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  1. This is a very slippery topic, and I will try to think as objectively as possible, which is essentially impossible in such a matter.

    First, stereotyping is based on a woman's life goals. It is necessary to start a family, run a household, and conquer a man. The latter, as you know, is the most favorite topic for the press. We'll get back to it later.

    Secondly, the features that a woman should possess. This is one of the most paradoxical areas: it is difficult to be both calm, loyal, weak in appearance and self-sufficient, sexy, bold at the same time.�

    Third, the traits that a man should possess. Hardworking, not greedy, strong, well-built and ready to solve all problems on their own.�

    Due to the fact that the content in magazines is mainly about the relationship of the sexes, this topic is simply teeming with stereotypes. A man is both superior to a woman and worships her. And it is more difficult to say in what ways he is superior to her: a man must financially provide for a woman, save her from solving problems, thus making her completely incapacitated, in the narrow sense, as a person, while remaining completely dependent on her in the psychological sense.

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