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  1. There is no such option for a believer. There are doubts, of course, but God often gives comfort or “sends greetings” through other people and various events.

    And this is the reflection of a priest in Opus Dei:

    “If there is no God, then everything is allowed” ‑ Dostoevsky puts these famous words in the mouth of one of the characters in The Brothers Karamazov, and I agree with him.

    If there is no God, then for a person there is nothing above himself on the highest existential level. Of course, there are still differences between people: some are a little taller than others, a little smarter, a little stronger, memory is a little better… But all these differences are insignificant. However, when it comes to God, the differences between Him and man are immeasurable, and therefore it is quite logical to recognize His superiority. The difference between a person and a person is negligible, and therefore there is no serious reason to accept the instructions of another, no matter how wise or kind he may be: after all, this is just a person – just like me. His words will mean something to us if he forces us to obey them, or if we find some self-interest in them. There is no moral authority: there is only the authority of force.

    If there is no God, man is just matter that has randomly organized itself in an intelligent way. And if the person next to me is just a combination of cells, then why should I have any special sympathy for these cells (after all, I don't have any sympathy for the molecules that make up the street lamp). The street lamp interests me only in a certain sense: insofar as it illuminates the street at night. It interests me only to the extent that it is useful to me. The same will apply to the person next to me: he is interesting to me only insofar as he can be useful to me.

    If there is no God, and the person next to me is just matter, then why don't we do to each other what the Nazis did to the Jews when they tried to make soap out of them?

    If there is no God, then fetuses/embryos / unborn babies can be used to make cosmetics for rich women, because, in the end, fetuses/embryos/unborn babies are the same as these creams: a cluster of atoms randomly organized in a certain way. So to make cosmetics out of them is just to change the order of the organization of atoms.

    If there is no God, then it is not clear why we should complain about the fact that we are killing each other: how can such an immaterial feeling as compassion arise in material cells? It is difficult for me to understand what causes the altruism of atheists who help others: probably because the cells that make up them feel sympathy for the cells of other people. But it is even more difficult to understand atheists who resent the fact that other atheists are not altruistic, because by consistently adhering to their own ideas, they show no mercy to the cells around them and do everything possible to use them as fully as possible and get the most out of themselves.

    If there is no God, and we are only matter, then it is not clear why those who think differently from me are so outraged by my statements: as if reading this article, the paper gave off an electric pulse and hurt their eyes?

    If there is no God, and we are only matter, then I don't understand why I am so offended by insults. Isn't this just a sound wave hitting my hearing organs?

    If there is no God, and I am just a collection of atoms, then why am I so happy when a child smiles at me, or when someone says something nice to me? After all, when the same thing is said to me, but in an unfamiliar language, my hearing experiences a wave shock of the same strength and duration, but it does not please or offend me in the least.

    If there is no God, then no one will ever correct all the wrongs that have befallen so many people in this life, and will not repay them.

    But there is a God: to our great joy!

    (Father Carlos Laoz, PhD)

  2. You can talk about God as a phenomenon, an entity, or you can talk about it as a concept. The existence of God as an entity is a matter of faith and, I think, will always remain so. If there were indisputable evidence of the existence of God, for example, in the Christian religion, it would probably hit Christianity very hard in the first place, but I will assume that this is true not only for Christianity.

    God, as a concept, a cultural phenomenon, undoubtedly exists and is for many people an important part of the worldview, performing a variety of functions in the everyday understanding of their lives. But no, I do not believe that this phenomenon is not replaceable in this role. I, for example, have built my life philosophy without resorting to it, and no, my life philosophy does not imply permissiveness and immorality. Moreover, I am inclined to believe that the highest authority and meaning, in the person of a parent, ruler, or god, is more necessary for children, while an adult should find support in himself. This applies to both the meaning of life and moral guidelines – if the only thing that prevents you from robbing, raping and killing is the belief in hell, and you do good deeds hoping for heaven, are you so good? What will become of you if your faith disappears? I do well, not for the sake of reward, but because those actions make me me, no matter if there is a god (anyone who knows, maybe Mictlan is waiting for us all). Besides, if there is a God, then everything is also allowed, otherwise we would not have free will. And even if there is one, here and now we are still alone and in any case we have to look for meaning in ourselves.

  3. The fact that a thing or concept is hopeful does not in itself imply its real existence or non-existence, nor the mode or mode of its existence. We constantly see that we can still be encouraged by things that exist, things that will only exist in the future, and things that do not exist, but are instructive. Therefore, it is simply impossible to deduce from one “hopeful” another “exists / does not exist”.

  4. Not only a hope, but also a role model, confirmation of the existence of a higher ideal, a heavenly Father, and so on.

    If God did not exist, he would have to be created.

  5. Author, congratulations, you just showed all your cards. This is exactly what happens.
    F. E. Vasilyuk also wrote about this artfully in his works.

    Then the text is just about thinking.

    God is primarily an object of hope (i.e., hope). Each of us always hopes for something better than what we have now.

    When we face difficulties, each of us would like someone outside to come and help us. When we are faced with difficult experiences, of course we want and hope that someone will stop these experiences now and everything will be fine.

    It's like being a kid. It is difficult/painful/unpleasant for us, something does not work out – we go to our father and mother, to those external objects that are the most powerful than we are and ask them to help.

    And this is due to the fact that we can most naturally not find our own resources within ourselves to support ourselves, to take everything into our own hands and move on. They are generally quite difficult to find. Especially if I'm alone.

    In our practice, we are constantly looking for resources with our clients that will help them solve their difficulties. We find resources, but it takes time. And no one likes to wait.

    In this sense, God is just the very external resource that a person can grasp to somehow live on. The problem here is that external resources are always unstable, and we simply cannot hold on to them for a long time. God is the support and support that can give a person for a short time the strength to somehow survive. And it's pretty simple.�

    Relying on yourself, on your strength, on your values and your resources is difficult.

    In one of his works (“Thus spake Zarathustra”), Nietzsche wrote: “… faith is the lot of the weak and infirm….” In this sense, it is just about the fact that only a strong person can rely on himself and his resources. The fate of the weak is to rely on the external, which does not belong to them. Zarathustra, in this case, is precisely the object who – ” Only the superman can readily accept the endless return of what has once been experienced, including the most bitter moments.“. In other words, when faced with a bad experience, a strong person is able to have the same resources inside himself in order to be able to go further, developing and not stopping.

    Therefore, if I am not ready to take responsibility for my life, for my difficulties, etc. into my own hands, then I rely on something else, on the outside, which can at least somehow support me. But in this case, unfortunately, this is not development. After all, I'm not going my own way that I chose. I follow a simpler path that is already well trodden.

    But even the most powerful person has had, is, and will continue to fall. And this is normal and very natural.

  6. scientists, religions, poets, spiritual traditions and just people mostly agreed that there is a certain organizing principle. We just haven't agreed on what to call it or how to interact with it yet)

  7. Of course it doesn't exist, and neither does humanity.

    The world and people are projections of the personality outside, the brain's interpretation of sensations.

    And interpretation is formed in the family as a gap between the integrity that a person COULD be and the specific imprints of what to be and what not to be received in the family.

    With an increased problem in this gap in the mother's line, a person then invents RELIGION as infantile expectations of something from the mother that is not received in the family. who has such a relationship with dad-invents science. who has a problem with the child in themselves – esotericism.

    And all in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of YOURSELF, received imprints in the family as a child.

  8. It is and it is not… at least not here. There is no god who throws peruns at your firebrand for forced measures when you are alone, no. Instead, it is a force that has given momentum to the universe, the Earth, people and their society…

  9. God exists as long as a critical mass of people believe in him, which is why faith is so important for any god, and he fights for it against other competing gods. Where are the gods of ancient Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon now? They don't exist because no one else believes in them. Therefore, it is not enough to invent a new god, you also need to make a large number of people believe in him. If at least a few tens of millions of people believe in, say, a Macaroni Monster, then it will really exist and begin to fight for its continued existence.

  10. Then imagine – nothing terrible at all. If God exists, and God is not a matter-bound entity, then the existence of such an object is possible. It means that we, too, are not bound deterministically to the laws of physics. Hence, we have free will and freedom of choice.

    If there is no God, then there is no immaterial immortal soul. So we are deterministic biorobots deprived of free will and freedom of choice. Therefore, if there is no God, everything that we think and feel is pre-programmed and we only perform (without alternative) this program. And in this case… All our feelings, aspirations, and frustrations have no value whatsoever. In general, nothing in the universe has any objective value, and we can't change anything. Even our thoughts are not “ours” by and large. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

  11. God is not the personification of hope, hope is for those who do not believe)

    We discover the existence of God every time we look in the mirror. Looking inside yourself.

  12. The Power of God lives in every person. It needs to be discovered, developed and multiplied and become like your God. God is within every human being…and…. and

  13. Then imagine – nothing terrible at all. If God exists, and God is not a matter-bound entity, then the existence of such an object is possible. It means that we, too, are not bound deterministically to the laws of physics. Hence, we have free will and freedom of choice.

    If there is no God, then there is no immaterial immortal soul. So we are deterministic biorobots deprived of free will and freedom of choice. Therefore, if there is no God, everything that we think and feel is pre-programmed and we only perform (without alternative) this program. And in this case… All our feelings, aspirations, and frustrations have no value whatsoever. In general, nothing in the universe has any objective value, and we can't change anything. Even our thoughts are not “ours” by and large. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

  14. Checking whether God really exists is quite simple. You need to believe in Him, or do a few things that match your faith in Him. And then analyze whether there is an influence on your life from God when you believe in Him, and what changes when you do not believe.

  15. Don't worry! God exists. Otherwise, who tells you the right decision when all the arguments “for” and “against” are exhausted ? God always touches a person when there is no one to turn to, but there are not many such situations.

  16. Very good question, from the point of view of psychology. The fact is that God is not needed. You're too young to know that. And adults know this, because they have known good and evil. And everyone knows that the idea of God hinders life. Nothing but problems. This is not allowed, the other is only according to the rules. Restrictions and prohibitions. And you also need to pray. Why, when there are rituals or signs and amulets. Well, I bought a cross. Well, I put the icon. And let it help. And God to you-for what? Friends, relatives, and children help you get rid of loneliness. There are books, songs, and poems. For atheists, God didn't exist – for three whole generations. While there was the power of the CPSU. And now, even Zyuganov and the Politburo of the Communist Party believe in God. They need it for what? To help? Maybe it's better to work and take the money? Try it yourself. Why pray to God when you can just go to work? And then buy whatever you want. And God will be against it. As a strict father, you can't say it's a sin. So, very illogical. On the contrary, God interferes. And it makes people lonely. Look at the monks. A miserable existence. They gave up love and happiness, entertainment and friends. And for what? In this era, during the Internet, God is like a wise old man. For example, in the movie Interview with God. He means well and knows all the moves in advance. And always wins. But this is not the case in real life. In reality, we see loss and suffering. And all we are asked is to believe? It's even ridiculous, so illogical. Any psychologist will say: we must act. Solve problems. Any educated person will say: prayers will not help. And they will send you to the doctor, to the police, to specialists in the municipality or in the supervisory services and bodies. Prayer to God is an act that contradicts logic and meaning. It's more pleasant to talk to a cat. But with God… Well, look at the Book of Job. How he wanted to sue God. For what? Job asked. This is providence, the answer from heaven. God has a plan, a strategy, a game. And here you are suffering. And you are offered to accept it. Endure. Believe. No, it's against logic and meaning. Paradoxical people need God. Who are looking for friends and love on the wall. Something is drawn on the blackboard. Or a picture icon in your pocket. Or a cross around your neck. And this is a Friend? Maybe I should go to the drugstore and get some pills. Or turn on the TV, so as not to fill your head with regret, some painful repentance. Yes, and in tears on the floor. Stupidity, if according to everyday logic. Play better in tanks, why do you need a prayer? See Our Father. How can this be condemned? Every day in heaven? And this is offered instead of an evening with a prostitute, instead of leisure in a bar with friends. How's that? God does the opposite. More precisely, it offers the opposite. Forgive when you are hurt. Hit on the cheek, turn the other. Try. For what? For a two-bedroom apartment in paradise? Faith is paradoxical. The believer goes against logic, against meaning. People are not alone. They have other people. There are fairy tales about love and Hollywood, computer games, and the Internet. There is no place for God in our world. But people still, in spite of everything, turn to God. Looking for a friend in the sky. They are looking for a parent. They seek the Supreme Being within themselves. Or they talk to the void. They give up everything. They remain ill, suffering in poverty. And wait for a miracle. And you consider yourself a genius? When you ask yourself this question. Where is He, show me God! Of course, it doesn't exist for you. As for several generations of atheists. You're not a genius.
    The believer sees God everywhere and in everything. And he believes that he lives with God and in God. All around. He sees laws, logic, and meanings. In the world around you. And he believes in God, because he is intelligent and is a person himself. For you, everything is random and chaotic. For the believer – the world of God.

  17. You're right, it doesn't really exist. Reality is determined by an observer and coordinated with other observers. People are not alone, but we chose to be alone and closed down. And yet, your question already has an answer. Think about it. The echo does not exist in reality, it manifests itself under certain conditions. We need a source (capable of shouting), we need its activity (energy in shouting), we need reflecting walls and returning the sound wave back (the degree of distortion depends on the flatness of the walls and their location). And thus there is an echo only when useful work is being done. No conditions, and no echo. Think for yourself. There is no power either. But I'll say no, for simplicity's sake. It is not in a state of rest and lack of movement, that is, until it is given useful work. Any way we learn about electricity is through its work. Think further. Let's say you're looking for the end of a thread in a tangle. Once you decide to search, you are driven by desire. If you want to realize your desire in reality, then you have the intention (vision of the goal) to express it in action. To express this intention, you will need an idea that includes the best way to do it. Do you catch it? And now you are already acting, searching. What motivates you? Let's say you are motivated by the knowledge that what you are looking for exists at all and can be found. Now let's say you DON't know that there is necessarily an end to the thread and you don't have any guarantees, but you are trying to find out. What motivates you? You are motivated by the hope of achieving your goal. Let's say you didn't stop looking and found this end, made sure of its existence. How was this result achieved? Thanks to your willpower. Do you think you will be able to unravel the whole tangle at once? No, you just find the end of the thread and only then will you realize that this is the beginning, and then there is still the unknown, just as it was before the beginning of unraveling. Do they force you to unravel or tell you how to do it exactly? No, this is just your choice, a free choice among many pre-known options. And every time something pushes you forward. Something immaterial, i.e. not related to the physical, something spiritual. This is God, or rather only a reflection of his aspects in desire, intention, ideas, knowledge, and other qualities. It is his work and his mode of expression, and therefore his form of existence. It is not really there, and yet it is there in us. He is all of us in unity. As we are, so is he. We take a step toward knowing him, and he steps back and encourages us to go further. Each of us chooses our own path. Everyone has an endless tangle of threads in their hands, beckoning each of us in different ways. Some are looking for the end of the thread, while others mistakenly believe that they are not doing this. Someone has already found the thread, some consider it the end, others the beginning. And there are those who have realized that an impersonal energy, power, goes through the tangle. Whoever offers her a job, she will become one. What does the energy coming from the tangled tangle mean? About a lot of things. It says its own thing to each person who has achieved it. For those who believe in God, this energy is his Love (an expression of power), a direct notification of his presence in the objective world. If you give this love a suitable job, then the consumer will rise in consciousness to a new level, from where it is possible to know more. If the work is given, then there is a connection and its reflection in Glory. This is not just gratitude, it is the equivalent of a return signal in an endless tangle from someone who has been given the power to control and a sign of readiness to follow further. But I repeat, instead of Love, there can be something else, something that the consumer wants and believes in. They also use Force in different ways, because we are all different. We are all different, but at the same time we should not forget that we are all one.

  18. God is not something personal. Something that can come and praise or scold you. In fact, all its objectivity CAN only lie in the actions of people. In reality, no one knows him. Man can only know what is in himself. And you can turn yourself inside out, but that's all you can understand. People only think that God is love and hate. In fact, it can only be an emotional attachment of people, which God does not care about.

  19. “What if…” – the same natural, deep fear that sits in the subconscious. Fear of “whatever happens”. On this feeling of people perfectly “flourish” various manipulations. “Do not do, do not think, do not be able, it is immoral, it does not correspond to the Truth” and the darkness of other restrictions makes you unequivocally guilty, sinful, insecure. “If you are obedient , you will go to Heaven. If you disobey , you'll go to Hell.” However, there is a consensus: sinned-repent – say goodbye. And at the same time, there is SOMEONE WHO watches you, sees everything, knows everything, forgives or punishes you. But you are always not alone!

    For the believer, God is his protection and hope. The more fervently you pray, invoke, and believe wholeheartedly, the sooner you will be rewarded! However, with a caveat: in the NEXT world! So the more you suffer, the more you suffer needs, pains, and sorrows HERE, the more joyful you will be THERE. So don't worry and hope! And nothing that no one reported from THERE, as THERE.

    And so-it happened! We have received irrefutable proof: There is no God! What should I do now, who should I rely on, who will protect me, and so on?

    Imagine, those who don't know this will have to take responsibility for everything you do!!! Individually! And humanity suddenly (which is hard to believe: besides God, there is also Politics and Big capital) realizes that you also need to take responsibility for your life: take care of Nature, stop wars, help the weak, improve the standard of living using eco-friendly methods, respect each other and other peoples, and much more.

    Only one thing will remain unchanged: a person is born and dies alone.

  20. In fact, a person is a biorobot and his actions are programmed by the environment in the literal sense. Our thoughts are not our thoughts, but streams of information perceived by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind determines our behavior for us, based on the principle of minimal energy consumption. Eat more, work less. In order to free oneself from the captivity of harmful thoughts, God gave man prayer formulas that guide a person to true freedom, provided that they believe. As Immanuel Kant said: “The starry sky above our heads and the moral law within us…”

  21. the main obstacle for you is “What if”,i.e. the probability of randomness, lack of confidence. Faith in God is the certainty that God exists. It is supported by facts, irrefutable proofs, which are numerous in scientific discoveries and historical finds. For example, all 6000 years of humanity's existence on earth are described in detail in the Bible. This is confirmed by historical works and events taking place in the world. Isn't it worth finding out what it tells us about our immediate future? (Revelation 21: 3-5)

  22. In this world, someone believes in God, and someone does not, but everyone lives, has hopes for a bright future, and the World has not yet collapsed in such an environment. So the question is not relevant for such a World.

  23. Disputes about the” existence-non-existence ” of God have been going on for a long time to this day.

    If one of the parties proved that the Truth was on their side, the disputes would be ended.

    But disputes continue, and these disputes are eternal.

  24. Only people who have no experience of spiritual life think so. If you sincerely decided to live in the Orthodox way, not being lazy, fighting with yourself, you would have experienced such a thing and seen so many cases (confirming Its existence) that you would no longer doubt. And people who believe hope for God's weakness (they put dislike my answer), and who believe only in themselves and in their abilities, believe me, they are such optimistic and strong only on humans (and even then, not always) they deceive themselves, blind to his weaknesses and think you are invincible (I know of). But sometimes their mask is removed(not in public), and then it begins – pain, despair, anger.

  25. That is, figuratively speaking, in order for a person to be happy, we need someone else who can determine whether we will be happy or not.For better or worse,this is not the case.Each person is his own God and judge.No wonder there is a saying-man is from God

  26. Hello, Ismailbek.

    What do you think, and suddenly we will fall asleep and be reborn, become kings? And wake up to the Middle Ages! In gold, in pearls, in diamonds!

    What if we die and are born women? Let's go into slavery! We will be beaten, humiliated!

    And suddenly tomorrow the dogs will grow up and start bossing us around, they will live in houses, and we will live in booths, we will guard their houses!

    And suddenly!..

    As V. Tsoi sang: “Tomorrow is somewhere, who knows where? war! an epidemic! a snowstorm! “black holes!..”

    The chorus of this song will be my answer:

    “Watch yourself, be careful! Watch yourself! “(twice)

    Good luck! And don't insult the Almighty! He sees and hears everything!

  27. But many people think so. Then, when they finish their earthly journey and meet God there, they will not only be discouraged, but also very much annoyed. But it will be too late to change anything.

  28. My mother and all her numerous relatives were baptized into the Christian faith, my father and grandmother are Catholics, and my grandfather is a militant atheist. I was baptized in the Orthodox Church, and this affected my further search for God. In the unconditional faith in God, I was hesitant about choosing a religion, I read a lot about its various trends and directions, then over the years personal experience joined in. I just want to say that when you choose to believe in the existence of God, you should be guided by personal experience and the amount of knowledge that you can cover. There is nothing blasphemous about asking such questions: a person is created to gain knowledge and experience in this life. Seek your truth, and when you find it, strengthen your faith (or disbelief).

  29. Hope for God, but do not be bad yourself, it is noticed in the people. People are not alone. But a person is lonely to himself. Many people are afraid of this and live by the opinions and assessments of other people or seek protection from God. This is neither bad nor good. Everyone chooses their own path.

  30. There is always a replacement. Even if we take it as an axiom that God does not exist, then people are not alone at all. First of all, there are so many of us that we still need to deal with ourselves. If you're single, go and punch your neighbor in the face. Oh, how you will not be alone, first getting the full program from him, then flying off into the bright distance, and then explaining yourself to the police and, berry on cake, sharing a bunk with your cellmates. What the hell kind of loneliness! Here is the first version of hope, so to speak, earthly. And the second: gather your wits, stop bowing to the painted boards, develop new technologies and go to the stars! There you will certainly find something interesting. And if it doesn't eat you up, make friends and build a new universal empire.

  31. Well, yes, it is) Now Vera basically has this function-to provide the illusion of a parent. With a wise parent in your head, it's not so scary to live. Primitive enough thinking, but still works.

    And so, of course, religion is needed not only for this. It was once a very powerful and necessary cultural regulator. Now these mechanisms are outdated, no longer suitable for the modern world and the standard of living to which we are accustomed. Fortunately, there is a replacement, the same psychology

  32. For me personally, as an atheist, it is absolutely blue and purple whether we are alone in the universe by the will of God or against it.

    Even worse, like “is there life on Mars” – interesting, of course, but it has no practical use, just as the idea of “god”itself has no use.

    I'm not a priest who cuts money from those to whom he sells this idea!

    And what do they, these”shorn”, will have with this haircut?

    A garden of eden in heaven?

    No, gentlemen lambs, the same thing as atheists – a handful of decay two meters under the ground.

    Your parents gave you a life to live, not to smoke it with candles in the pointless hope of a second episode…

  33. All right. God for ordinary people is an abstract concept that serves certain purposes, one of which is moral support. And we simply cannot know whether God really exists, and even more so, what he is.

  34. Support. Let's ask cats, or dogs, or dolphins what god they worship? Only man has invented a god for himself, and more than one, and then on this basis he also arranges wars.

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