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  1. By “free soul” we mean most often not subject to outside influence. Such a person is not afraid of anything, does not feel guilt, shame, does not grieve, does not lie, seeing the nature of illusions, does not give in to them, he is alien to earthly attachments. He gave up everything in order to gain an understanding of what is really important – the latter must be decided by everyone for themselves.

  2. Free soul is, in my understanding, the ability to act based on your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. The soul is a person, and everything that is connected with his consciousness. If you follow your own life path, you reflect on your actions, fall in love, achieve goals, that is, live the way you want-then you are free in your soul.

    Another interpretation of the phrase “free in soul”, as it seems to me, is that a person is still limited in something (he is in prison, cannot get out of parental care, etc.), but in his THOUGHTS he is free. You can be a free soul, but not show it.

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