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  1. Illusions. After all, we are always happy to be deceived, otherwise how can we live? We are creators ourselves, and everyone creates something and believes. And it is difficult to destroy it. The whole life of man and the world is proof of this!

  2. An idea. To quote Nolan's film Inception: “What is the most tenacious parasite? A bacterium? A virus? Intestinal worm? Idea. It is tenacious and highly contagious. Once an idea gets hold of your brain, it's almost impossible to get rid of it. I mean an idea that has been formed, fully realized, and settled in the head. “

  3. Everyone described the abstractions very nicely. But try pouring a cement solution into a hole in the ground and then try to destroy this cube/ball. I would look at it from the outside)

  4. In my experience, it is easier to create a habit of logging in to VK every day than to break it.

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  5. Problems. �

    People tend to create problems out of the blue. There is nothing shameful or bad about this, it is normal.�

    This is the truth of life.: (

  6. Silence, but only if not in a crowd, but only about you.
    PS Oh yes, I forgot completely, there is not enough message length, just a little bit of water and it will become normal 🙂

  7. A child. Seriously, a club, a couple of cocktails, an interesting (and often just seemingly so under the influence of alcohol) man, sex in the toilet – and you're done. There may be a lot of options, but in the end, a natural ending.

  8. Your reputation. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad. If everyone is sure that you are nyasha, then you can get away with sometimes even the most..hmmm..not kosher behavior. If you have a reputation for being an oddball, but no one will take your words seriously, even the wisest ones. A person with the brand of a deceiver will no longer be believed, even if his words can save the world this time. Reputation works for / against you in any society – from school to prison. Therefore, ” take care of your honor from a young age, like a dress from a new one.”

    The strangest thing is that sometimes you don't even need to do anything to acquire a certain reputation, they will do everything for you:) Such an unpredictable thing.

  9. A mess. You can do nothing at all, the disorder will increase by itself, since we all know about entropy, which does not decrease in an isolated system. One awkward movement and that was it. And then mess around, make an effort, organize.

  10. As for me, the answer is prosaic: problems.�

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