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  1. For me, this is a synonym for the word “god”. The word “life” refers to our sacred, inner nature. You can leave all the components of our body in place to the last atom, but it will be just a doll if you take away this very component, which we call “life”. Life is what we really are, if we remove all the superfluous, alluvial things, everything that we will lose when the so-called death occurs. If you take away our ego-personality, all the mental constructs-ideas about ourselves, all the words that we can describe ourselves with, then what remains is just life. Life, in my opinion, cannot die. It moves from vessel to vessel. In some ways, this process describes the concept of reincarnation. It seems to flow from one form to another. And all of it together is God.

    This is if you are asking about what this word means exactly to me)

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