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  1. My beloved one and I have been together for 4 years. But for the first 1.5 years we lived in different countries. Is it hard, and is the game worth the candle? It was one of the most difficult periods in our lives, but if you love each other, then neither 2000 km, nor even different planets will stop you on the way to each other!�

    If you still take the risk and decide on this relationship, then let me give you some advice: if you want everything to work out, you must trust each other 100%. If she said that she went for a walk with a friend, then believe her. If you said you didn't call her last night because you were late at work, then she should trust you. As soon as you start suspecting each other and reproaching each other-write to the end!

    Good luck!

  2. What are you risking? There is another one and you have to choose? Have you been in touch yet? The girl is not against it ? In any case, it's worth a try, anything happens, but it may be boring, or maybe jealousy will torment )) You just need physical contact, hold the handle, but at a distance it can not be done and it is very annoying. I've had a similar experience-it's romantic, but the relationship itself means a lot more than talking for hours.

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