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  1. In the existing tests for various human typing, there is already a fairly large list of questions, you can use them.

    There are different ways to distinguish psychological types. In my opinion, the easiest way is to notice the manifestation of mental vectors in system-vector psychology, since there are detailed descriptions of behavior down to your favorite words. It is enough to simply classify psychosophical societypes, it is only necessary to observe in which areas of manifestation a person feels best-logic, interaction with objects of the surrounding world, feelings and relationships, or the implementation of one's own will.

    As games, I can offer a group of people to build a tower of newspapers and duct tape and see who will behave, who will start acting, who will theorize, who will solve disputes.

  2. Character and psychotype are read out within a few minutes if you have sufficient experience in psychodiagnostics and knowledge in this area.

    This case is purely professional and, in many ways, intuitive. Therefore, to answer this question is about the same as for an old experienced fisherman to explain to a novice why he is caught in this place, and a novice is not.

    If you are not a psychologist and are not engaged in psychocorrection, it makes sense for you not to” reveal the character and psychotype of the interlocutor”, but to master the skills of your own effective communication and behavior, which do not differ too much depending on the character and psychotype of the person with whom you communicate.

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