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  1. That's fine, but there's one problem: how do you check with your own eyes whether your own eyes are deceiving you [and also with your own ears, nose, skin, fingers, brains — whether your own ears, nose, skin, fingers, brains are deceiving you]?

  2. Can you imagine the scale of such a conspiracy? It should involve not just thousands, but millions of people. How long do you think a structure that involves millions of people can hide the truth? A day? An hour?

  3. Please check it out. Learn the facts and methods of verification. It's a great way to explore the world for what it is.

    About how to see the facts about the spherical Earth on your own:


    About space – in the warm season after sunset in large cities, especially in tourist areas, you can see people offering to look through telescopes (I saw them in Yekaterinburg and Burgas). Take advantage of this opportunity.

    Or find someone you know with a telescope and ask them to watch through it.

    In principle, with good binoculars, you can already see quite a lot. Here, for example, is a good article about observing planets with binoculars. NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN THROUGH MAGNIFYING GLASSES.

    You can observe a lunar eclipse 1-2 times a year – watch it yourself. The weather doesn't always help, but if you keep an eye on it, you can catch it.�

    2-5 times a year there is a solar eclipse. Unlike a lunar eclipse, the ability to see a solar eclipse depends on the path of the moon's shadow across the Earth's surface. So here you need to calculate when the next solar eclipse will be visible in your area. In principle, you can hunt for them, moving to the best points for observation, but this is already a more expensive event.

    Several times a year, you can see the characteristic “starfall” – it's easy to Google when and where to look.

    Both lunar and solar eclipses are sometimes streamed online on youtube.

    You can also look at the calendar of known comets and search for them with a telescope. Bright comets that are visible to the naked eye have a long orbital period or are new to us. Halley's most famous comet will be visible in 2061.

    On average, large comets visible to the naked eye appear in visibility from Earth about once every 5-10 years. Some of them can only be seen from the southern hemisphere. The last comet visible to the naked eye was in 2011, so it is likely that the next one will appear soon.

    Usually on the streets there are about such telescopes, about one and a half meters high with a stand:

    About deceive. They definitely don't cheat about round Earth. About the cosmos-the fact that it exists, too, do not deceive.

    There is also a good book “Entertaining Gravity” – if you find it, I recommend it.

  4. You can't trust anyone or anything.
    Quite possibly .that there is an international conspiracy that pursues certain goals beneficial to the so-called elites.
    We are told about the round earth(and they offer to check with the help of eclipses and other similar baidas), about the existence of God(generally unsubstantiated) and other nonsense.
    I even think that America and NATO are stupidly butting heads with Russia just for show,but in fact it's easier and more convenient for them to rob us

  5. The spherical shape of the Earth is taught only to children in elementary school. All higher education institutions and institutes consider the Earth to be flat and stationary. In all scientific manuals, forms, calculations of ballistics, geodesy, aviation, navigation, GPS systems, etc., the rotation and curvature of the Earth is not taken into account and it is stated that it is flat and does not rotate. That's the whole secret, no conspiracy theory, no worldwide conspiracy…

    A rotating ball – in theory, a fixed plane-in practice.

  6. I'll even tell you how to check it. Find a flat open area and wait for the Sun to set below the horizon and see if the area is lit up by it. And then ask yourself why on a flat Earth night does not fall on the entire surface.

  7. The most important argument against lying is WHY? I would understand if they were trying to convince me that the earth is flat, so that the church does not lose its influence, but they say the opposite about the round one. Why lie about the shape of the earth, why lie about the space around. When there are motives, then we need to discuss all this.

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