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  1. Freud attached special importance to reservations. He believed that this is one of the ways in which the human unconscious makes itself felt, along with dreams, fantasies and creativity in the norm, and hysterical seizures-in pathology.

    According to Freud, the unconscious stores all sorts of problematic, conflicting things, hidden desires and forbidden content that is not always accepted by the “I” of a person, something that is better not to show to the consciousness. However, sometimes this content breaks out spontaneously, for example, in the form of reservations. One of the classic cases described by Freud happened to a lady who seemed to want to hide her annoyance at a certain acquaintance, but made a slip of the tongue like this: “You probably made this lovely new hat yourself?” Diesen reizenden neuen Hut haben Sie sich wohl selbst aufgepatz?— вместо aufgeputzt — отделали)

    Freudian reservations not only reveal a person's true feelings and thoughts, but often refer to taboo topics in society, such as sex or aggression. And when we suddenly “blurt out” something, they remember Freud's reservations.

  2. First of all, this means that the person who uses this expression has not read Freud and does not know what he is talking about. Freud reduced all reservations to the realm of the unconscious, not just any one type. From this point of view, there can be no “Freudian” or “non-Freudian” reservations. There may just be caveats (and a Freudian approach to analyzing them).

  3. It means that you accidentally said something that you really thought about, and not the lie that you planned to say. I think this expression is related to the fact that Freud was engaged in insomnia.

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