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  1. I think that the biggest human problem is that sometimes people can't find meaning in their existence. The answer to the question of meaning may vary, but the essence lies in the formation of the life core. Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl believed that a person needs a goal in life, otherwise he will face an existential vacuum. The goal becomes the support that supports a person all the days of his life. What goal/goals can you set for yourself? You need to sit down and think about what can become a support in life. It is possible that this will take more than one day.

    But I would like to say that life becomes more interesting and easier when you understand that there is meaning in your life. So what's the point? Maybe it's family, maybe it's self-development, maybe it's hedonism, but the essence is the same everywhere – to find yourself in this world.

  2. There is a sense of frustration that at your age you don't feel happy about what you are doing. Maybe this is the age when it's time to think about self-realization? After all, this motivation has appeared right now. And earlier, apparently, there was no deadline, no time.

    Don't blame yourself for this.

    Everything happens on time!

    Some people don't think about it even in their 70s.

    And 40 years is a wonderful age when a person has fully matured, become more aware and started to wake up from Groundhog Day.

    And if you think about it, remember whether in the past, in childhood, adolescence, adolescence or in other age periods of your life, there were some ideas that you would like to implement, but forbade yourself or significant others dissuaded you?

    If yes, is it relevant to you now? Do you still want to implement it (whatever it is)? If you want – let yourself do it!

    If “no”, then you should proceed from what you have already suggested in the answers.

    In one of my answers, I already wrote a method, if it suits you, I will be happy to: https://yandex.ru/q/question/chto_delat_esli_net_ni_tseli_ni_mechty_d73547f5/?answer_id=9323c6cb-7372-4615-8f66-e37fc0bbe955#9323c6cb-7372-4615-8f66-e37fc0bbe955.

    Good luck to you!

  3. What does your condition look like?

    What you're describing really resembles depression.

    Roughly speaking, the press, if it lasts up to 2 weeks, depression-more than 2 weeks. Sadness is subjectively unpleasant to us, but it helps us to survive the loss, so sadness is not bad, it's normal. Depression is also subjectively unpleasant for us, but it harms us, and therefore it is bad.

    Some signs of depression include chronic fatigue, apathy, suicidal thoughts, and lack of interest in anything. Depression is often a signal that a person is doing something that his body does not like, and the body, feeling this violence, begins to go into waiting mode for an external event (miracle, salvation, love, death), while freezing all internal processes (interests, desires, internal organs).

    How does depression appear?

    Often, the childhood of such people is associated with a lack of praise and recognition, but with a lot of criticism and control, and sometimes domestic violence. As a result, they get into the habit of not hearing their real desires, but they are good at hearing what “needs to be done”, i.e. other people's desires. As a result , their consciousness will stop feeling emotions, because of this, a person begins to feel the meaninglessness of his life. Feel worthless, because I couldn't achieve a higher goal, and everything that I achieved doesn't matter for evaluating my significance.

    Correction of depressive behavior, as well as treatment of depression, is carried out by experienced psychologists and psychotherapists. Independently, you can only distract yourself for a while, learn how to anesthetize it (alcohol, drugs, workaholism, love addiction, risk-taking, etc.). Accordingly, choose the medicine depending on the goals. If you want a quick distraction – anesthetize, If you want to get rid of it for a long time-get treated.

    Depression is caused by the fact that a person does not know how to express their feelings, as a result, there is a lot of muscle tension and anxiety in the body, which prevents them from doing anything, and there is unbearable fatigue from this.

    Ways out of depression.

    Different psychologists have different ways to get out of depression, here is one of the well-known and guaranteed methods:

    increase the sensitivity of the body, where the senses live,

    learn to adequately identify your feelings,

    learn to adequately express your feelings,

    learn to have fun after expressing your feelings.

    As a result of such work, a person ceases to accumulate tension and instead of fatigue, satisfaction and relaxation appear.

  4. The question where did the goals and inspiration from working in 40 years go has long been unequivocally answered: this is a lack of the hormone of activity and initiative testosterone and its natural (from the law of conservation of energy) replacement with cortisol.

    “Testosterone is an antagonist of cortisol (the stress hormone), so it significantly affects the emotional state. Such masculine qualities as analytical thinking, the ability to focus on a specific task, the ability to navigate in space, self-confidence, and initiative depend on it.”

    And what to do with it says the doctor Ekaterina Makarova


  5. I'll teach you. Stop eating for two days. Don't drink tea for a week. Then sit for a month on oatmeal or pasta. Do not use your phone, computer, or TV. Don't use public transport. Don't go for walks. Don't go to the store. Don't talk to your friends. Don't socialize or talk. And don't read it. Stay in the emptiness of life. And tell me, how pleasant is it for you to live? From 1 to 100? And you want a goal. Your mistake is in the humanist ideology. Discard this garbage. There is you and your needs. Your responsibility and awareness. You don't want to live for yourself. And this is your biggest mistake in life. You don't love anyone. You don't want to be useful. This is the second mistake. Why did you live on earth?

  6. What is the relationship between age and inspiration? Answer the question : how will you understand, by what criteria, that this goal or this work inspires you? Then you will find inspiration.

  7. Most likely, there is no need for something either. There is no need for money, better housing, or socializing. Otherwise, one of these or something else would be the goal.And the work for this goal has been tightened up.

    What should I do? Try to create something. It is to create, that is, to do something that did not exist before. Write a book, draw a picture, learn something from scratch, start your own business. In the process of creation, a goal in life will definitely appear. And possibly an interesting job.

  8. Do a little introspection. In short, it looks like this.
    1. We answer our own questions:

    • What is a goal?
    • Why do you need me?

    Have you made up your mind?

    1. We analyze the value system and set priorities.
      Good/evil, altruism/selfishness, and so on until you run out of everything.

    2. We select a goal that is close to your value system. This choice is very important.

    3. We build actions that will lead you to the result. (i.e., to a practical goal)

    4. We proceed to the planned implementation.

    There are so many cool things in life! Do not lose heart, work on yourself.
    The road will be mastered by the walking person.

  9. As long as it didn't make you uncomfortable,it wasn't considered a problem.

    If you've decided that you don't want this to continue, follow these steps:

    1. do not feel sorry for yourself, and firmly decide-age is a number in your head. People still find themselves in their 70s,so you're in luck.

    2. ask questions to yourself, find out – ‘what kind of person are you'.

    3. find a business / hobby that you enjoyed before. Find an appropriate job, and enjoy doing what you want to do wholeheartedly.

    1. Let your goal be to be happy. Become your best friend. And you will be able to understand what you want out of life.

    Take risks, try,and live.

    If all this doesn't work,try to work with a psychologist.

    Good luck! And do not forget-there is no way out only from the grave))

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