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  1. This is the same as believing in God. If people can't explain what is happening, they tend to explain it by saying that someone very smart, standing behind the scene, “pulls the strings” of all people, forcing them to do what they need to do. People who do not believe in God, however, look for the plots of other, powerful people in everything. That's all. Of course, there have been real conspiracies in history, but today in the 21st century, at least, global conspiracies are unlikely.

  2. You know, I'm not exactly a conspiracy theorist, but it's silly to deny that the powerful decide what the world will look like.

    simply because they have such opportunities.

    For some reason, no one is surprised when Makdensky decided to reshape the world and conquer an empire for himself… and I won it.

    but after all, this was done by only a few people plus the army of no… weren't there armies before? were. there were no such leaders.

    History has repeatedly shown cases where a few people are able to literally turn the development of the world in the other direction.

    So why not accept the idea that now, in the 21st century, these people are also among us?
    moreover, there are more opportunities compared to the ancient world.

    Naturally, I don't believe in any mystical artifacts like in some Asasin creed, but there are secret or not so secret societies.

    it's just not mystical at all.

  3. Trying to explain something that isn't obvious.
    For most people, knowing that their death will occur tomorrow at 12 o'clock in the afternoon is much easier than uncertainty like tomorrow you are more than 90% likely to die, and the day after tomorrow, if you set foot, will not be better.�

    In addition, a chain of other events leads to each event, and nothing happens without a reason. “Cause and effect” ©Bingen. Reload matrix. We can see the situation. This is a consequence. What is the reason? If the subject matter does not leave us indifferent, it is so difficult to resist the temptation to come up with a simple reason. If the level of intelligence is high enough, you can come up with not just a reason, but a whole chain of causal relationships that could lead to this situation.�

    The problem of conspiracy theorists is that not one chain of events could lead to the same situation, but several. Most of them are full of accidents and absurdities, which in the presentation of the cosperologist would sound like even more nonsense than what he came up with.�

    My biggest concern is that the mass hysteria over individual “conspiracies” reaches such an absurdity that it hides real problems/conspiracies.�

    After all, information about the number of protests against raising the retirement age and raising taxes is hidden from us, we are brainwashed with Cashbacks and counterproductive ideas, thousands of modern books are written in such a way as to turn us into a consumer society. Perhaps this happened spontaneously, because the person is simply predisposed to it. But no. It's easier to blame it all on the Masson box, which no one will ever find, and therefore you can lie on the sofa and do nothing.

  4. In my opinion, people are very hypocritical and dishonest, fighting with conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theory causes most people not only indifference, but even aggression. They don't laugh at it – they make fun of it viciously, they mock conspiracy theorists, and the followers of an idea will be morally destroyed if they speak out somewhere else.

    And it would be fine if most people were supporters of the official picture of the world. But no. Practically every inhabitant of the planet Earth is a conspiracy theorist to one degree or another. Each has its own trigger. And that's why everyone is a hypocrite.

    _”An Illuminati conspiracy, that's nonsense, of course. Fiction of hype-hungry people with an unhealthy fantasy. By the way, you do understand who really killed Nemtsov, don't you?

    • Hah, look, again ploskozemelschiki video on YouTube posted a new one! Lessa porzhem. The evidence they have, of course, is hilarious. Almost like the Pendos who supposedly ” went to the moon.”

    • In the Oswald case, they are looking for a Soviet trace:) Of course, it's always the Communists ' fault. You'd better look at yourself. They have bowed under the power of capital, which is hiding behind “democracy”. __

    And so on and so forth. In fact, there are very few people who see the picture of the world purely officially. Everyone has their own conspiracy theory, but conspiracy theory is despised by everyone-like those regular clients of prostitutes who despise sex workers.

    It explains the craving of people for conspiracy theory by the work of the brain. The brain requires the construction of logical connections, the elimination of white spots, the brain gives preference to low motives in relation to higher ones. Official explanations of our world do not cover the whole reality, often deceive, do not always follow the logic, often do not give priority to the base motive of the actors.

  5. The fact that people hate “incompleteness” and “uncertainty”.
    So when someone dies, it is necessary to”say goodbye”, dress up, crack candy and other rituals.
    Or just like with God. “Everything must have a beginning.” Everything has to start with something and end with something. Otherwise, people start to panic and fear.
    Because of this, films with an open ending usually receive lower ratings, due to the fact that the average layman does not tolerate “incompleteness”.
    And as for the 2nd part of the question. Individuals do not exist at all. It's either your own idea or something made up for you. There are no “personalities” or “gray masses”, because the term “individual” has no meaning.

  6. To answer the first part of the question: people with a certain mentality tend to search for and uncover conspiracy theories. Paranoid psychotic aberrations in humans create an overemphasis on conspiracy theories.

    To answer the second part of the question: a sense of self-unity, self-centeredness, and arrogance are all catalysts for mental disorders, including the paranoid complex.

    And if some people with a similar mentality act constructively, for example, Edward Snowden, then the same people, but with mental disabilities, behave destructively. They wear foil hats, stick cameras on laptops, check their apartment for bugs, and generally place an inadequate emphasis on privacy.

    An accent that is out of proportion to the significance of that person. This is the key point. 😉

  7. the mechanism works according to a fairly simple scheme. people are not interested enough in what is on the surface, but what is hidden, what is mysterious, what is in the bowels is much more attractive and attractive, and if it were in plain sight, it would no longer be mysterious, and it would not be so interesting. therefore, it is extremely attractive for people to believe in a certain pile of Masonic secret knowledge or behind-the-scenes fuss of the special services. then you can speculate in any way you want by playing a game of falsification of facts and claim that the Titanic did not sink, that Hitler fled to Argentina. if a rhetorician has high intelligence, you can prove anything, up to 2+2=5. if the rhetorician also knows how to use examples in the right style and at the right time, then the guarantee of success is guaranteed. in addition to veiling the obvious things, at the same time, conspiracy theorists like to tear off the covers, expose the official position, like David Icke does, who constantly tries to sum up a certain pattern, that the scientific world is trying to hide a lot of things and fool people's brains. this is essentially a seduction of people, an attempt to seduce them, here I am a guru, and now I have given you knowledge, you will be Human, no matter how the Babylonian system tries to instill in you your insignificance. in fact, everything is sadly on the contrary, trying to flatter the listener in this way reduces him to the level of a dumbass.

  8. The world is a very complex thing, and sometimes resembles Brownian motion. To understand the processes (for example, political ones), it is necessary to take into account every grain, every opinion. And everything is solved very simply by conspiracies.

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