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  1. Everyone understands the essence of charisma in their own way, since there is no clear definition of it. Krysin's dictionary treats charisma as a special talent, an individual's exclusivity in intellectual, spiritual, or any other respect, the ability to appeal to hearts. In my opinion, this is very close to the truth, since charismatics are distinguished by instilling trust and respect for no obvious reason, encouraging you to follow them.�

    What is the nature?.. Nature in a successful combination of features of the above factors.

    Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, you can develop charisma! First, you need a system of clear life beliefs. It is impossible to be charismatic, living on a whim and going with the flow of life without controlling it. This gives you the inexplicable power that comes from charismatics.�

    If there is one, then the second point will be a personal history of ups and downs. This makes the life story interesting for people, which makes them attracted to charismatics.�

    The third feature that can be developed is the power of the word. The word must be sincere and clear. Regardless of the level of intelligence of a person, his speech should be honest, clear and understandable to the people to whom he addresses. At the same time, the speech should be expressive: not a clamped voice, expressive gestures are desirable.�

    Confidence. Without confidence in yourself and in your surroundings, a person's beliefs will not arouse active interest. Here, I think, everything is clear. �

    Stigmata are characteristic external features. These can be either acquired features (military beret, monocle, mustache and hair of a characteristic shape, pipe, bright tie, etc.), or innate (large eyes, memorable smile).

    All these things can be developed if you want and strive in yourself! And those who believe that charisma cannot be developed are wrong.

  2. Charisma is when you feel like someone is saying “yes” to you , even though you haven't asked for anything.

    It seems to me that it either exists or does not exist. It just comes in a set package of qualities.

  3. Charisma is a direct reflection of your social behavior. Your emotions, your speech with a unique set of words and expressions that occur in such a sequence just for you, these are facial expressions and gestures, energy that comes from your personality, oratorical skills, intelligence, appearance. A charismatic person stands out in a crowd. To some extent, we are all charismatic, just shut ourselves up in ourselves, and say what they want to hear from us. Instead of what we really think.

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