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  1. Growing up, almost every person asks these questions. A person with consciousness and intelligence can ask himself questions, not only of a pragmatic nature. but also about the meaning of life, about life and death, etc. This often indicates the time of becoming a person.

  2. Ivan, to give you a correct answer, we need to have more introductory information about you. Because the symptoms you described can relate to a great variety of causes. These include age, social environment, reassessment of life values, and much, much more. Which of these reasons will be yours? I do not know, and none of the experts will tell you this. And if he does, it will be very, very generalized. You want to know about yourself and not about anything at all, right? Contact a specialist, a psychologist, then you will find out what is” HAPPENING to YOU”.

  3. It's natural, it happens to everyone. Only the majority shrug off such questions in fear of the unknown, and you boldly decided to find the answer to it.

    When you find the answer, you can move on. And either you will meet many more interesting questions ahead, or the answer will lead you to stop asking questions, and then a new life will begin.

  4. His Holiness and Beatitude Aurelius Augustine described a state when he lost his temper. The question is. how long does THIS KIND OF OUTBURST LAST? The longer it takes, the more you need to pay attention to your mental health.

  5. One thing is for sure — you are developing. Any crisis is a step forward, to a more conscious level, if you go through it with dignity and do not fall into the abyss, as often happens with people with fragile or unstable minds.

  6. Ah, you started thinking about “being” itself and stopped feeling the shackles of space and time. This happens to me all the time, just try not to think about it, as they say “Go with the flow, not against”.

  7. Congratulations, you have finally embarked on the Path of finding yourself, your essence. Not everyone gets to this state in their life.

    If you are not discouraged by others from exploring this issue, so that you do not get out of the large gray mass of unhappy people, you have a chance to learn a lot of amazing things about our world.

    But people will press you, the gray reality does not let you go so easily.

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