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  1. You didn't “find out”.

    You “made up your mind”.

    Without understanding the fundamental difference between the former and the latter, it is pointless to discuss this issue…

    A friend has the same opinion, the same idea about their relationship.

    Her boyfriend is different.

    And here at the junction, at the intersection of these two opinions, they somehow build their relationships…

    And then you show up, with your third opinion and idea of their relationship…

    And you try, based on its truth, to change the opinion of your friend about her relationship...

    Do you still have the question “What to do”?)

  2. To tell. The main thing, as noted earlier, is to be 100% sure of this fact. And given that your friend idolizes her ferret, ideally you should prepare an evidence base. Otherwise, she may start to push away that this is all not true, you are telling lies, you are jealous of us and blah-blah-blah.

    But keep it safe… What do you think should be saved? Tell or hide – yes. And to save is just the same to tell, so that your friend does not waste time on a person who is not loyal to her and does not value her

  3. If the information is really reliable, then it is worth telling. The main thing is to have reasonable facts on which these conclusions were drawn . Otherwise, no one excludes the possibility of prescribing you the status of a slanderer .
    What does it mean to protect? Better the bitter truth , which, by the way, it is you who should help her cope with in the future.

  4. Of course, there is no greater pleasure in life than to mess up your neighbor.

    And if this neighbor is a friend, then it's even more pleasant – it's almost a feat.

  5. Why do this ? To save your friend from making a mistake that will cost her dearly later ? And if a guy doesn't cheat on her anymore ? Maybe he realized that he had done something wrong ? See what happens next, not tomorrow they will go to the registry office . If the guy continues to behave in the same way, try to talk to him . Just get ready for the fact that the relationship with a friend can deteriorate, because you will be accused of gossiping and intrigue ( this is not accurate of course, but it happens ) Good luck 🤗

  6. I wouldn't take away a person's choice in their own life. Describing the situation and putting your friend in front of the choice of what to do next with the alleged cheater is more honest than hiding data from your friend, thereby actually making a choice for her in her own life.

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