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  1. A dream differs from a goal in that it doesn't have to be realized. But setting a clear goal and a strategy for achieving it can be supplemented with probabilistic options that adjust the goal when conditions change.

    For example, someone set a goal to become an airplane pilot. Did not pass a strict selection process based on health or age. Adjusted the goal. I signed up for a course on personal airplane control. I made some money, bought a plane.

    Or someone decided to become a famous actor. I failed my theater exams. Adjusted the strategy. He took part in a humorous program on TV, eventually achieved popularity, and was invited to play a role in a film.

    Many famous people at first met obstacles on the way, but eventually came to their goal, one way or another.

  2. If this is really impossible, then, oddly enough, to believe it, to admit to yourself that you no longer need to look only in one direction. Even if this dream has warmed your heart for most of your life, with its absence, you need to start living for something else or for life itself, which in itself has great value. Love yourself, knowing that you still Can and Will)

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