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  1. As far as I know, a living brain cannot stop thinking: in any case, unconscious processes occur in it. You can only stop observing thoughts, that is, transfer them all to the category of unconscious. So there's nothing wrong with that action: as soon as they stopped watching, they came back.

  2. This practice is called “meditation”. There have been many studies of scientists on the topic of its danger/safety, and the opinion is the same – it is safe.

    To stop thinking for a while is like a salesperson who is on his feet for 14 hours a day (you also think all the time while you are awake, right?), to lie down for 10 minutes on the couch during the day. It can't be harmful, it's even useful!

  3. If you can learn not to think for at least 10 seconds, that's fine. This is a way to clean the brain-apply it 2-3 times a day and you will feel the difference :-))))

    If you bring this time to 1 minute-excellent!!!

    There is no danger – just learn to rest your brain and relax the whole body – your efficiency will increase dramatically, stop worrying about small things and start consciously living in the present.

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