words

  17. Everything is known in comparison, there is a person and people. There are more people, and less humanity, this is just the minority that is able to take care of the majority, they are always in the vanguard and they are often not accepted, and do not understand, but in the end it turns out that they are right. A person who accepts responsibility for their actions and respects other people's choices without judging them for their mistakes.

    “Man-it sounds proud”, this is worth striving for!

  18. A person is someone who is the likeness of God and tries to return to Him, having made the way from a single-celled animal to an animal and from a vicegerent on Earth to the creator of artificial intelligence. Today, a person has little Land and goes beyond it in search of new resources. Man is constantly striving for something Higher, because he is already above the animal world. By the word “God” I do not mean in any way a difference of opinion between theists and atheists, but rather a common point of agreement and an end to the philosophical dispute. The famous astrophysicist and atheist Carl Sagan used this word as follows : “if the word God� means a set of laws of physics that govern the universe, then such a God exists.” This definition contradicts many religions and philosophies, being only one example, but the basic principle is clear-the belief or desire for a higher, different from the animal and allowing you to create economic systems in conditions of limited resources. In some cases, this desire may be blunted by animal instincts and degradation, but humanity does not need everyone to have progressive aspirations, and rather the opposite – no one has canceled natural selection.

  19. To be human. To be human. Being human, for me, means being curious. How much we wouldn't have learned and tried out if we weren't curious. And we've always been like this, regardless of our fears, our instincts, or anything else. Amazing, isn't it? I'm just as surprised that something like a human can do something like that.

  20. man is essentially a biological species, just like any other living being, but in addition to instincts, nature has also given our species intelligence. Therefore, we can assume that being a human means actively using this precious gift for its intended purpose and putting it above instincts

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