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  1. Good and bad are, on the one hand, social constructs.

    And on the other hand – the objective truth, which consists in how a person should act in society in order to survive both himself and his family (good) and how to act wrongly, which can lead to illness or death, a person or a family (bad).

    In most cases, these two volumes coincide. But the question is obviously asked about borderline cases, such as caning just now and not yet.

  2. I will not make philosophical and ethical arguments, just give a couple of examples that are in front of everyone's eyes. Older people remember the phenomenon of “speculation”that existed in our country. There was a criminal article for speculators, people's opinion of speculators was negative (even if it was brought up by ideology), they were viewed with condemnation, ridicule, as crooks and parasites who profit by not producing anything themselves, using other people's labor and the principle of surplus value. It was especially difficult for currency speculators, who were equated with the enemies of state No. 1, but in reality-because they stole from those in power. Now these phenomena are legalized, these are solid enterprises that bring billions of dollars in profits, the banking business, which causes good envy among the inhabitants (so they would have killed all these zahrebetnikov!). The essence of the phenomenon has not changed, but both at the state level and in the minds of people, the minus has been replaced by a plus. The same, for example, with gladiatorial fights, just such valor and heroism (and money) in maiming and killing people in public! Each time has its own “good and bad”, objectively or not, this is the movement of society. Maybe ethical categories are somehow self-regulating, but we just have to accept their variability…

  3. Bad or good are subjective concepts.

    When a tiger in the savanna catches a gazelle and bites its fangs into its neck , we certainly feel sorry for the gazelle. However, if the tiger does not catch its prey, its weak tiger cub may not receive nutrients and die. Kill or be killed – in nature there is no such question as good or bad.

    So it is with us humans – there are two sides to the coin in every action. Even in the most obvious, canonically good acts, there is something bad for others.

    A job promotion? This is good for you, but bad for another employee who wanted a promotion.

    You gave it to a beggar. This is good for you – you feel “right”. But the beggar will give 90% of the earnings to his “roof”, and as a result, this money will settle in the form of a new Minivan from a certain bandit.

    There are times when the general “good” outweighs the personal “good”. This is a feature of the social system of people. For example, is it good to punch the face of an impudent driver who goes from the far right to the far left row? But hitting people is considered “bad”, this is the law.

    To live according to your inner concept of good-bad or according to general laws-that's the main question. Each choice has pros and cons. For example, I will never steal �- even if I can do it with impunity. For me personally, it will be bad – I will not be able to buy a Maybach and send my children to study in France. But I understand that this way I do the global WELL for everyone else. And it encourages me to do so.

  4. Does this surprise you?) ладно ok ok. we will not run into foreign countries and cultures.
    But fuck, 300 years ago it was considered quite normal to take and expand the borders of your state through war.

    WELL, what? well, we took the Black Sea from the Turks, cut a window to Europe ( and we are proud to say this among other things!).
    And now it means that starting a war is bad. (it is clear that there are and will be wars anyway. but officially-bad).
    Everything! only three centuries have passed and already a good thing has become a bad thing. and this is a very serious matter ,and not a matter of fashion or trade.

    Yes, what to talk about-200 years ago, serfs (in our country) and slaves (in America) could have been, but now it is impossible.
    So yes, the concept of “good-bad” is a profanity of pure water.

    What is bad today is good in 50 years, and vice versa.

    So when we very much start waving our hands and arguing about morality, it's worth looking back banally at what happened recently.

  5. A person, if he is mentally mature and sufficiently independent, ready to bear full responsibility for thoughts and actions, understands perfectly well that committing this or that act will necessarily have the opposite effect.

    Each culture has its own system of values, but in general they are equal, if we take criminal acts as a basis

  6. Yes, each culture has its own system of values (and this is exactly what we are talking about). It overlaps with others in some ways, but it is also different in some ways. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many different cultures. Any value system is based on religion or its secular counterpart – ideology.

    In the religious case, values are determined by priests. They are the ones who interpret the sacred texts and extract from them the knowledge of what is good and evil, i.e., what is good and what is bad. Good people do well, evil people do badly.

    In the secular version, this knowledge is contained in ideology, which is continuously produced by the political system with the help of modern media. At the time of the first ideologies, these were books and newspapers. Now it is mostly television, but to some extent still used and radio. Although, of course, not as much as in the days of Goebbels. In the future, it will be the Internet. Everyone in the Facebook feed will have their own information flow. With individually selected content. However, by some incredible coincidence, all these tapes will broadcast a surprisingly similar set of moral attitudes. Individually selected in these feeds will only be psychological “buttons” that you need to click on so that this particular person is really hooked by the story.

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