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  1. Work, creativity (your own / someone else's), travel, sports, religion, any exciting, even if meaningless business (collect St. Isaac's Cathedral from beer bottle caps, and exclusively from the”Baltic” collect all the garbage in the area, and drag it to the doors of the city council at night). You know what? This city needs a hero for a long time! Dress up in a latex suit, and go out on the night streets to save people and beat criminals. I'm kidding. But only about the last option. Learn to knit.

    1. Go to bed… Yes, just force yourself.

    2. Eat your food, good, carnal, and spiritual, while wearing headphones and / or rereading your favorite author.

    3. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and let your Ego do the rest.

    4. Change your surroundings: take a new route, go hiking, go to a master class, go to a new cafe, or get on a long-distance train.

    5. Bath, it helps, tired body affects your mood.

    6. Go back to sleep)

  2. Sports help me a lot. And not some kind of rocking chair, but a specific sport (in my case, I get rock climbing+extreme sports and generally excellent). After training, a wonderful mood and moral satisfaction, self-esteem increases. I don't remember a single time when training didn't help me. This is probably the most effective method.

    But sometimes there is no opportunity to go to a training session, then you can go for a walk with friends or meet new people. Maybe you would like to talk more closely with someone you know?

    You can sit on the windowsill and read a book alone under a warm blanket.

    You can go to the balcony on the top floor, turn on your favorite song and enjoy the sunset.

    You can take the guitar and go to play it and sing in a secluded place.

    You can watch a movie.

    You can turn on fun music and dance.

    You can take the train and go to an unknown destination.

    You can find adventures.

    There are many options, but sports help me the most.

  3. Goncharka. Right outside the circle. Perfect melitation, I was taken out of depression easily and imperceptibly) I strongly advise-straight classics. You must take classes for at least 3 academic hours


    That is, literally, Remember Yourself.

    After all, I want to” forget myself ” from what?

    All these answers can be combined into one – ” from living a different life and doing what you don't like.” When such a” life ” is practiced for a long time, it begins to be mistakenly perceived by the brain as “its own” and “the only true one”. However, this does not make it any more pleasant.

    That's why I want to “forget” it and never remember it. And not in vain.

    And the method is as follows: To remember WHY you came here to incarnate, WHAT you like to do, WHAT makes your Soul sing… and start replacing the “hated” with the Pleasant and Beloved ones. Then there will be no need to forget.

    In addition, the “alternative” options given in parentheses of the question (and similar ones) will never satisfy, since they work with the effect, and not with the true cause.


    © Artem Veda

  5. Get married/get married / have children.

    Listen to progressive House, trance, and psihodelic rock.

    Assemble Lego or a puzzle.

    Sit on the thequestion.ru

    Take a trip to the country.

    You can, like Major Payne, break something and feel “fresh new pain.”

    Fall in love,but not for long.

    Start a classmate meeting.

    Go to a hardware store.

    Attend a mass event.

    Sign up for a cult or volunteer .

    Go for a swim.

    Go to a regressive psychologist.

    Films by Paul Thomas Anderson.

    Watch Soviet cartoons.

  6. Journey. If you don't have someone you're ready to leave with, go alone, meet new people, and develop. Not necessarily abroad. Even a trip to another city helps a lot (I know from my own experience).

    Start playing sports or active recreation, running in the morning. Draw whatever you want, listen to music that can cheer you up.�

    In fact, you just need to understand that we have one life, and you need to enjoy every moment.

    Especially now it's summer, so many opportunities)�

    Good luck!

  7. How correctly everything is advised here. However: do not allow yourself to simply forget yourself. The problem will go out of consciousness, go into the depths of the psyche and over time will spoil the real life without the ability to understand the cause. The problem must be worked out. If you have the strength, then do it yourself: observe it, when and in what situations it hurts more, where it manifests itself in the body. Coordinate the work of the body and mind as much as possible without emotionally analyzing your reactions. When it's really bad to switch to your favorite activities. Do not forget about traffic, whatever, there are a lot of options offered here. And the confidence that it will pass, because “this also passes.”
    If you don't have the energy for independent work, run to a specialist!

  8. Well, running helped me a lot in my time. I just got up from the couch, put on my running shoes, and ran down the sidewalk along main Street to distract myself. After an hour of running at a very slow pace, my head was as empty as a drum. Here is a real feeling in the head, like in a newly ventilated room. Not a single thought. Then I started running more or less regularly, then I wanted some results, then I bought running shorts, T-shirts, sneakers, and sports watches. The Internet has been searched for proper running techniques, injury prevention, training plans, etc. In total, half a year later I ran my first half marathon (21.1 km) at the Moscow Half Marathon. Now I'm thinking about the full marathon distance of 42.2 km. Running is a great way to disconnect from reality, a kind of meditation. And I've heard this opinion from many amateur runners.

  9. First you need to find out what you want to forget)�

    And so, any emotions help quite well to distract yourself, and it doesn't matter at all whether they are negative or vice versa

    “Rushing” movies? Run over there. Books, go-karts, ropejumping, in short, anything that makes you feel

  10. That feeling when there was everything from this list (except games). However, then I realized that this is not an option. I forgot when I started studying and doing my hobby. It helps.�

    You just need to occupy yourself with something. But so that 24/7. Take your hands or your head, you should be busy all day! Sports are also great.�

    It's also good to have a lot of communication with someone. You don't need to rub it in about the person you want to forget. Everything else, yes.�

    Don't be afraid to meet new people. And these are not mongrel connections, but just new people. They won't ask you about your past, because they don't know what happened there.

    I also started remembering all the bad things. So I started hating my ex-girlfriend(I hope she doesn't read this:D) and it became easier to forget, but the method is strange. Well, the funny thing is, as I did not try to forget forever about the existence of this person, we got back together.

  11. Read the answers on zequeschen:) At first you are just interested, then you get involved, and in the end you give yourself completely to this occupation and already know how to cook bananas, where to find the most interesting places in Moscow and what life is like in the DPRK.

  12. Start writing short stories.

    It sounds like complete nonsense, but sometimes it helps more than reading books. You may not find something “your own” in the book you read, but when you become an author yourself, you are able to put an idea on a piece of paper that will help you to some extent realize yourself, as well as create your own little alternative reality.)

  13. Adrenaline rush. Many. Jump on a rope jump, ride on the map, for the very desperate, they came up with a hang glider and a parachute.

    Actually-emotions. Go somewhere, to a new place, try something new, go to a concert. Constantly try new things.�

    Do what you like. Go to the ice rink, go skiing, read books, sing, dance, do your favorite sports.�

    Fall in love.

  14. I can only add that it is not necessary to go far, it is better to go to familiar places with pleasant memories. Suitable in principle for a country house. And there you can already read and engage in creativity or hobbies. The main thing is that no one distracts you.

  15. Computer games.

    Their gameplay variety and number of genres is amazing. Nowadays, a lot is invested in good projects, a good game is like a good book or movie, various simulators can be compared with sports, the effect is similar (even in terms of real body movements – kinect to help). Many people will say that this is a stupid waste of time, but it is just as stupid as spending time watching a TV show or drinking with your buddies. A separate topic is online games, especially with friends.

    For beginners, I would recommend games like “interactive cinema”, for example, products of the Telltale Games studio. Or simple casual blunts on any mobile platform.

  16. 1. Creative work(visual and decorative arts). If you have a taste and predisposition, you can also earn money by developing a skill.

    2. Art. Visit theaters, museums, photo and art galleries, concerts.

    3. Literature. Do you read? What genres do you like? What have you wanted to read for a long time, but still found reasons to postpone them until an indefinite moment? This moment has arrived!

    3. Sports. Extreme, fitness, healthy lifestyle. Try bungee jumping, skydiving, ropejumping, snowboarding, and diving.

    4. Various seminars on psychology, art. Choose a topic that you want to understand or are already understanding to support the discussion.

    5. New acquaintances. It is directly related to attending lectures on various topics of interest to you-you will find like-minded people if you do not dwell on problems.

    6. Shopping(don't overdo it);

    7. Change your image(don't overdo it). This includes a hairstyle, a change of style, piercings, tattoos, if you really wanted to, but didn't dare.

    8. Tourism. Get acquainted with the traditions of different nations and peoples, architecture, cuisine, etc. Make a travel and spending plan, and grab your camera. If not, purchase it.

    9. Collecting. It can come with travel.

    10. Find a mate. It's easy to say, of course, but once that happens, a new streak will begin in your life. Choose from the list that you like, and meet a variety of people will not be long in coming. Maybe communication with new people will take on new colors, and then relationships are not far away.

    A couple of ways from this list will be enough for you. If you get tired of something, the list doesn't end there. The main thing is not to be lazy, so as not to be overcome by thoughts. Good luck! I believe in you)

  17. Engage in monotonous and moderate physical labor. Another option is to go wherever your eyes look, until you get tired. Then go to bed. For those who are particularly demanding, I recommend shopping, spa treatments, and a visit to a therapist.

  18. Immediately, now, start delving into a good book. The books of Borges, Hesse, Eco are deeply drawn in, if it is easier and more expedient: Leskov or Pasternak, start reading. The result will not be long in coming: you will switch your experiences to what is happening in these books. These states are not meaningless, they will help you gain important mental skills in life, make you think much more broadly, more tolerant, more elegant, and so on…take it easy.

    If you have a creative vocation: making music or performing arts, or at least photography – set a goal in the next week to surprise and delight yourself with the result of your creativity: learn or compose a simple piece of music, draw a meaningful deep picture in an artistic language that you understand. In this way, you can even hypothetically discover your most brilliant side – this is how masterpieces appear in art, don't forget.�

    Try to find someone to whom you can sometimes talk about everything and listen to them just as carefully in response. It can be a friend, or maybe even a complete stranger on the network. Strange, but this will help you a lot – you will “see the world from another window” and understand that your own corners of hopelessness are just made up by you, the world always remains open to any of your expectations: love, happiness, creative bliss and good sincere friendship. Without any vulgar motivational formulas pulled from Osho. The world is beautiful if you want to know and love it more and more.

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