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    It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, since there are situations when it is not a sin to refuse medical care to a person,but vice versa.

    To answer this question, you need to understand why a person may refuse medical care.

    1) Rejection related to pride. There is a parable on this subject, when a drowning person on the roof of a house during a flood asks for help from God, but refuses it when it came not directly from God, but from people who were sent to Them…As a result, a person drowns. And in this situation as well. That is, a person is sure that he has reached a special spiritual state, so he will accept healing only from God, but not from doctors and medicines.

    Doctors in this case are not perceived as people through whom the Lord can give healing. In this case, a person commits a sin, because from self-confidence there is a disregard for the help of God through people, from which death occurs.

    2) Refusal of medical care for spiritual development. Saint of the Orthodox Church Theophan the Recluse wrote about this:

    • It is possible not to be treated in the expectation that God will heal; but this is very bold. You can not be treated for the exercise of patience, in devotion to the will of God, but this is very high, and at the same time everyone-oh! – it will be guilty, but only one grateful rejoicing is appropriate… When a person does this, he does not sin, because with a humble heart he hopes for God's help and His will. If a person is filled with such a feeling, then the Lord can invisibly influence a person to take medicine from doctors so that life does not end.

    3) Rejection of the unwillingness to live. Here, of course, a person commits a terrible sin, which can be equated with suicide, because in this case there is a desire for one's own death.


    At the end of my answer, I will cite other statements of the above-mentioned saint about God's providence and doctors:

    ..God created doctors and medicines. Using them does not mean breaking out of God's orders.

    …If you rely on God and seek help from Him, and not on the doctor and medicines, and turn to natural remedies, then there is no sin.

    …Don't get mad at the doctors. They don't heal themselves. And they are cured when God blesses them.

    Everything is from <God>; He allows us to get sick, and He has surrounded us with healing methods.

    …God has given us doctors, and it is God's will to turn to them.


  2. In fact, if he starves himself to death, then yes is a sin. It's still a form of suicide, and God doesn't care what causes it.
    But as a human being, I would not judge or discuss such people. A deadly disease is something that you can't wish on your enemy!

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