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  1. So they say, when a person endowed with any power succumbs to the temptation (to do something in their own interests or get some benefits), which this power makes it possible to implement, provided that the person gives up some moral, moral principles and norms. At the same time, a person is guided exclusively by low instincts, desires and motives.
    Over time, the level of morality of such a person falls and he, committing obviously immoral actions from the point of view of society, begins to perceive such things as normal or even positive. At the same time, power is no longer seen as an opportunity to receive it, but as an attribute that gives an unconditional right to such behavior.
    The more immoral, immoral things such a person justifies, the more depraved he is.

  2. first of all, power is capable of deforming moral categories, that is, developing the ruler's morality in an undesirable direction in the context of the issue, which can be facilitated by both conscious tendencies such as greed or mania of superiors, and ordinary cognitive failure.

  3. This is when the rule of a good manager is turned upside down: victories are shared, and defeats are personal. That is, when: I builtdesigneddeveloped, while my subordinates mess updelayidle.

  4. Imagine that… you are the head of a department of 10 people, among them there are old acquaintances-colleagues with whom you have worked side by side for years, and favorites, and girls that you would like as a man, and those who you do not like purely in a human way…

    And now, you have received a bonus of one million rubles for the department… how you divide it depends only on you, none of your subordinates know about the amount of the bonus… Here's how you'll divide it? Will you be able to drop everything personal and share equally, or give someone more than yourself? But you have a mortgage, loans are not closed, your wife wants a fur coat ,children are in private school ,vacation is just around the corner – you would not need this million dollars.

  5. If you explain it specifically, this is a kind of feeling that appears over time. Most often appears in high positions, when you consider yourself the main one and everything is allowed.

  6. The higher a person climbs up the career ladder, the higher his self-conceit rises – ” This is what I am, special!” And if you are special, then you are above the others who are swarming somewhere out there, far below. And if it's special, then it's not like those over there, so it's above morals, ethics, laws that are for cattle that can't… What I've noticed is that the above does not apply to monarchical power, because there you are the main one by birth, and you can be a fool, a buffoon , and a criminal – still the main one! And this does not depend on personal qualities, therefore, your main privileges are to take care of your state and your people. But now, under democratic forms of government, all sorts of scum usually climb up, and this is often done with the help of the dirtiest techniques. this is where power really corrupts. After all, at the beginning of your career, when you have only reached the bottom step, you are still afraid to fall, stumble, and fear publicity. But at the very top, you are no longer afraid of anything, because “the state is Me!!!”

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