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  1. The path is movement in any of its manifestations, the whole essence of life is in movement: thoughts, the usual movement of the body, some kind of emotional and mental development, all this is the path that passes through all material things

  2. The armor of the void is the greatest,

    observe the quietness of the same law.

    Tma of existing things together are combined,

    az ' zryu izhe rozhdenie.

    In heaven there are things like grass with grass,

    everyone returns to their root.

    Glagolal bykh: sie tykhost,

    quietness of the same rekut vozstavleniyem,

    vozstavlenie ubo eternal.

    Vedati vechnago ubo lepo,

    do not know the eternal one blindly,

    ssslepstvuya vershiti same famously.

    Know the eternal aki.,

    But let the inner one be the leader,

    May the leader be king,

    May the king be like heaven,

    but let heaven abide in the path,

    may the path remain eternal,

    having no flesh, out of the cold.

    Verse si, Tao te ching. Translation into Slavonic k66.ru

  3. One day, a monk was visited by a man who wanted to know how to continue living, because everything is so bad, and he was already tired of whining on Facebook. The monk was sorting through the seeds and set a man to help him. They silently sorted through the seeds, and did not answer a single question from the newcomer (“Why?”Why seeds?”) the monk did not answer. At night, the man fell asleep over another bowl of seeds, and the monk went outside, put on headphones and left forever in the warm autumn evening. When he had walked the earth from end to end, worked as a caretaker and janitor, salesman and educator, editor and referee of the hockey match between Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, it was time to return. In his place sat an unknown guy and sorted out the seeds, and thousands of people went in different directions to hear, see, feel, talk and go their own way.

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