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  1. The best way, in my opinion, is to turn inward. For example, through mindfulness meditation. I myself have been practicing for about 7 years and I train people – the result is on the face.

    In general, everyone is able to learn how to manage their reactions to the world, for this you just need to find a foothold in yourself.

  2. First: realize that irritation (like anger, longing, joy, and other emotions) is one of the natural states of a person that will pass, even if left untreated. Tell yourself: “I'm annoyed, yes. I wonder if we'll look further.” And do not be annoyed at least about the fact that you are annoyed.

    Second, most negative emotions are the result of thinking errors. You should understand which algorithm you are thinking about, and which ones� Your thoughts trigger negative emotions (and then inappropriate actions).

    The passage from Pelevin quoted above illustrates this quite well.

  3. I am also comforted by my plump cat)

    This is the best medicine.

    Sometimes drawing helps.No matter what and no matter how, the main thing is to throw out everything that has accumulated inside.Well, as a last resort-to tear the paper into small pieces, it helps)

  4. Listen to music, find a song that calms you down, do not take advice, everyone has their own and in difficult moments of life just turn on the song and listen with your eyes closed, this technique helps me a lot.

    Good luck.

    1. Workout. Physical work that you like (boxing/gym/dancing, etc.) helps to vent the negative.

    2. The other half. If your feelings are strong, you will want to spend every minute with her, and she will certainly listen to you and cheer you up.

    1. Koteyka. There is no need to explain anything here.

    2. Anti-stress items. Whether it's a toy or a coloring book, before you know it, you'll get carried away, and extraneous, bad thoughts will go away.

    3. Music. Definitely NOT depressing, not sad, without a deep meaning.�

    4. Shopping experience. Alone with myself. You don't even have to spend money, you can just go shopping, looking at what is where. Great distraction.

    5. Yummy treats + cool movie or memasiki 😀

  5. Privacy, reading, favorite music. You can use the “one-minute teacher” method to figure out where I went wrong, explain to yourself that my behavior is not my character, but I'm actually good, and that's all. Negative thoughts are not useful, you should try to stop them immediately.

  6. I like to open Instagram, go to profiles dedicated to manicure, and start watching videos where the master makes nails (it is important that the process itself and the result are shown). I don't know why, but 20-30 minutes of this kind of time allows me to completely calm down)

  7. Personally, walking alone and thinking, reading books, watching videos on Anatoly Shariy's channel, and listening to my favorite songs help me at such moments…

  8. I am not annoyed by the world, I am annoyed by the people who inhabited it, which helps me calm down, the pain of my enemies, their negativity in my direction feeds my strength to do my own things and move on, otherwise I can not.

  9. No matter how banal, food. I just eat up stress and irritation (thank God, I don't get fat, but on the contrary I lose weight on stress). When everything is boring, everything is annoying, I buy a chocolate bar, a banana, my favorite yummy treats. And somehow everything calms down. Then I found out about the interesting fact that bananas and chocolate contain a lot of serotonin precursors, so they help to raise the mood, and so I bought it somehow unconsciously.

  10. change of location. sometimes there is a feeling that rabies on everything and everything has accumulated and collapsed in one particular place/room, and if you move away from it, you “let go”. most likely, this is autosuggestion, but it works very well for me.

    walking. just walking, and if you walk long enough (who knows how long it takes), the brain “shuts down”, you just automatically move your legs and nothing makes you nervous. the only point is that it is better to “go ahead” – walking back and forth is more likely to warm up the irritation, rather than extinguish it.

    aggression. I'm not very good at controlling myself, and if there's an opportunity to kick-break-tear something , I'll do it. calms down almost instantly, especially if from the first poke strongly to itself something otshib))

    yes, and cleaning-fixing somewhat bring to life.

    well, it's a holy thing to laugh/cry. sometimes it is absolutely necessary to cry, even if it is disgusting, and it is caused more by despair than irritation. and to laugh – here someone is amused, probably books and movies are the most common and affordable option. probably, even just remembering is enough to “raise the level”. and I think this is the best way)

  11. Before, when I was in high school, I had a lot of nerves because of exams + these stupid teenage problems, like ” I want to go for a walk at 10 pm, my parents won't let me go. I hate them and I'll run away from home tomorrow, ” I was helped by playing the piano. Just sat down and” drove ” the scales without stopping 20 times. Back and forth, back and forth. Until I calm down. Then she spent about an hour playing works of various kinds, from simple etudes by Czerny to a Symphony by Brahms.�

    About a year I run in the evenings, and actually calm down. At work, sometimes there are difficult moments that seem impossible to solve. In order not to pour out all this “garbage” from offensive words on my loved ones, I take a bicycle, go to the playground and run to such a state that I am tired and actually calm down. That is, in this way, I throw out the accumulated “slag” in the literal and figurative sense of the day. But in this way I lost 15 kilograms of weight :)) Pleasant with useful:)

  12. “I remember a scene that struck me in a Russian novel: a bandit with a cross on his chest before a profitable murder thinks for a second about its moral consequences – and, waving his hand, throws:

    – Ah! I'll beg you…

    With all due respect to the national spiritual tradition, I felt that it was not about “otmolyu”. Many of the things that humanity considered sins seemed to me to be innocent pranks. But you shouldn't have done them anyway. Simply because the violation of earthly, heavenly – or supposed – regulations, no matter how strange they might seem to a normal person, inevitably caused anxiety in the soul.

    It was as if there were a multitude of angry, ancient voices in my mind, answered by an equal number of irritated, thin, younger voices. This happened regardless of the spiritual strength of a single individual and the weight of the personal “I have the right” – the cultural organism gathered in the soul inevitably entered into a dispute with itself (which was well shown, for example, by the story of Rodion Raskolnikov).

    It was not a question of which of the voices was “right”, but of this very twilight state of mind, varying in intensity from storm to ripple – which completely deprived the mind of its, so to speak, reflective ability, hiding from the person the sky of eternity with its great stars. I guessed that this was why the world's issuing banks and the culture they financed were supporting the so-called “progress”, this ever-smoldering conflict between the equally smelly “old” and”new”. Eternity wasn't exactly disdainful of entering souls stricken with seething confusion. She just couldn't.

    The mirror of the soul had to be kept clean and clear – and do everything possible to keep it from rippling. So I tried not to do harm to others, and I followed even the most stupid social rules, if they were violated by internal punishment. I helped people in any way I could, without making a fetish of it, and I was generally easy-going and kind: this allowed me to quickly forget people I met.

    Of course, I didn't hold a grudge against those who had done me wrong, accepting it simply as one of the inconveniences of life. I was not offended even by those who deliberately tried to insult and humiliate me, seeing in this a touching attempt to crowd me into acquaintances.

    What helped me, in particular, was the fact that I clearly understood that in Russia, “restoring violated dignity and honor” quickly leads to a bunk in a small, smelly room, where many dignified people gathered to slowly measure them against each other. I never wanted to keep them company because of the chimera they were trying to install in my mind.

    At the first opportunity, I tried to get as far away from citizens who spit such imperatives as possible. I learned to discern the constructs they had collected in my psyche during my unconscious years. Therefore, I was able to notice without much effort the attacks of hatred that are so characteristic of our century in my soul, and I almost never allowed them to find for themselves the rationalization that turns people into Russophobes, liberals, nationalists, political fighters and other prisoners.

    I have never been tempted to look proudly into the eyes of a passing visitor to the capital or bite a Doberman on the stump of its tail. I didn't have a political agenda or a trauma pistol. I shamefully avoided revolutionary work and did not see in the vaudeville that was shown to me either my own or others', or even the hairy hand of the world cahal. The pieces of disintegrating meat that fought for their freedom and mine in the glare of the TV spotlights aroused neither sympathy nor contempt in me, but only an indifferent understanding of the mechanisms that controlled them. But I have always tried to move this understanding closer to empathy – and I have often succeeded.

    I didn't watch TV or read the papers. I used the Internet like a dirty station toilet-quickly and fastidiously, out of necessity, almost without looking at the painting on the walls of the stall. And by the time I was twenty-five, the uneasy ripples in my soul had subsided.”

    – V. Pelevin, “Love for three Zuckerbrins”

  13. My cat helps me. I don't know what would have happened to my nervous system if it hadn't been for him. I hug my purr and my heart immediately feels so good. Well, the second option is weed.

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