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    Freewriting means “free writing”. The essence of this technique is that you need to record all the thoughts that arise in your head for a certain period of time. And you can write out everything you want: thoughts, ideas, problems.

    This technique will help you overcome your mental blockage. Thanks to it, you will be able to pull out original ideas that are “lying” in your subconscious.

    There are many variations of freewriting,and if you are interested in them, here is a link to 11 techniques — https://litfan.ru/eto-interesno-znat/frirajting-chto-eto-takoe-11-tehnik-frirajtinga/

    Good luck!

  2. Freewriting is a technique for developing mindfulness that has an effect akin to meditation. It helps to process emotions, eliminate obsessive thoughts, and reduce stress.�

    Our users who have tried this technique are praised, but on average, the effect is achieved only if you practice it for at least 7 days.

    Variations of writing practices:

    1. Morning pages. You get up in the morning and first thing, before the email and other things, write everything that you have in your head. You can limit yourself to the number of words, or you can limit yourself to time. They usually recommend 750 words.

    2. Evening splashing out to get a better night's sleep (by analogy).

    There are many more apps and ways, but they are easy to find on Google.

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