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  1. Unambiguous answers are only possible here-in the ordered political order, or with the ideal development of science or religion.

    Different groups still have different views on what answers are useful or beneficial to them.

    The option of silencing the question/topic is also very effective and convenient for many leaders.

  2. Time factor.

    Even today, the fact of paternity must be confirmed by the same distribution of millions of genes in an individual's DNA.

    If people are not brought up in human society, then the presence of identical modern genetic markers will not help to form a reasonable and skillful person out of MOWGLI.

    Humans, as a biological species, had a common ancestor with primates about 5 million years ago (according to the dna genealogy of A. Klesov).

    But what was the turning point in the divergence of the biological species into two radically different groups, one can only guess.

  3. An unambiguous answer is given only by repeated confirmation in practice. Apparently, it will never be. And this fact says that a person is much simpler than the Creator of the world

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