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  1. Oh, and never mind.

    No, seriously, what difference does it make what you or I think about it?
    So let's say I live, call my relationship love and get a certain dose of good mood from it.

    This is parasitism, or a successful calculation or fate-fate-what difference does it make?
    It's important that I feel good.

    this is the meaning of the relationship itself.

    If it was bad for me there and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to fix IT, then naturally I would have left.

    And again, I would not be deterred by pathetic exclamations about love and fate.

    Everything, damn it, results only in one thing – you are satisfied with what you are doing and then you do it or you are not upset and then you don't need to do it.

    And how to call it-to the light bulb

  2. Strange to me 45, but even though I burned myself with women, but I still think that love is probably the strongest lasting feeling, and when it is, it becomes nothing scary.

  3. Think about what someone thinks differently. There are no exact statistics on relationships – where is love, and where is manipulation, and that's all. Not to be confused with divorce statistics – not all couples are officially married.

    What is love? Subjective feelings. In general, love is the acceptance of a person. In the case of falling in love, acceptance is due to the compensating effect of hormones on the perception of the shortcomings of the object of adoration.�

    Parasitism on each other's weaknesses also happens – and this does not negate the fact that other people have healthy relationships.

  4. That's right so what? Well, weaknesses, well, even addictions, so what?

    Does something have to change from the presence or absence of love? What are the problems with “how to be”?

    Live in peace and seek happiness based on your disappointment )) Or you don't have to look, no one cares.

  5. Whether there is love or not,you will know when you turn 80.There is no love with one, it will be with the other..Life isn't over yet.Hundreds of girls dream of love.You'll meet yours again.We all get disappointed and then fall in love again.You're not the only one.

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