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  1. It is unclear if the horcrux only works when it comes into contact with a human, or if it performs its function anyway. If the latter is true, then make several – and send them to space, to the bottom of the ocean, etc. If the former, then – one or more books in the public library. Not the most popular ones (so as not to annoy anyone's eyes once again), but valuable enough (so that sometimes they are still taken). Any highly specialized monographs, etc. If / when I need them, then not immediately, but within one or two years, someone will probably pick them up, etc…

  2. I would create a horcrux in the form of a painting (perhaps something from the Darian Gray series, but not so mystical as not to attract too much attention). The horcrux needs to be hidden, and the best way to hide something is to put it in a prominent place.

  3. I'm not sure that this is possible, but if you can then:

    -An atom of oxygen or some other gas that is not subject to decay.

    -A large cosmic body that is predicted to continue to exist for a long time, for example: a newly born star.

  4. For example, in some terribly protected nature reserve in a huge oak or ship pine. Go look for a tree in the forest, and try to guess which one is wrong 🙂

  5. I won't speak for myself, but I think many people will be interested to know what Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the role of Harry Potter, would put a piece of his soul into. Responding to a fan's question “What would Harry use as a horcrux?”, the actor said:

    Hmm… At first I thought I'd make my iPod a horcrux, but then I decided I'd put a piece of my soul into an important music album on my iPod, like 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars'.

  6. Many people forget that the horcrux is part of the soul. It can't be sent into space or hidden so that it can't be reached. And according to magical laws, split souls try to reunite by emitting dark magic, just like when the horcrux was created,which gives them away.

    The most reliable way, as history confirms, is to hide it where no one will look for it, under the nose of the main enemy (if there are any, maybe you just want to live longer without trying to overthrow the ministry). Otherwise, you can just turn on the romance. In that case, I would put mine inThe Trevi Fountain, I really like it, but it's always surrounded by Muggles to protect it. And if you were interested in breaking the soul, then you would choose a place according to the same scheme: constantly surrounded by Muggles and of historical value.

    (My friend joked about a red-haired man, like no one will look for a soul in them)

  7. Not a single one. I am a Buddhist and dividing something that doesn't exist in principle (the soul) to create horcruxes is meaningless to me. But there is a better recipe: you can cultivate such karmic fruits so that the next incarnation is more favorable than the current one. 3 For instead of the soul, Buddhist Teaching has kindly provided for those like me, the imprints of our deeds in the mind 🙂 And this is stronger than horcruxes))

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