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  1. This is a tracing paper phrase from the German “Germany for Germans”. Created by US propaganda as part of the evidence base of the propaganda fake “fascism=communism” (more details here).

    For a while, she was part of a fifth column known as the skinheads. Currently, skinheads are recognized by the United States as a hopeless direction and are deprived of all financial support from Washington, as a result of which they have almost completely dissolved.

    Now it can only be found in the pathetic attempts of the Ukrainian fascists to prove that “fascists are neither mi, mi nor fascists”.

    Due to the change in the course of American propaganda, and consequently the nature of fake orders for Russian collaborators, it can be considered a thing of the past.

  2. the phrase was born in the 90s by skinheads, racists, nationalists(and so on) mainly in Moscow due to the presence of a large circle of friends from the Caucasus, then there was a period of the Chechen conflict, and this is due to their bold behavior, which, by the way, the phrase follows: “You're not my brother, you black-ass nit.” It calls for Russia to be populated only by “white” people.

    I would have used it when I was running away from a Nazi.


    ps uncle-nationalist, do not hit, please, I'm Russian.

  3. Russia is one and indivisible! Russia is for all citizens, regardless of nationality, religion or race.

    All those who want the collapse of the state, deprive of citizenship and deport, nah. you're not needed here.

  4. In general, I think this phrase is related to the fact that some people are against the migration of other people from Central/Central Asia and the Caucasus (who are not in the Russian Federation), (migrants from other countries do not annoy them so much) due to behavioral characteristics, differences in culture, language, religion, and also differences in appearance contributes to the fact that they are remembered more.

    But if you look at it more broadly, without reference to the migration situation, it may also mean that some people simply want to live in an ethnically homogeneous society. Some people may feel that they are superior to others and have more rights because they belong to the ethnic majority. If you look, for example, in the same government, when they talk about the population of the Russian Federation, they often use only the name of one nation, the rest seem to be left out.

    Or watch TV – all TV shows and movies have almost the same face types. But there are a lot of people of completely different types living in Russia, but they also seem to be left out. Also, many people simply do not refer representatives of other nations to the Russian Federation, that is, many do not even know that certain republics are part of Russia and do not know about the existence of other peoples at all. For them, only one nation lives in Russia, and the rest are like foreigners.�

    This leads to bad situations, for example, the same Caucasian peoples seem to be the same citizens of the Russian Federation, but they are practically harassed on the Internet and the law does nothing. Is this a normal situation? This is explained by the bad behavior of some representatives, but “after all, crimes are committed by representatives of absolutely all peoples, and” it turns out that some have the right to do this, while others do not. Or, for example, destructive elements at school call names and beat up a classmate. for example, when applying for a job, when looking for housing, a certain nationality is required, but in these areas there is a lot of discrimination in general, on the Internet you constantly come across not very smart statements (about other peoples).

    It seems to me that the reason is not in a certain people, but in the fact that there is one absolute ethnic majority, whatever it is called, the situation, I think, would be almost the same.

    Hypothetically, this phrase could be used in an alternative reality, if suddenly all the other peoples of the Russian Federation disappeared and only one ethnic group remained on the entire territory.

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