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  1. It ceases to be attached to masculinity. She is now not obliged if you are a boy, do not finish if you are a girl. A courageous girl is not masculine, but masculine. This phenomenon is also related to the equalization of gender rights.

  2. Apparently, in the modern world, masculinity as such, as a gender trait, has ceased to be in demand and relevant.

    And so let's think about what it is and whether we really need it today?�

    What is masculinity? Heterosexuality, hairiness, rudeness, physical strength, grooming, the smell of a man?

    OK, let's say. And here before us let's assume that Nina is a courageous man. And we, for example, are a modern woman.

    So explain to me, a modern woman, why I need this man with his masculinity?�

    Okay, heterosexuality, but everything else – what is my advantage to have a manly man, and not, for example, a metrosexual? With well-groomed soft hands, with shaved armpits, smelling of deodorant, with clean neat hair…

  3. Everything is fine with her, it's just that social roles are finally changing, becoming much more diverse. The notorious Western civilization has technologically reached such a level that it can now afford to abandon hegemonic masculinity and a man's life to wear out — and in traditional patriarchal societies, I remind you, men have increased social, political and economic responsibility, while women, in turn, have everything else, from family and raising children to beauty.

    Modern women are not only deeply embedded in society at its most diverse levels, but can also afford it thanks to the progress and benefits of civilization, from advanced contraception and medicine in general to video surveillance systems and high-speed mobile Internet.

    On average, life has become more comfortable and safer, and gradually people get used to the new social contract, in which there is a priority of the individual and the person, and almost any violence is punishable.

    Typically male functions are not exactly outdated, but they are less popular and reasonable. Being around other people and attacking them is unacceptable. Wars have shifted from physical to economic and commercial; the number of hot spots seems to be declining inexorably. Heavy labor is being replaced by robots and automation. Little by little, women are becoming more confident about themselves as professionals and intellectuals.

    And it's great.

    All this together leads to a rethinking of masculinity and gender equality in terms of human rights and freedoms (I emphasize that biological equality is impossible). Men are no longer perceived as cannon fodder or dominators — and the easier it is for them to live, returning to the origins of humanism and discovering it in themselves. Moreover, men do not lose all their masculinity and inherent in us: we still love football (fiercely!), boxing and martial arts, cool cars, hot sex, good wine… — but now we don't hesitate to take care of our children, take care of our own hair and bodies, cry after movies, or squeeze animals, because we are still human beings.

    P.S. Do not believe in propaganda cliches about the decaying West, do not watch federal TV and do not read the conservative press. There is still a crisis of national identity in the country, from which the authorities are trying to get out in the most clumsy way, but only aggravate it – through confrontation with the Western world and Western values, instilling in the population all sorts of horror stories about abroad.

  4. it seems that if I am confusing anything, according to psychoanalytics, masculinity is a part of the psyche of an adult individual responsible for procreation in spite of circumstances.

    that is, if you are poor and money is important for the female, masculinity will help you extract resources.

    if you are in captivity or your female, then masculinity will help break the shackles.

    if you or your female are enslaved by another tribe, masculinity should help you win her back.

    now outwardly nothing prevents you from reproducing, then there are no special tasks for masculinity, it does not develop.

  5. Masculinity, like femininity, is now in question in Western civilization. Gender is blurred. Not the least role in this was played by science and the”death of God”. After all, what are, in fact, a man and a woman? These are social roles, symbolic structures. No one is born male or female. Young children don't know their gender. And only then does their gender begin to form. But in the absence of clear requirements for what you should be, there can be no powerful displacement of what does not meet these requirements, and therefore it becomes increasingly unclear who is in front of you – a man or a woman.

  6. Nothing's happening to her. I quite often travel to Western countries: in everyday communication, ordinary men, like here, no deviations ) Brutality, rudeness, politeness, masculinity and femininity in the proportions of the norm )

    Your view is largely based on the content of content in the media, including Russian media, and not on real-world experience. And the media focuses on deviations, on borderline phenomena, on marginals, on “sharp” and “yellow” – this is quite understandable, otherwise no one would read or watch them.�

    It always makes sense to communicate more with real people, and not with images stamped by someone, including the media, and then the picture will be more adequate.

  7. Lived in France. Everything there is normal with masculinity. Men study, work, get married, raise children. They don't get drunk, they don't think about how to attach their ass to a richer lady, they don't rave about relationships without a stamp, they don't make cooks and servants out of their women, they don't go to pick-up training (and in general, the average Frenchman doesn't know what it is). In short, they don't suffer from bullshit. Normal men. They go to rallies to live even better than they are

    But what happens to men in Russia?

  8. Conformists are traitors to the Ideals of Humanity and God: brotherhood, equality, and freedom. Truth, kindness, patience – “The narrow gate of God's Wisdom ,” Which is not passed by 70% of the world's population, as the antipodes of God-the Antichrists! Your friends have not lost their Conscience-the connection with God! “Babylon has fallen, has fallen (all the churches of the evil world – 5 senses), the great harlot (with political power)… 18: 2. The future “Religion” of the world of good-Consciousness-Truth-The law of Social Development – The Law of Criticism! True democracy can only be DIRECT democracy, DIRECT political power of the people, the essence of which is Self-government of the people from BELOW-Parallel to the people's power-General assemblies, all administrative and industrial levels of government, whose political will, like a court decision, is mandatory for the execution of the Vertical of power-bureaucrats-executors of the political will of the people! A representative false democracy, the essence of which is false elections-a mimicry of the political power of slave owners over volunteer slaves, when the herd pays for the crimes and mistakes of the “leader”, at a high price and at its own expense?! What will soon be realized in reality through the ongoing, Creative revolution of Consciousness, Which is formulated by God and His prophets, worthy, Conscious people fulfill Their will, and the people develop! Only those people are worthy of happiness and freedom, who can GENERATE their own political will, can Defend It, can Extract Precious Things from the Insignificant, know their own future, being proud, and not disdainful, of their Heroes! “No one will give us deliverance: neither God, nor king, nor Hero! We will achieve our freedom, our freedom. “. With An Enlightened Soul! Consciousness is changing, political power is changing?!

  9. what exactly happens to masculinity in Western civilization?

    something scary that we don't have?

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  10. Watch less TV and scroll through our news feeds less often, and if you can't, don't trust the words you can't verify. Judging by the question, you haven't been to the West or abroad in general. It's just that this is the current Russian policy, especially after 14 years, and it applies to everything, even the media. It consists in being in conflict with the West in everything and carefully looking for the bad or supposedly bad things there, in those countries that we followed in the 90s. At the moment, unfortunately, the authorities can't offer any other way but to do this “anti”.

  11. Negative experience of two wars, ” courage “for a military commander “to sacrifice a pawn” or millions of pawns for the sake of victory. “Okay,” let's call it hypermanhood. To prevent “relapses” ladies in the Ministry of Defense put the rest ” side effects. Not in demand you've had enough of playing around.�

    And external manifestations “if a person is confident in his gender” then he does not need to ” emphasize this ) Well, ” like the Arabs in “dresses “go, they love sweet things” and perfumes “do not have a complex about the high timbre of the voice. � Like a 100% male and they don't need to convince anyone �

  12. It's nothing special, just that you're shown snippets that show America's masculinity from an obviously low point of view. Watch patriotic American channels, and you will see almost the same level of “male” propaganda as on our television.

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