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  1. By harmony, it is possible to mean (evaluate as harmonious) very different things. For example, merging, lack of separation, or, conversely, consistency of elements (the presence of these elements as interacting) – that is, they are sufficiently autonomous to be different in relation to each other.

    Further, as a harmonious interaction, different ways of interaction are also evaluated – from identity, coincidence-to the existence of opposites. Completeness and occupation of the intended, allotted, “correct” place, stability – and irrationality of movement, the infinity of which is provided by instability.

    These are all estimates. What is harmony? “What is it”,” this ” – all these are estimates, through which the perception of information occurs.

  2. Harmony is essentially agreement, consistency. It concerns both the inner world of man, and the relationships within humanity and the relationship of humanity itself with the world (the biosphere, the zoosphere, the Planet as a whole, etc.)

    The word “Consent” comes from the root Glas-Voice. Everything must be One, coming from a Single voice. Of course we are talking about the voice of the One God:

    2 And all these blessings will come upon you and be fulfilled upon you, if you will listen to the voice of the LORD your God.

    (Deut 28: 2)

  3. In addition to �universal, �global �values �words �harmony, �is �and �purely �music. �So �musicians �call �one �of �items �of �discharge �music theory. �Harmony �explores �chords �and �harmonies, �patterns �their �voicings, �build �and �connection � in �music �different �styles �and �centuries. Harmony is a musical algebra, if you want. �With �the �difference �that �mathematical �algebra �looking for �one �the only �right �solution �tasks �and �harmony �allows �many �different �solutions �every �second. �Practical �the importance �knowledge � �harmony �for �musician, �especially �composer, �arranger, �head �ensemble, �huge �It �knowledge �harmony �allows �to �ringtones �to come up with �correct, �beautiful, stylish �chords. When �chords change , the мелодии perception �of the melody changes. “Sometimes in a dramatic way. Listen to �Yesterday �Beatles �in the �version of �Michael Bolton. �Melody �brand �the �same �and �harmony – another. �The result is a completely “different” song…

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