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  1. Laziness is simply a lack of motivation. Imagine:1) You wake up in the morning and know you need to clean the room, but you are so lazy, you don't want to do anything, there are excuses and as a result, you don't do anything(laziness won ).2) another situation, you also wake up, you also need to clean the room, but this time you know that for cleaning the room, you are guaranteed to receive a cash reward in the amount of $ 1000, do you think there will be a feeling of laziness ? so if you want to find a way to overcome laziness, just find a strong motivator .

  2. If you want to overcome laziness, then start with the simplest one.

    Seriously, this helps a lot in solving this problem.

    For example: start with a small table cleaning or take out the trash and gradually you will not be so lazy to do something.

    The main thing is to start with a small action, gradually increasing the significance of what you are doing, not necessarily immediately climb to the last level and achieve everything so quickly, go slowly in your goal.

  3. The state of doing nothing can be overcome. But how ? Think about this : when you are “lazy,” how you feel. I think it's obvious. And now, to change this state of affairs, youtu.be I advise you to do this exercise. Next, stand up and do exercises with your whole body , it's not difficult. If you do not know what to do to get yourself in order, then I recommend such simple things as tilts and rotations . Immediately. You start doing the things you should be doing right away. I think there are other methods , but I'm not personally familiar with them.

  4. Don't do anything. No, honestly, nothing.

    I once read an article about the fight against laziness. And there they gave very good advice (tested on yourself) – if you are too lazy to do anything, then just stand in the middle of the room and do nothing. Do not stagger, do not think about something, do not listen to the sensations. Just stand there. I assure you, and 5 minutes do not just wait (I could not). There will be a sharp desire to conquer the expanses of the universe.

    I am not a psychologist and it would be interesting to read a more competent answer. And this is just a life hack for you.


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