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  1. Heh, the funny thing is that every wife knows the right answer.
    The answer is: “well, do something!”.
    And if you think about it a little, this is a very good option, because to know what to do, you need to have some information; and to get this information, it's not bad to conduct “combat reconnaissance”. I.e., do at least something, and at the same time carefully monitor how the situation changes. It is possible to try different options, perhaps after some effort to make a pause and make sense of the information received. But in any case, doing something will be better than doing nothing.

  2. there is a Buddhist parable.

    so the monk was running away from the lion, tripped and flies into the abyss, caught on a branch, hangs.�

    looks up – there is a lion waiting for him when he will rise.

    he looks down, and there are crocodiles waiting for him to come down, he was hanging, suddenly he looks, and berries grow on the rock. you can't climb up, you can't go down, but you can eat berries, and he began to eat berries.�

    if you don't know what to do, do what you know.

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