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  1. My answer may seem boring, but I consider becoming a human being to be a miracle. Well, that is, from the beginning to the end of a person's life – it's awesome what a miracle of nature that does not fit in my head!

  2. The miracle is how powerful a person is. He was able to create a multi-ton machine that moves and then flies through the air! Rockets, planes! It's unbelievable. Nature's creations are a miracle! How beautiful the butterflies are, how extraordinary the shape of snowflakes is, what amazing landscapes there are. I will never understand how the world works like this, why it is so beautiful and amazing, and most importantly-why many people do not notice it

  3. The emergence of life.

    From a dead but complex chemistry, life somehow turns out. Where is she? If you go down to the deepest level , the same atoms are there. If you go a little higher, there is DNA-a complex molecule. If even higher-protein mechanism, as in the clock. It all works, but it is not clear – is this already life, or chemistry? Or maybe life is just complex chemical reactions and its occurrence is inevitable?

  4. I am surprised by the chemistry-elements with a difference of several electrons have cardinal differences in properties, compounds manifest themselves differently in different environments (amphoteric, of course), the anomalous heat capacity of water, the huge strength of fluorine.. If you take me to a microscope with interesting glasses , I will exude admiration.

  5. Since childhood, I remember my feeling of traveling. Here you are in one place, with your reality, maybe with snow or rain, with a certain environment. Then you go somewhere: train, plane, bus, it doesn't matter, and your reality becomes different, from winter to summer, from city to village, it doesn't matter, but everything is different, and you perceive what surrounds you differently, a different reality. And where you left, people continue to live the same way, in the reality from which you left. This is a miracle, a kind of parallel worlds.

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