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  1. These are problems, if people see that you are kind, they like to use you as a solution to their problems, they were brought up in such a way that supposedly the good are obliged to help everyone, they are not superheroes and this is not a job, a false stereotype, the good also have a lot of weaknesses, if you are also beautiful, smart, you are even more unlucky,

  2. This is the harmony of the world and all its parts. Norm, ideal, what the Creator intended. This is something that the more the better. Something that doesn't happen too much. Something that can exist without evil, and exist perfectly. The simplest example is human health.

  3. Good is an action aimed at creating a benefit; or an object that brings benefits.
    Good is the opposite of evil-an action aimed at depriving benefits and causing harm, loss.

  4. Everyone wants to live without problems. Without diseases, dissatisfaction, suffering, fears, stress, harm. This is kindness to yourself. If a person seeks to help other people solve their problems, this is kindness to others. If a natural disaster or a person causes harm, it is evil.

    Evil shortens life, makes it painful, unhappy, and in extreme cases even kills. Good helps people live longer and better lives. Goodness makes people happy.

  5. For a comfortable and confident existence of a person, he needs certain benefits. One of these benefits is good. Good-in the broad sense of the word, as good, means, first, a value representation that expresses the positive meaning of a person in his attitude to a certain standard, and secondly, this standard itself. In live speech, the word good is used to denote a variety of goods.

  6. Trying to think objectively about good and evil is certainly not so easy. Wherever there is no “human” perception, these categories also lose their meaning.
    On the one hand, we see that good, along with evil, is the result of the activity of our human psyche, and its expediency probably lies in the fact that the same psyche, through these categories, tries to explain to itself the principles of the structure of “our” being, makes at least “its” life explicable and understandable. On the other hand, no matter how many people try to rationally deny the existence of good and evil, somewhere in the back of their minds, everyone knows perfectly well what good is and what it looks like, and what its expediency is.
    But, given the complexity of the issue, I want to express one non-trivial and experimental idea, most likely I will not be understood, not terribly.)
    In the universe there is inanimate matter and there is life, we can say this with confidence, because we understand that we also exist alive. How do these two states of the same state differ from each other? In fact, they do not differ in anything, although at the same time they are two completely different and dissimilar phenomena. Life, as something “sensitive and tender”, is the opposite of “gross”, aimless matter. Translating it into ” our ” language, I see it as follows: life is an act of “good” in relation to the ordinary, material world, and it does not matter who committed this act, His Majesty Chance or someone else.)

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