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  1. Here is Harms with his answer

    to your question. At the same time

    You can't say that he was carrying

    Any nonsense would be with greetings… 🙂

    Daniil Ivanovich Kharms

    I'll tell you honestly,

    how our thought is made,

    how the roots of conversations arise,

    how words fly from person to person.

    To do this, you need to sit in silence for a while,

    trying to catch at least an asterisk,

    so that there is, as they say, where to untangle your neck

    for turns, very friendly friends and unfamiliar interlocutors.

    After saying hello, bring the hostess a handful of boulders

    or other stored value

    in the form of a pin, or a southern fruit, or a skiff

    for a walk on the lake in quiet sunny weather,

    which the northern climate is so stingy with,

    where spring sometimes arrives quite late,

    so what else is in the month of June

    indoor dog sleeping under a blanket,

    as a human being-male, female, or child,

    still, he's shivering.

    Sometimes it's just anger

    on the order of the shift

    heat and cold.

    Here is the time of the moon that is old, then young,

    much clearer than the incomprehensible confusion of the weather.

    Scientists observe from year to year

    paths and effects of cyclones,

    I still don't dare guess if it will rain in the evening.

    And I believe that Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov

    has more power over clouds.

    Anyone who wants to object, I ask you to fulfill your plan.

    For smart or strong objections,

    or passionate, timely and divine,

    I have tools in store that can pick up any other person's thoughts.

    I thought it all out, weighed it, counted it, and multiplied it

    And now I bring it to the hostess,

    as a gift from the hermit,

    This is a very important set of tools for a dispute.

    Here, dear mistress, is my present

    and argue as much as you want.

    June 28, 1931

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