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  1. The end of the world has occurred in the mind. It was like some strange state when the brain decides to turn off the sensory perception of the world in order to save you from such blows. During the year, there were no emotions, no feelings of pity, justice. Just terrible, cruel cynicism, that's what it was. And “let go” after a year and a half, when the brain began to slowly give free rein to feelings and painlessly analyze the past (impartially, as if looking from the outside). And the fact that it seemed terrible and painful, there were advantages: first, a bad experience is also an experience. Secondly, with a fresh head, it immediately became clear that this relationship ended just in time. Third, you already know exactly how to behave next time and what mistakes to avoid.

  2. Almost immediately, since I was in the army and didn't have time to think about how bad everything is and how hard life is now. I was always busy with something.

    There was a slight feeling of resentment, but this is literally one evening. I lay there thinking how I spent 6 years together with her and it was worth going to the army and everything went so quickly on her part. And I don't understand those who immediately want to run away or shoot themselves, I didn't even think about it!

    Even though it was my first love.

  3. It became easier after about a month. This is if you consider that we did not communicate almost at all, although we broke up, remaining in a great relationship. Sometimes she writes to me, sometimes I write to her. It's been a year, and I don't think the feelings have faded away, but knowing that due to certain circumstances, we will never be together again, I feel very easy.

  4. According to scientists, in order to cool down and forget your former love, after parting, you need to pass a third of the term of the relationship.I do not believe in this and I think that a month of melancholy is enough,and then if it does not pass, you need to knock out a wedge with a wedge.And so for a month nothing but to eat, sleep, watch movies and do not want to..

  5. In the 7th grade, I met a girl, very beautiful, always in the center of attention, and I was a little boy with a lot of acne and a lot of complexes , but I remembered her from that moment forever, for a long time I flipped through her pages in social networks, viewed photos and followed her life. So I grew up, I kind of forgot about her , but once I met in one bar, my feelings started playing again, I decided to get drunk and still came up, in the process of communication, she said that she didn't even remember me, at that moment I was ready to fall through the ground. In the future, we began to communicate more and more closely, finally the very day came when I achieved my goal and still we slept with her, but after that we did not start any relationship, friendship sex continued for several months and all this time I could not find a place for myself, I tore myself from the inside. As a result, I decided to stop all communication with her and with great difficulty did it. And now the answer to your question. The first few weeks were very difficult for me, I was torn apart, was constantly depressed, sometimes annoyed, I restrained myself from writing to her, did not go to her pages in social networks and generally tried not to think about this person. In the future, I began to let go and as a result , after a couple of months , it turned out that we met , talked ,and at that moment I realized that I didn't have such strong feelings that I didn't have before , I can safely communicate with this person without harm to my nerve cells.

  6. A year and a half. This is the third time. Always stable. No, really, the body is like a clock. The schemes of love are painfully similar to each other. So I don't even think about it and go with the flow, if it doesn't add up, then a year and a half is all. Then another six months of the period-somehow this and that, and then another passion. Even somehow it's a shame for such predictability. I think this is compensation for some psychological problem, everything is much the same)

  7. Immediately after the breakup, it was just hard for a month. I was trying to find a place. After two months, I slowly recovered, and in the third month I was completely released. I think that such a long rehabilitation was due to the fact that they were abandoned for the first time, and quite harshly. But now we're best friends.�
    I think I've answered your question, although it's not very interesting.

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